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					                                   MHC Newsletter
                                          Produced by the MHC Student Council                                             March 2011

                                                 The CAHSEE is HERE !!!!!

                                               5 Important Things to Do Before A Big Test


 It is our vision that students in the
Medical and Health Careers Small
Learning Community will be success-
ful in the modern work environment.
They will be effective written and oral
communicators who are technology
literate and possess problem solving
and interpersonal relationship skills.
The successes achieved at school
and in the workplace will motivate
students to continue their education
and employment and become produc-
tive and responsible
 members of society.

LHS Vision
It is the vision o f Lincoln High
School to prepare problem-solving
critical thinkers who are responsi-
ble citizens in their communities.

LHS Mission
It is the mission of Lincoln High
school to graduate students with
the literacy and technology skills
needed to fully participate in our

                                                                        Healthy Relationships
modern world

(Expected School Wide                        During the month of February the MHC council was promoting healthy relationships, safe sex,
Learning Results)                         and friendship to students in Abraham Lincoln High School. The Council set up tables on Mon-
Literacy: Students will be aca-           days and Wednesdays each week starting February 7th and ending on February 23rd . The tables
demically enriched individuals            had information, games and prizes. The council made posters to promote the tables. There were
who have mastered the literacy
skills necessary to function suc-         also posters put up in the 500 building informing students about what healthy relationships look
cessfully in higher education and/        like and feel like.
or in the job market.
                                             On February 16th the MHC Council got together with the GSA afterschool for the “Be Safe”
Technology: Students will be              Workshop. The workshop provided snacks for the more than 30 people who attended. There
technological agents who are able
to use technology for course work,        were also activities that involved students interacting with each other. One of the activities was
research, and continued educa-            about stereotypes. There were posters all over the classroom and each of the posters had some-
                                          thing different written on them like homeless person, sex worker, handicap person, homosexual,
                                          etc. The participants had to write what they thought about each one. Then the group discussed
                                          the different perceptions people had. The workshop was a great success and the council is grate-
                                          ful the GSA invited us to help and participate.
                                             Overall the whole month of activities was very successful. The MHC council wants to thank
                                          everyone who supported us by visiting our tables and coming to the workshop.

                                          Catherine Orrala
      SUPER STUDENTS                                                      SUPER TEACHERS

                  When I hear straight A student, I think of one      He is an MHC history teacher and he is known as Mr.
                                                                      Escobar by the students of Abraham Lincoln High School. He
                  girl in particular. She’s just a regular kid fo-
                                                                      is being recognized by the MHC Council for his great 22
                  cused on what is to be done who is well known
                                                                      years in teaching. The subjects he teaches are World His-
for being involved and giving it all she’s got. Ambitious and
                                                                      tory, U.S History, Economic, Government, and Latin Ameri-
ready for the world; she is a patient, confident and an ex-
                                                                      can studies. One of the schools he attended was Temple; he
tremely sweet girl and always has a very positive and bright
                                                                      then later went to a private college in
outlook in life. She is caring and always willing to help all those
                                                                      Pennsylvania. He received his creden-
in need. She is actually looking into becoming a lawyer or
                                                                      tial and Masters at Cal-State LA. Not
criminal investigator, fighting crime and making justice. I am
                                                                      only does he teach, but enjoys running
glad to be able to spend time with her. She has a very great
                                                                      every year in the LA Marathon. All the
sense of humor, mellow and cool. Her favorite color is orange
                                                                      students appreciate all the help he of-
and she hates the song “Black and Yellow” almost as much as
                                                                      fers to them. Keep up the great work
the rest of the world. She is a girl who is nothing but herself.      Escobar!
Paullina Villarreal... super student of the month!! Our forever #1
NOOB!! Make us proud!                                                 Catherine Orrala

Nancy Diaz

                                                                                         Ms. Tizon is a new teacher in our SLC. She
                                                                                         teaches math in MHC. Even though I only
                                                                                         have her for advisory, I know her teaching
                                                                                         methods are very useful and helpful. She
                                                                      teaches us strategies on how to pass the CST tests. She
                                                                      helps us get a higher level on our reading tests and makes
                                                                      sure we have a book to read everyday. She really cares
                                                                      about her students because she wants them to get the best
                                                                      grade possible. She is always kind and patient towards us.
                                                                      Students say that she knows how to teach well and that they
                                                                      learn a lot about math when Ms. Tizon is teaching. Regard-
                                                                      less of her traveling in her first year here in Lincoln High
                                                                      School, she has managed to keep a positive attitude and
                                                                      deserves recognition for that. Ms. Tizon is an awesome,
                                                                      cool, fun, and great teacher. If you could say one thing about
                                                                      her it is that she really does care about her students very
                                                                      much. My classmates and I are honored to have her as a

