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costa rica : explore : experience
costa rica : explore : experience


                                           recreo    represents an unprecedented new level of supreme
                                           luxury. As our honored guest, we want you to experience the
                                           ultimate in personalized indulgence.

                                           Your personal concierge will arrange and customize your getaway
                                           from start to finish, including chauffeured travel to and from
                                           the airport, and organization of all off-site cultural tours and

                                            Relax and refresh in your personal luxury villa. Our villas blend
                                            sensitively into the natural environment. The warm sun and
                                            ocean breezes await you on your private pool and terrace. Your
                                            cook will rejuvenate your taste buds based on your food selec-
                                            tions and preference. Your personal maid service provides a
                                            clean, pristine sanctuary in an eco-friendly environment.

                                            Indulge with spa treatments, work-out in our fitness center, or
                                            improve your game on our competition-quality tennis court with
                                            full support facilities. Visit our on-site stable for horseback riding,
                                            or allow us to arrange a boat tour for snorkeling and enjoying the
                                            sights as your captain circumnavigates the coast.

                                            Costa Rica offers the very best in eco-discovery – crystal blue
                                            waters, volcanic mountain ranges, breathtaking views, and
                                            bountiful plant life and wildlife. After a day of exploring, recreo
                                            provides an oasis for relaxation and pampering.

                                            Peace, privacy, luxury, and adventure are the qualities that
                                            embody recreo and your experiences with us.

                                           Enjoy your experience at recreo. Our dedicated staff has made
                                           every effort to ensure you are completely at home and relaxed!

                                           “¡Pura Vida!”

     recreo : 800 west playa rajada la cruz, guanacaste costa rica, 51001
     toll free: 877 268 2911 direct: 506 8 358 5758 | fax: 506 2 676 1230

     po box 783 mattituck new york 11952

     For more information please visit
     or email us:
costa rica : explore : experience
Let recreo be a refuge for you,
a place where your heart is purer
and your mind clearer. recreo is
a place where everyone feels
extraordinary. Come and enjoy
the charm that lies deep in its
geographic beauty and sublime
recreo is a private mountain
and coastal estate in north-
ern Costa Rica, on the Pacific
Coast, that can accommodate
large and small groups in
luxurious private villas. Let us
use our energy and expertise
to organize your experience at
All amenities at Recreo are available to our guests at
their own convenience.
Mountain Top Lookout : Located at the top of the Recreo
mountain, offering spectacular views of the surrounding
bays, ocean, national parks, and volcanoes. It is the
perfect destination to watch the sun rise and set, and
take in the 360 degree views of the surrounding area.
Spa Treatments at Recreo : Spa treatments are offered
within the Costa Rica rain forest on the estate, within
the privacy of your own villa. Indulge in an array of
treatments to help you relax and revitalize your mind,
body and spirit. Please request our spa menu for more
details on facials, massages, body treatments, mani-
cures and pedicures.
Fitness Center : The fitness center includes a weight
room, a sauna, a recreation room, and areas for tennis,
basketball, and volleyball.
Horseback Riding : Horses are housed on-site and are
available for nature and wildlife tours, horseback swimming
for advanced riders, beachcombing, and trips along the
mountain trails.
Playa Rajada : This is the closest beach to Recreo
and by far the most stunning. Playa Rajada has
an amazing combination of dark and white sand,
tropical dry plants, and clear    water. Expect to
spend considerable time there swimming, snorkeling,
diving, kayaking, and sailing.
Playa Jobo : Similar in size to Playa Rajada, this beach
is accessible by several entrances and is a quiet spot
for beachcombing and sunning. Located on the northern
peninsula of the cove are a wide variety of collectible
shells and interesting rock formations.
Playa Manzanillo : The beach is 5 minutes from Recreo
and is a great option for kayaking, snorkeling and fish-
Bahia Salinas : This is the largest bay in northern Costa
Rica. It is also the second-windiest area in Costa Rica,
making it world renowned for wind- and kite-surfing.

Tennis : Our tennis court is located next to the fully
equipped Fitness Center. Rackets, tennis balls & ball
hoppers are provided for our guests.

