Panhellenic Agenda Aug 22 by rbG9of


									                                            TCU Panhellenic Council Meeting
                                                Date: August 22, 2012
                                              Location: BLUU Chambers

I.      Welcome
II.     Visitors
          a. Katy McTiernan – Geneologie – new men’s line called Morgan Row
          b. Brooke Scogin
                     Introduction
III.    Panhellenic Creed
IV.     Attendance
V.      Important Dates
          a. Happy Summer Birthdays to Jaclyn Talbott, McKenzie Hull, Gracie West, Kate Cooksey, Nicole Alfonso, and Sally
VI.     Officer Reports
          a. President – Lisa Allen (
                     All Panhellenic Meeting: August 29th 6:30pm in Ed Landreth – mandatory
                          i.   Delegate and officer reports – 2 minutes max – email scripts by Monday
                     All recruitment fines to FSL by the 29th
                     Follow TCU Fraternity and Sorority Life on Facebook and @tcu_fsl on Twitter and Instagram!
                     Breakout meeting with presidents
                     Introductions of Anne Marie and Keely Teters
          b. Vice President of Management – Claire Homza (
                     First philanthropy packet in today and being sent to delegates
          c. Vice President of Member Development – Laura Carr (
                     Need each chapter's new member educator names and emails
                     Breakout meeting with associate delegates
          d. Vice President of Finance and Administration – Haley Bataillon (
          e. Vice President of Recruitment – Katie McCollough (
                     Great job through recruitment! Thank you!
                     Check emails within next two weeks for follow up meeting
          f. Vice President of Community Involvement – Laura Sirrianni (
          g. Vice President of Scholarship – Lucy Johnson (
          h. Vice President of Public Relations – Sara Eaton (
                     It is Connected Educators Month! Happy first week of school!
                     Fun fact: $7.2 billion dollars spent on school supplies!
          i. Director Rho Gammas- Brianne Meyer (
                     Thank you for sending me amazing representatives of your chapters!
          j. Advisor – Lauren Misiewicz (
                     Introduction
                     Social event/bus loading meeting Aug. 23rd 3:30-4:30
                     Student Org. needs to be done
                     Wed. Sept. 5 at 11am and Mon. Sept. 10 at 1pm and Tues Sept. 11 at 8pm
                     Need updated bid day lists – especially if women did not accept bid or got picked up need to sign MRABA
                     Survey for evaluating recruitment
                     NPHC and MGC – the Q’s have a presentation tonight at 9:11pm
VII.    Old Business
VIII.   New Business
IX.     Chapter Reports
          a. AXΩ - We have retreat on Saturday!
          b. AΔΠ - We have an inaugural event coming up!
          c. XΩ- All Panhellenic Kendra Scott event in Dallas on Sunday! 20% off!!! Random act of kindness
          d. ΔΔΔ- Tri Delta alpha week for new members
          e. ΔΓ - We won outstanding chapter and communication award, and we are finalizing Anchor Bowl!
          f. ΓΦΒ - Our first meeting on Sunday!
       g.  KAΘ - KAO's president Mackenzie Schreck is engaged! Congrats! Our first meeting Sunday
       h.  KKΓ - Our new member retreat is this weekend! Chapter won honorable mention in academics.
       i.  ΠΒΦ - Congratulations to everyone on recruitment, and we have our new member retreat on Friday!
       j.  ΣK - We're having our first sisterhood event this Saturday, and congrats to everyone's new pledge class! Our
           chapter won best ultra violet campaign at convention!
      k. ZTA - First meeting on Sunday and we won awards at convention!
X.   Meeting Adjourned

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