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					              RECONSTRUCTION: Rebuilding America AFTER the Civil War
         My Reconstruction Plan                              President Andrew John’s Plan                       Congress’ Reconstruction Plan
                                                                                p. 517                                            p. 518-519
In this section, pretend you are Vice President          Vocabulary:                                         1. Under Congress’ Reconstruction Plan of 1867,
Andrew Johnson. The Civil War had just ended and         - abolish= to end                                      20,000 federal troops were sent to the South.
the president before you, Abraham Lincoln, has just      - Union= the North states                              What were the troops responsible for?
been assassinated, or killed. Now YOU are the            - Confederate= the South states
President of the United States and YOU have to help      - Amendment= a law added to the Constitution
plan the Reconstruction of the United States. You are    - Constitution= the laws of the United States       2. What was the Freedmen’s Bureau?
the leader of the country, and the country needs         - Congress= government leaders in D.C.
rebuilding and healing from 4 years of bloody war                                                            3. The Freedmen’s Bureau was important because it
and a bitter fight about the issue of slavery. One       1. What was one of the first steps toward              helped build __________ and ____________ for
million Americans have been killed or hurt in the war,      Reconstruction after the end of the Civil War?      blacks in the _________.
families have been separated and jobs have been
lost. The North is angry at the Confederate states,      2. What did the 13th Amendment do?                  4. For the first time in United States history,
but as the President you have to help them recover                                                              ____________ _______________ became
and rejoin the Union. What is your Reconstruction                                                               _______________ __________. Elected officials
plan? Write at least 5 things you plan to do…                                                                   are government leaders chosen by the people to
                                                         3. What was Johnson’s plan to readmit (or allow)       lead.
1.                                                          Confederate states to rejoin the Union?
                                                                                                             5. How did many white Southerners feel about
                                                                                                                Congress’ Reconstruction plan?

2.                                                       4. Under Johnson’s plan though, Southern states
                                                            could pass laws called _________ __________.
                                                                                                             6. What did a group of white Southerners do after
                                                            The Black Codes said:                               the new state governments repealed, or ended,
3.                                                          - African American men did not have the right       the black codes?
                                                                to ________
                                                            - African Americans could not own _______ or     7. What did Klan members do to African Americans?
4.                                                          - They could not take certain ________           8. (See p. 519) The Congress Reconstruction plan
                                                                                                                said Confederate states had to accept two new
                                                         5. How did Congress feel about the black codes?        _________________ in order to join the Union.

5.                                                       6. What did Congress think about Johnson’s          9. The Fourteenth Amendment said African
                                                            Reconstruction plan?                                Americans….

                                                         7. So…members of Congress began                     10. The Fifteenth Amendment said African American
                                                            _____________________________________.             men….

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