THE   recreo      VILLAS
Recreo is designed for those who want the ulti-
mate in convenience and luxury. With eight private
villas to house large or intimate groups, our
accommodations are unparalleled. Personalized
resort services are provided to all of our guests:
Private Pools              Housekeeping
Private Relaxation Areas   All Linens
Chauffeured Transport      DirectTV
Climate-controlled Rooms   iPod, CD and Stereo
Cooks                      Equipment
Full Gourmet Kitchen       Hammocks
Pre-Arrival Grocery -      Water Coolers and Picnic
Stocking                   Baskets for Excursions

Recreo supplies all equipment to participate in
these activities:
By Sea :
Kayaking                   Kite- and Wind-Surfing
Sport Fishing              Underwater Photography*
Boating Exploration        Swimming
Snorkeling                 Beach Combing

By Land :
Horseback Riding           Mountain Biking
Hiking                     Local Geography and
Bird-Watching              History Trips
Flora and Fauna Nature     Santa Rosa National Park
Excursions                 Exploration

Trips and Tours :
White-Water Rafting        Nicaragua Trip
Bird Island Sanctuary      Rincon de la Vieja Tour
Fishing                    Surfing - overnight
Golf - Full Day            Zoo-Africa Mia

* Guests must bring their own equipment.

Recreo is located in the Guanacaste province of
Costa Rica. The climate is tropical, with an aver-
age temperature of 83ºF year-round, providing a
constant opportunity to enjoy the sun and outdoor
activities. Costa Rica has only two seasons: dry
and green! The dry season, generally between
December and April, has very little rain, and the
green season lasts the rest of the year.

activities and tours
                                     Everyone can enjoy the recre-
                                     ational adventures at recreo. To
                                     participate in any of our activi-
                                     ties, visit the Welcome Center,
                                     where our concierge will be hap-
                                     py to make all the arrangements.

recreo                          sm

costa rica : explore : experience

Beach Volleyball
Location : Playa Rajada
                                                           Mountain Biking
All ages                                                   Location : Recreo and surrounding area
                                                           Ages 12 and up
Feel the white sand under your feet as you, your
family, and your friends smash and volley the ball         Set your own pace as you ride around the 63 acres
over the net.                                              of Recreo.

Underwater Photography                                     Mountain Top Lookout
Location : Playa Rajada and Playa Jobo                     Location : Recreo
All ages                                                   All ages

Encountering the wildlife underwater is incredibly         Enjoy the spectacular views of the bays, ocean,
rewarding. Capture on film the countless, bizarre           national parks, and volcanoes. This is the perfect
colorful animals below the waters of Playa Rajada and      destination to watch the sun rise and set, and take in
Playa Jobo. Guests must bring their own equipment.         the mesmerizing surroundings.

Beach Combing                                              Sport Fishing
Location : Playa Rajada and Playa Jobo                     Location : Playa Rajada and Playa Jobo
All ages                                                   All ages

Comb the beach for hidden treasures; you never             Experience the thrill of the rod and reel in your hand
know what you’ll find.                                      as you fish for red snapper, tuna, mahimahi, sailfish,
                                                           and rooster fish.

Location : Playa Copal
                                                           Leisure Boat Rides
Half day or full day; Ages 15 and up                       Location : Playa Rajada
                                                           All ages
A kite-surfing experience for all levels of ability, just
minutes from Recreo. You can take lessons or surf          Share special moments with friends and family, or
on your own all day. (Ideal months to kite-surf:           cuddle up with someone special, as you view the
December through April.)                                   beautiful landscape from the sea.

Hiking and Nature Walks                                    Panga Fishing Tour
Location : Recreo and surrounding area                     Location : Playa Manzanillo or Rajada
All ages                                                   Ages 12 and up

Explore our 63 acre mountain as you walk along the         Fish with the local fisherman of El Jobo. This local’s
roads and forests of Recreo. There is also Santa           only boat tour lets you experience the traditional
Rosa National Park nearby. It is Costa Rica’s first         way of fishing- with spears in hand off the side of a
national park established in 1972. Learn about the         “panga”. You will be treated to fresh ceviche as a
area’s plant and animal life and spot iguanas, birds,      reward for all your hard work.
land crabs, frogs and monkeys along the way.
Horseback Riding                                           Location : Your private pool or Playa Rajada and Playa Jobo
                                                           All ages
Location : Recreo and surrounding area
All ages                                                   Enjoy a great day in the sun. Splash, wade, and
Jalisco and Flor de Cana are Recreo’s docile horses,       paddle around a pool, or dive into the ocean.
who live on-site. They will lead the way along the
ride. Tours for large and small groups can be easily
ADVENTURES AT RECREO                                     EXPLORE COSTA RICA

