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					Sept. 25, 2012

      Call to order at 6:35
      Catherine Gattens opened with thanks for coming and introductions
          o Herself as president
          o Secretary- Leigh Dean
          o V.P.-Danielle Powell
          o Treasure- Jenny Schmit
          o Basket Bingo Coordinator- Lillian Kirby
          o Active band parent- Knolene Johnston
     Purpose of BPO was explained as a group that assists Mr. Demby with:
          o District Band Festival
          o Spring trip-Music in the Parks in Williamsburg, VA which will cost about
               $7,000 ($4,000 for the park and performance and $3,000 for
          o Uniforms
          o Not instruments- money for instruments and repairs are through the Board
               of Education
          o Any questions and/or concerns regarding requirements for events are
               directed to Mr. Demby, not the BPO.
    Students are given music and they must be eligible for each band event. There are
      play offs for every performance. Students are encourage to contact Mr. Demby if
      they need help or are dissatisfied with their grade.
    All Shore Band
          o Students attend based on band director recommendation only
          o Mr. Demby will send home information at a later date.
    Money raised by BPO
          o Goes into SMS account
          o Bookkeeper separates BPO$
          o Account has $1,746.52 as of Aug. 27, 2012
    Basket Bingo
          o Made around $5,000 in the spring of 2012
          o There will not be a silent auction this fall at the Oct. 5th Basket Bingo.
          o There will be a spring 2013 Basket Bingo in March.
          o Lillian Kirby, Knolene Johnston, Catherine Gattens, and Leigh Dean
              contacted all band students regarding help baking, donating food and
              supplies, working in the kitchen and selling tickets at the door.
          o Incorrect numbers of students were reported to Mr. Demby
    Thanks to Danielle Powell for repairing the drum major stand. She painted,
      replaced the wheels, and put on new decals.
    Christmas concert bake sale
          o Will be held prior to and after the concert
          o A possible silent auction will be held
          o Catherine explained how the auction and bake sale was organized last
          o Further discussion will take place at the Nov. 13th meeting.
   Letter drive fundraiser
         o Will possibly be in conjunction with the chorus.
         o This joint fundraiser was in response to last year’s conflict with the
             request from the chorus for the band students to pay the same amount as
             the chorus students. The band had enough funds to off set the fee and
             therefore was able to reduce the cost per student. The chorus did not have
             enough funds available to off set the cost of its members.
         o Jan Whalen had the idea for this fundraiser.
         o Catherine read a sample letter from Randy Whalen’s Volleyball letter
         o Catherine drafted a sample letter for SMS BPO.
         o Students will receive 10 envelopes and letters. They will write a personal
             letter and send it to family, friends, and businesses far away.
         o The goal is to try and reach people that are not local.
         o Money is then sent from students’ family, friends, and businesses.
         o Students will provide stamps at $9.00.
         o Catherine volunteered to mail the letters and organize the letter drive.
         o Students must use valid addresses
         o Checks are payable to SMS music department.
         o Return envelopes are to be sent to Catherine or school. This has not yet
             been determined.
         o There needs to be a letter drive account established.
         o Students who participate will get a scholarship and account set up in their
         o There was an average of $300 per student for Randy’s volleyball players.
         o Participation in the letter drive has not yet been determined.
   Possible purchasing of white band shirts and red windbreaker jackets was
    explained. Catherine will speak to Mr. Demby in regards to sending information
    to 5th and 6th grade students/parents.
   Mr. Demby needs help with sizing students and organizing uniforms ASAP.
    Cinda Anthony will be helping Sept. 27th.
   Homecoming
        o Mass band rehearsal at QACHS with QACHS band and CMS band on
             Friday, Oct. 25th at 6:00pm
        o Mr. Demby will select eligible students and notify parents via letter
        o Pizza and soda will be provided after school along with transportation to
        o 5 chaperones are needed to ride the bus from SMS to QACHS and back.
             Catherine Gattens and Tiffany Brown volunteered to chaperone.
        o Mr. Demby will arrange a bus driver
        o Mr. Demby will provide a letter explaining transportation options for
             Saturday’s parade. Students are encouraged to ride the bus.
        o The parade begins at the Board of Education in Centreville and ends at
   There was a unanimous vote to approve $300.00 for the deposit for Music in the
    Parks. This event will be held in the spring of 2013.
   Next meeting- Nov. 13, 2012 at 6:30
   Meeting was adjourned at 7:20

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