                                                                      Genisis Barragan

Jeremy is an 11th grader with some
tough classes like AP calculus and AP
environmental science. He lifts weights
after school and he is named after the
song “Jeremy” by Pearl Jam. He has
great attendance and he has never failed
a class. He has so many credits that he
even has a period of service. And that is
why Jeremy Mendoza is a super student.
                                     FOOD FOR THOUGHT
                             Career Spotlight:                                         College Spotlight:
                           Dental Hygienist                            University of California, Davis
                                                                    Location: Davis, California
Average Salary: $66,570                                             Type of School: Public
Education Requirements: 2 Years of study after high school          Tuition: depends on which professional school you attend
Description:                                                        Description:
Most people think that dental hygiene is only about brushing        The University of California, Davis is located close to the state
teeth and flossing but it’s not! People may ask what a dental       capital, Sacramento, and San Francisco Bay Area. In 2010,
hygienist does and that’s a very good question. They exam-          the U.S. News and World Report ranked UC Davis School of
ine by removing soft and hard deposits from the teeth. Also,        Medicine among the top 20 schools for primary care training
they teach patients how to practice good oral hygiene, and          and the top 50 schools for research. In 2011, UC Davis was
provide other preventive dental care. Dental hygienist ranked       ranked as the 9th best public university in the United States by
among the fastest growing occupations. Flexible scheduling is       the U.S. News and World Report . UC Davis undergraduate
a distinctive feature of this job. Full-time, part-time, evening,   majors are divided into four colleges: Letters and Science,
and weekend schedules are common. Dentists frequently hire          Biological Science, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences,
hygienists to work only 2 or 3 days a week, so hygienists may       and Engineering. There are also professional schools for:
hold jobs in more than one dental office or they could use          graduate studies, management, education, law, medicine,
their extra time to do more schooling.                              nursing, and veterinary medicine. UC Davis has California’s
                                                                    only public veterinary school.
Related Careers: dental assistant, medical assistant, physi-
cian’s assistant, and radiation therapist.                          For more information visit
For more information, go to:            Gabriella Soto

Mayra Navarette
                                                                                     Health in the Media:
                   Health Basics:
                                                                                     “The Roommate”
                 “Type 2 Diabetes”                                  Nothing to do this weekend? See "The Roommate." It’s a re-
                                                                    creation of the 1992 film "Single White Female". In the story,
What is Type 2 diabetes? Type 2 Diabetes is a chronic condi-        Sara Matthews (Minka Kelly) moves into a college dorm with
tion that affects the way your body metabolizes glucose. Type       Rebecca Evans (Leighton Meester). Rebecca starts becoming
2 Diabetes has no cure, but can be treated with medication, a       attached to Sara and becomes very protective of her. Re-
healthy diet, and exercise. To lower your chances of getting        becca pushes most of Sara's friends away from Sara and
type 2 Diabetes, you                                                makes up any excuse to be close to Sara. Rebecca starts
have to reduce your                                                 abusing herself, such as cutting her stomach, punching her
fat and calorie intake                                              own cheeks, and creating cuts with a box cutter and bruises
while exercising                                                    around her whole body and face. This is called self-harm or
regularly. Common                                                   deliberate self-harm which is defined as the intentional, direct
symptoms for Type                                                   injuring of body tissue without suicidal intent. After spending
2 Diabetes include:                                                 Thanksgiving with Rebecca and her parents, Sara finds a full
                                                                    bottle of prescription medication of anti-psychotic medication
-Increased Thirst                                                   in one of Rebecca's drawers. Anti-psychotic medications help
-Fatigue                                                            change the balance of chemicals in the brain that control the
-Weight loss                                                        symptoms of mental disorders. She researches the prescrip-
-Increased urination                                                tion medication and finds out that Rebecca has Schizophrenia
(especially at night)                                               and Bipolar Disorder. Schizophrenia is a chronic mental ill-
-Blurred vision                                                     ness with symptoms such as anxiety, anger, paranoia, and
-Sores that don't                                                   difficulty keeping friends and working. Bipolar is a disorder
heal                                                                where people get abrupt mood swings from mania to depres-
                                                                    sion. Both mental disorders can cause depression and suici-
                                                                    dal thoughts or behaviors. You’ll just have to see the movie to
                                                                    find out what happens next.
Ryan Hai                       picture source:
                                                                    Jane Van                                           (Rated PG-13)
  Keep Me Posted!                                      Anonymous Questions for
                                                       Ms. AA and Mr. Situation
8: CAHSEE (10,11,12) - Campus Quiet Day
9: CAHSEE (10,11,12) - Campus Quiet Day    Ask us any question, academic or personal, and we’ll find the answer.
11: Café Con Leche with Principal Torres
17: Parent Meeting in Cafeteria 6:00pm             Why doesn’t my boyfriend call me back right away?
29: Parent Teacher Conferences 5:00pm
                                                 Why do I feel so fat when everyone tells me I’m skinny?
                                               Why can’t we go back to the bell schedule we had last year?
1: Cesar Chavez Day - No School
7: Zen Tea with Principal Torres
8: Café Con Leche with Principal Torres
14: Parent Meeting in Cafeteria 6:00pm
15: Tiger Festival                                              TEEN CLINIC
18-25: Spring Break
27: CST Testing - Campus Quiet Day
                                                               Services Offered to Teens
28: CST Testing - Campus Quiet Day
                                                                   Sports Physicals
MAY                                                             Condoms/Birth Control
4: CST Testing - Campus Quiet Day                          STD/HIV Testing and Treatment
5: CST Testing - Campus Quiet Day                             Pregnancy Testing/Services
5: Zen Tea with Principal Torres
6: Café Con Leche with Principal Torres                 All Services are Free and Confidential
10: CAHSEE Make-Up                         For more information about or to schedule an appointment call or text:
11: CAHSEE Make-Up                                                   (323) 919-2649
19: Parent Meeting in Cafeteria 6:00pm
30: Memorial Day—No School

                                                      MHC Student Council
2: Zen Tea with Principal Torres
3: Café Con Leche with Principal Torres
7: Last Day of School
7: Parent Meeting in Cafeteria 6:00pm

          Submissions?                            Nancy Diaz
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   Just tell any student on the                   Siu Phu             Ryan Hai              Alejandra Vargas
                                                  Jane Van            Brenda Laureano       Liliana Ornelas
   council or send an email to:                   Liliana Higareda    Gabby Diaz            Wendy Solis We would                     Maritza Morales
                                                  Catherine Orrala
                                                                      Luis Gonzalez
                                                                       Stephanie Velez
                                                                                            Connie Le
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     love to have your input!                     Magaly Perez

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