Snorkeling                                               Rincon de la Vieja Hiking Tour
Location : Playa Rajada and Playa Jobo                   Location : Rincon de la Vieja
All ages                                                 Half Day

Get an up close view of the world beneath the            Take this half day tour with an English speaking
waters off the shores of Playa Rajada and Playa          guide to the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano National
Jobo. An abundance of marine life is waiting to be       Park, with a two-hour hike through transition for-
discovered.                                              ests, steamy sulfuric fumaroles, bubbling mud pots,
                                                         boiling thermal waters and vapor geysers - all in the
                                                         middle of the rainforest. This tour includes a picnic
Scuba Diving
                                                         lunch in the park. For the more experienced hikers,
Location : Playa Rajada
Ages 15 and up
                                                         there is the option of climbing to the summit. Best
                                                         done in the dry season to take advantage of the
Explore the marine life of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast.    views.
Recreo will arrange for equipment and guides.
Guests must be certified.
                                                         Surfing Tour Witch’s Rock/Ollies Point
                                                         Location : Santa Rosa National Park
Kayaking                                                 Overnight; All ages
Location : Playa Rejada or Manzanillo Beach
Ages 12 and up
                                                         This trip is designed for the experienced surfer who
                                                         likes to go off the beaten path and get the full flavor
Sea kayaking is one of the most low impact ways to       of what Costa Rican surf is all about. You will enjoy
enjoy the beauty of the waters off of Playa Rejada       secluded beaches and fall asleep under a sky full of
or Manzanillo Beach, known as “fisherman’s beach”,        stars in your deluxe tent suspended above a Land
only 5 minutes from Recreo. Your guide will take         Rover Defender. We can get you there in style.
you to the best spots for viewing wildlife above and
below the surface.
                                                         Surfing Tour Nicaragua
                                                         Location : San Juan del Sur
Yoga                                                     Overnight; All ages
Location : Recreo
All ages                                                 Nicaragua is a surfer’s paradise and Recreo has the
                                                         benefit of being located just 30 minutes from the
Recreo is ideal for individuals and groups seeking a     border of Nicaragua. Once inside Nicaragua, the
purer lifestyle through various types of yoga in Costa   quaint surfing town of San Juan Del Sur is only 45
Rica’s natural elements. Yoga can be experienced in      minutes away. Stay overnight at Morgan’s Rock Ha-
multiple meditation areas at Recreo: the beach, on       cienda & Ecolodge.
the mountain top, your private villa, or poolside at
your villa. On the 63 acres at Recreo, there are also
undiscovered spots that you can personalize. Guests      Bolaños Bay Bird Island Sanctuary
and groups should bring their own experience, as         Location : Isla Bolaños
yoga instructors are not on-site. We can also provide    Half day; All ages
chefs for the specific dietary needs of yoga groups.      Bolaños Bay’s Bird Island Sanctuary is a short boat
                                                         ride away that will take you to the nesting ground
                                                         for brown pelicans, frigate birds, and American
                                                         oystercatchers. For anyone who is physically fit, a
                                                         three-hour hiking tour provides an opportunity to
                                                         explore the entire island.

                                                         Hacienda Guachipelin
                                                         Location : Rincon de la Vieja
                                                         Full day; Ages 13 and up

                                                         A working cattle ranch set below the Rincon volcano.
                                                         Tube along the Rio Negro, zip line above the forest
                                                         canopy and Rio Blanco, then horseback ride to the
                                                         spa. Soak in the volcanic mud and hot springs.

