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									Eritrean Liberation Front
Culture and Information Office
                      Assias's Regime in Lines
1-The Assaiass regime is a dictatorial suppressive and violent regime
which dose not depend on any constitutional rule.
2-The today's regime of aslmara is apolitical cultural and social stretch of
an isolated group led by lssaiass afwerke at the begining of the seventieth
in the past century and known as {selfi natinet }which introduced itself in
its political proclamation {nahnan alamana -we and our aims } that it is a
youth Christian group aimed at averting the concepts which the Eritrean
liberation front was bearing.
3-shabia is distinguished in the course of the national liberation by its
aggregation against all steady of Eritrean revolution and its principles
specialy the national union and fought against all Eritrean organizations.
4-Shabia used maximum terrorist and suppressive method against
Eritrean people and incumbent frustration upon the citizen who preferred
immigration rather than the returning to Eritrea of Shabia regime.
5-It violated all principles of freedom for which our people sacrificed and
incumbent up all Eritrean to become a member of it's isolated party and
used to execute it's fanatic program the assistance that came for the
Eritrean people from the international community.
6-The government of assias didn't execute up to now any project which
enter to the field of construction and development in spite of all that
support it received with a view of resumption natural life in the country
7- The Asmara regime refused the Eritrean refugees returning back to
their homeland and disguised their existence inspite that the United
Nations made for them camps and administrated their affairs until
UNHCR accused them for hindering the refugee's return.
8- It interfered in the affairs of humanitarian organizations operating in
Eritrea which lead to misunderstanding between them till the Assias's
regime dismissed them from Eritrea.
9- It treated the refugees who returned home offending treatment that
made most of them seek asylum again so a huge number of them return
back to refugees camps exposing to UN and the hosting countries the
violation of the Asmara regime to human rights.
10-The regime pursued during its era method of arresting, killing, and
detaining for long period without any charge, this resulted in putting
thousands of revolutionaries strugglers lectures sheiks and public
renewed in jails (according to reliable sources many of them died in
antihuman nobility manner and the international organizations concerned
by human rights witnessed the issue).
11-The regime prevented freedom of press and jailed many journalists
and executed assassinations and body liquidation on others as(non
boarder reporters)organization witnessed the issue also.
12- Assias Afwerke is governing the country now with illegal power
under the concept of transitional government since the liberation date in
May 1991, there are not legal elections, no law supremacy, no
fundamental system of governance,the president of the regime is the
president of executive power and the president of appointed and
suspended parliament and the president of judges whose work does not
depend on known law. 13-The regime created crises with all countries
and organizations and exacerbated our relationship with brothers and
friends and cut the connection of our people with all and isolated our
country regionally and internationally.
14-The Assias's regime threw the country in unjustified war with all
neighboring countries that resulted to loss of hundred of thousands of our
youths and other huge humanitarian and economic loss that the Eritrean
people suffer great number of handicaps, orphans, widows.
15- The regime left the country poor by its failing economy policy and its
continuous war until it became dependent upon the others. As a result
Eritrean are suffering from famine which affected two third of Eritrean
people and thousand of children died according to reports of humanitarian
organizations and UNICEF.
The Assias's regime planted hate among the Eritrean people by exercising
policies based on regional conception of confiscating the agriculture
properties and expelling part of Eritrean citizen(lowlanders ) from their
land and resettlement others in
17- The Asmara regime pursued stultification policy tensional provoking
with pretending mother tang teaching which lay foundation of ignorance
and separated the Eritrean society, although it had announced after
decades the failure of its educational program which means loss of total
of generation of youth future the regime still continue this failure policies.
18- The Party of shabia has monopolized the trade (both importing and
exporting) which led to many merchants to stop working or migrated.
19-The regime in asmara is considered as one of the major factors for
instability and lack of peace in the Horn of Africa and blocked the
Transition of development projects and regional cooperation which are
needed by the people of the region.
20- The regime of shabia party in asmara has affected the principles of
coexistence between the Eritrean people and exposed the national
integrity to danger because of the declination it exercised on the public
groups and its endeavors exerted by all means to as culture of some part
to dominate the Arabic and lslamic culture from the country
21-The issaias regime carry vague foreign agenda that put the national
integrity and the political issue of our coutry in crisis
22-The act of the isolated issaias regime and its cruel practices has
pushed the Eritrean people and its national and democratic forces to resist
and struggle to overthrow it and free the Eritrean people from its seizure.

With the Culture and information warmest greetings.
On the anniversary of the Golden Jubilee of the Eritrean Armed Struggle
Under leadership of the Eritrean Liberation Front Foundation.

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