Kingfishers Swimming Club

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					Kingfishers Swimming Club
    Scarborough                                                Head Coach            Honorary Secretary
                                                               Mr Juan Carlos Lino   Colin Simmons
                                                               5 Dovedale Court      2 Magpie Garth
                                                               Bridlington           Crossgates
                                                               YO16 6GR              Scarborough
                                                               01262678379           North Yorkshire
                                                                                     Y012 4UQ
                                                                                     07963 805860

                                                                    Reg. Charity 1093018

                     KINGFISHERS SWIMMING CLUB
     Annual General Meeting, 2012
                 THURSDAY 15th NOVEMBER – 7pm.
                       Venue: The Old Vic.
                  ALL MEMBERS ARE WELCOME.

      The present Committee is listed below with upcoming vacant
                          positions in red.
 The structure is: President / Chairman / Secretary / Treasurer plus 10 Committee members.
       We also require volunteer members to assist on our various sub – committees
                         (these are headed by a Committee member)

              NAME                      POSITION                      DATE ELECTED
                                                                  2 year term unless stated
John Titley                           PRESIDENT               Nov 2009–5 year term
Dave Cracknell                 CHAIRMAN – 4 year term         Nov 2008 - position vacant

Colin Simmons                      Honorary Secretary         Nov 2010 – position vacant

Sue Clubley                        Honorary Treasurer         Nov 2010 – position vacant

Ginny Wilkinson                Membership Secretary &         Nov 2010 – position vacant
                                Child Protection Officer
Paula Ambury                   CPD Officer & Head Long        Nov 2010 - position vacant
                                   Distance Coach
Janet Jenkins                    Committee member             Nov 2010 - position vacant
Kevin Sykes                            Committee member       Nov 2010 - position vacant

Tracey Boddy                           Committee member       Nov 2010 - position vacant

Billy Farrell                         Webmaster / Committee   Nov 2010 - position vacant
Maggie Burchfield                        Swim 21 Officer      Nov 2011

Debbie Adcock                          Committee member       Nov 2011

Duncan Wilson                          Committee member       Nov 2011

Vic Adcock                             Committee member       Nov 2011

  Committee members & officials wanted for 2012/13. The AGM will elect
  members to the Committee. Specific roles will then be allocated by the
          Committee at the meeting held straight after the AGM
     NAME             Previous position        DATE LAST      NOMINATING             SECONDING
                    (for information only)      ELECTED        MEMBER                 MEMBER
Colin Simmons          Hon. Secretary             2010
Sue Clubley             Hon Treasurer             2010
Ginny Wilkinson   Membership Secretary            2010
                    & Child Protection
Janet Jenkins      Committee member               2010
Tracey Boddy        Committee member              2010
Kev Sykes           Committee member              2010

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