Location : Liberia
                                                               Tamarindo Surfing
Full day; Ages 12 and up                                       Location : Tamarindo
                                                               Overnight visit; Ages 13 and up
Tee times can be reserved at championship courses
in Guanacaste region.                                          You can visit the renowned surfing city only three
                                                               hours from Recreo. For the daring souls who want to
                                                               learn to surf, lessons are available. For experienced
Africa Mia                                                     surfers, this city is a thrilling experience.
Location : Liberia
Half day; All ages

This private natural reserve showcases African                 Sport Fishing
animals, such as zebras, giraffes, peacocks, and
                                                               Location : Playa El Coco
flamingos.                                                      Half day or full day; Ages 12 and up

                                                               For the serious fisherman, sport fishing tours can be
Nicaragua                                                      organized. The fishing for sailfish, marlin, rooster
Location : Rivas, Masaya, Managua, Granada and Monkey Island
                                                               fish, tuna, and more is outstanding year round.
Full day or overnight visit; All ages

Tour five historic cities, including Granada, which             Safaris Corobici
was founded in 1524 and is the oldest city in Latin            Location : Canas
America. Feed the monkeys on Monkey Island,                    Half day; All ages
watch the sulfur rise from the active volcano Masaya,          Take a gentle riverboat ride down the Corobici River.
purchase souvenirs at the Sioux Indian Market, and             Observe exotic trees, plants, and animals along
dine in three rustic restaurants during your trip.             the way. Aracaris, parrots, motmots, cuckoos, and
                                                               falcons are frequently seen flying around. Monkeys,
River Rafting                                                  iguanas, and otters are often spotted during the
Location : Liberia
Half day; Ages 13 and up

Brave the class I to II waters on a two-person                 Costa Rica Culture Tour
inflatable canoe. This white-water experience is                Location : El Jobo
designed for both beginners and those experienced              All Ages
in the sport.                                                  Expand your knowledge of another culture! With
                                                               our Costa Rican Culture Tour, you will rub elbows
Buena Vista                                                    with the locals, learn how they can teach us to
Location : Buena Vista
                                                               live more “green” and discover first hand why the
Full day; All ages                                             Costa Ricans who are affectionately called “ticos”
                                                               have earned the reputation of being so friendly. All
Buena Vista is an adventure center for young
                                                               proceeds from this tour are added to the El Jobo
children and adults. Ride horses, zip-line above the
                                                               fund to help this small town with its most basic
forest, and slide down the large waterslide. Relax in
the volcanic mud and thermal hot springs.
recreo FITNESS             CENTER

To continue your daily exercise routine, or to start a
new one, visit Recreo’s Fitness Center, which includes
a weight room and aerobic exercise equipment.

Spa Treatments at            recreo
Recreo offers spa treatments within the Costa Rica
rain forest on the estate, within the privacy of your
own villa. The variety of treatments will tend to your
particular needs and personal journey to cleanse,
protect and re-hydrate your skin, increase circula-
tion and re-center you...all while relieving stress.
Please request our menu for more details on facials,
massages, body treatments, manicures and pedi-

recreo SPORTS
With beautifully maintained facilities on-site, Recreo
offers tennis, basketball, and bocce ball. We have all
the necessary equipment available for our guests.

recreo RADIO            CALL CHANNELS

Each house will be equipped with radios for our
guests to use. The following channels have been
set to assist our guests when they visit.

15 : Welcome Center (front desk) or concierges
16 : Night Security

recreo : 800 west playa rajada la cruz, guanacaste costa rica, 51001
toll free: 877 268 2911 direct: 506 8 358 5758 | fax: 506 2 676 1230

po box 783 mattituck new york 11952

For more information please visit
or email us:
cuisine                                  Costa Ricans use the word tico
                                         to refer to themselves and their
                                         ideals. Known to be friendly,
                                         helpful, laid back, unhurried
                                         people, their cooking style is
                                         a reflection of their way of life.
                                         Tico cuisine is full of culture,
                                         tradition and amazing flavors.
                                         Staples include rice and beans,
                                         fruits, and vegetables. The food is
                                         not particularly spicy but rather
                                         seasoned with natural herbs,
                                         most commonly cilantro. Enjoy
                                         the home-style cooking that
                                         predominates in Costa Rica, as
                                         your personal cook prepares
                                         your meals.

                                         SPECIAL REQUESTS
                                         We will be happy to tailor your menu to meet
                                         your dietary needs and preferences.

                                         LOCAL RESTAURANTS
                                         Ecoplaya : This hotel has an informal restaurant
                                         and bar, that serves international and national
                                         La Negra : Known for it’s seafood dishes, this
                                         restaurant is located just before the Nicaraguan
                                         Pollo Rico : Located in La Cruz, this casual
                                         restaurant serves the finest fried chicken.

costa rica : explore : experience
costa rican wildlife                      There are many ways to observe
                                          the wildlife and plant life of Costa
                                          Rica at recreo. Explore the
                                          countryside, spend time at the
                                          beach, hike the recreo trails, or
                                          even lounge by the pool—all these
                                          activities provide the opportunity
                                          to see a wide variety of the plants
                                          and animals that abound in Costa

                                          Despite its small size, Costa Rica features a greater
                                          bio-diversity than Europe or North America and at
                                          times is referred to as the “biological crossroads” of
                                          the world. Costa Rica is home to over 500,000 spe-
                                          cies of plants and animals: more than 200 species of
                                          mammals, 857 species of birds, 11,000 types of in-
                                          sects, 9,000 species of plants, and 1,200 varieties of
                                          orchids have been identified throughout the coun-
                                          try. Costa Rica has one of the world’s most complex
                                          ecosystems, and new species of plants and animals
                                          are discovered each year.

                                          In 1970, the Costa Rican government developed
                                          a National Parks System, and now over a quarter
                                          of the land in Costa Rica is protected by a
                                          combination of national parks, natural refuges,
                                          sanctuaries, conservation areas, and biological
                                          reserves. Recreo is situated in the Guanacaste
                                          Conservation Area, which is currently home
                                          to 65 percent of all the species identified within
                                          Costa Rica. Approximately 230,000 plants and
                                          animals can be found in the dry forest, reefs, rivers,
                                          and beaches of Guanacaste, which has become the
                                          site for the largest ecological restoration initiative in
                                          the tropics.

 costa rica : explore : experience

                                          left : spider monkey         hibiscus
The main reason Costa Rica has such rich marine
life is a phenomenon called “Surgencia.” During
Surgencia, the ocean waters cool to a tempera-
ture of 16 degrees centigrade in the dry season.
When this occurs, the upper layers of the ocean are        white-faced
pushed inward by the trade winds, and the cooler
water is brought to the surface, increasing the flora
and fauna in the area.

Turtles : Six of the world’s eight species of marine
turtles nest on the beaches of Costa Rica. Five of
these can be found on the Pacific Coast by Recreo:
endangered green sea turtles, giant leatherbacks,
hawksbill turtles, loggerhead sea turtles, and olive
ridley turtles.                                            MAMMALS
Dolphins are highly social marine mammals liv-
ing in groups of up to a dozen individuals. They are       Monkeys : There are four types of monkeys liv-
often frequent visitors during boat rides and snor-        ing in Costa Rica, and they are the loudest of all
keling. They are considered to be among the most           the animals in the jungle. They make their presence
intelligent of animals.                                    known with their roughhousing, howls, chattering,
                                                           screeches, and roars. During the wet season, these
Manatees are large, fully-aquatic marine mam-
                                                           monkeys migrate to Recreo and can be seen from
mals sometimes known as sea cows. They are slow
                                                           your villa on some days.
swimmers, averaging only 3 to 5 miles per hour.

                                                           White-faced capuchin monkey (or Cebus) : is the
Fish : Schools of sailfish, red snapper, needlefish,         smartest and most inquisitive simian. It gets its
roosterfish, tuna, Spanish macarole, and mahi               name from its black body and monk-like white cowl.
mahi flourish in the waters of Playa Rajada.                These monkeys are frequent visitors to Recreo; two
                                                           other excellent places for seeing them are the Santa
                                                           Rosa and Manuel Antonio National Parks.
                                                           Spider monkey : is the most widespread monkey
                                                           in Central America. Spider monkeys often rattle the
                                                           branches, bark, and screech loudly when you come
                                                           across them. They are copper in color and grow to
                                                           1.5 meters in height.
                                                           Squirrel monkey (or Titi) : is the smallest primate
                                                           and an endangered species. Squirrel monkeys are
                                                           always on the go, eating almost anything.
                                                           Howler monkey : is the largest of the Central Ameri-
                                                           can monkeys. A howler monkey weighs as much as
                                                           ten pounds and roars like a lion. (The sound can be
                                                           heard up to a mile away.) They are selective eaters
                                                           and are rarely aggressive.

                                                           Nocturnal Mammals : Raccoons, kinkajous, and
                                                           opossums are nocturnal and are rarely seen in the
                                                           daylight. They feed on fruit, lizards, and tarantulas,
                                                           and can often be seen hunting at night. The same
                                                           species of raccoon found in North American is also
                                                           found in Costa Rica. Kinkajou make a short barking
                                                           “wee-wee-wee” noise. They have big black eyes and
                                                           soft woolly fur, and their tails are longer than their
                                                           bodies. They generally live about 23 years.

                                   loggerhead sea turtle
Opossum : Nine out of the 70 known species of opos-
sums are found in Costa Rica. Three common spe-
cies are the common, the water, and the gray four-
eyed opossum. They are marsupials, which means
that newborns crawl from the birth canal into the
mother’s pouch, where they finish maturing.
Porcupine : A porcupine is easily identified by its
spiny, blackish coat and its lighter-colored head and
belly. Porcupines are arboreal, meaning they spend
much of their time in trees.

                                                                                          green iguana
Small Mammals
Squirrel : There are two species of squirrels found
in Costa Rica: the variegated and the agouti. They
feed on fruits and seeds. Variegated squirrels are
often seen playing with one another or defending
their favorite trees against competitors. An agouti     groups of up to 30.
looks like a big guinea pig.                            Peccary : Peccaries are a type of wild pig. They have
Skunk : The scent produced from a skunk comes           small straight tusks and are known for their strong
from its anal glands and is used to scare away          odor.
predators. Three species of skunks can be found
in Costa Rica: hog-nosed, spotted, and hooded. All      Sloth : Sloths have a flat face, beady eyes, and
are terrestrial. The hog-nosed skunk is widespread      long arms. They also have long claws for climbing
throughout Costa Rica; the spotted and hooded           trees, where they spend most of their time. They
species are less common.                                are most well-known for their slow movements, a
Anteater : The anteater in Costa Rica is called the     manifestation of their slow metabolism.
tamandua or collared anteater. It feeds on ants and
termites using its long snout to root for the insects   Large Mammals
in the ground. Because it has no teeth, it swallows
                                                        Deer : The same white-tailed deer that is found in
the insects whole and then digests them with the
                                                        North America can also be seen in the rain forest
sand and gravel found in its stomach.
                                                        of Costa Rica. Santa Rosa National Park, minutes
Armadillo : Armadillos are almost blind, but have a     from Recreo, has the largest population of deer in
keen sense of smell. They are known for their bony      Guanacaste.
armor shell. Armadillos give birth to quadruplets
                                                        Wildcat : Six different species of wildcats exist in
that hatch from the same egg.
                                                        Costa Rica: the tigrillo, margay, ocelot, jaguarundi,
Coati : The white-nosed coati is a long-tailed mem-     puma, and jaguar. Today these cats are rarely
ber of the raccoon family. Coatis are diurnal, mean-    seen in the wild because of the loss of their natural
ing active in the daytime. The males are mostly soli-   habitat. They can be seen in the country’s nature
tary, although the females and their young live in      reserves.
                                                        Fox and Coyote : The brown-gray coyote and the
                                                        nocturnal gray fox are found mostly in the north-
                                                        west region of Costa Rica. The coyote is a close
                                                        relative of the graywolf although it is smaller. Foxes
                                                        are also members of the dog family although they
                                                        are even smaller, about the size of a house cat.

                                                        Butterflies and Moths
                                                        Costa Rica has 1,250 species of butterflies and 8,000
                                                        species of moths. They are commonly seen year-
                                                        round but are more predominant in the rainy sea-
                                                        son. Some common butterflies and moths include:

                                                            Thoas Swallowtail    Zebra Longwing
                                                            Marpesia Berania     Morpho Butterfly
                                                            Doxocopa Laure       Green Page Moth
                                                            Banned Peacock
                                  red-eyed tree frog
REPTILES AND AMPHIBIANS                                  FLORA

Iguanas : There are two types of iguanas living in       The plant life in Costa Rica is abundant, with 13,000
Costa Rica today: the green and the black iguana.        species having been identified to date.
They can grow to 2 meters in length and spend
most of their time high up in the rainforest canopy.     Flowers
Lizards : Generally seen at the beaches, the liz-        The national flower is the Guaria Morada, a type of
ards do not sit still for very long. One species, the    orchid. With 1,500 species of orchids, Costa Rica
Jesus Christ lizard, is known to run across water to     provides much of the world’s supply. Other flower-
escape enemies.                                          ing plants include bougainvillea, heliconia, impa-
                                                         tiens, hibiscus, and angel’s trumpet.
Geckos : Geckos are easily spotted. They like
to climb smooth walls using the sticky pads on
their feet. Geckos are harmless, at times you            Trees
can see them crawling on the outside walls               Many of Costa Rica’s 900 species of trees blossom
of your home. Their presence is welcomed                 at different times of the year. The deciduous tress
in tropical regious because they feed on insect pests.   found in the Guanacaste area cover the forest with
                                                         beautiful reds, yellows, oranges, and pinks at the
Frogs : By living and breeding in the canopies of        beginning of the dry season. In Guanacaste you can
trees rather than in permanent bodies of water,          spot various fruit trees, forest vines, poro, jacaran-
many of the frogs and toads found in Costa Rica are      da, and corteza, in addition to the guanacaste tree
considered specialized amphibians. There are 35 spe-     for which the region was named.
cies of Eleutherodactylus frogs, 26 species of hyla
(tree) frogs, and 13 species of glass frogs. The more
exotic species are extremely colorful, with striking     NATIONAL PARKS
yellows, scarlets, purples, and blues which serve as
natural warnings to predators of their toxicity. It is   Several national parks are in close proximity to Rec-
strongly advised that you do not pick up a frog if       reo and provide additional opportunities to get an
you come across one, as some of the toxins they          up-close view of the ecosystem unique to northern
secrete from their skin are fairly strong.               Costa Rica.
                                                         These include:

Birds Over 850 species of birds have been identi-        Santa Rosa National Park
fied in Costa Rica, and bird-watching is one of the       Bolaños Bay Bird Island Sanctuary
country’s main attractions. There are over 50 spe-       Africa Mia Zoo
cies of hummingbirds, 15 species of parrots, 6 spe-
cies of toucans, 75 different flycatchers, 45 varieties   Rincon de la Vieja National Park
of tanagers, 29 types of antbirds, and 19 species of
cotingas. Birds that can be found in Costa Rica are:
    Frigate Bird      Trogon            Bellbird                                                              swallowtail
    Kingfisher         Woodpecker        Caracara                                                                butterfly
    Spoonbill         Wood Stork        Pelican
    Motmot            Egret             Heron

                                                         recreo : 800 west playa rajada la cruz, guanacaste costa rica, 51001
                                                         toll free: 877 268 2911 direct: 506 8 358 5758 | fax: 506 2 676 1230

                                                         po box 783 mattituck new york 11952

                                                         For more information please visit
                                                         or email us:
guanacaste province : northwest region                                                                                                                                        To Nicaragua
                                                                                                                                                                              26 km / 16.1 mi

                                                                                                                                                                                 POLLO RICO
                                                                                                                                                                                 RESTAUR ANT

                                                                                                                                                                                                 L A C RU Z
                                                                   BAHÍA SALINAS

                                                                                                                                                                                                      G A S S TATION

                                                                                                                                                       End of paved road
                                                                                                                            PLAYA POCHOTE

                                                                                         I S L A BOLAÑOS
                          P L AYA E L CO CO

                                                                                   B O L AÑ O S B AY                            P U E R TO S O L E Y

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      W AY
                                                               E CO P L AYA
               P L AYA J O B O                                 R E S TAU R A N T

                                                                                                                      PAPAT U R R O

                                                                          P L AYA

                                                                          COYOT E R A

                                                                                             P LAYA COPAL

           P L AYA

PLAYA                 See reverse                                              CENTER
                      for area of detail
                                                                                                                                                                               To Liberia
                                                                                                                                                                               80 km / 49 mi

                                                             EL JOBO
                                                                                                           To Cuajiniquil
                                                                                                           & Junquillal Beach

                    P L AYA M A N Z A N I L LO

                                                                                                                       VILLA                                                FROM

                                                                                                                      radio channels                                                                  to
                                                                                                                       Welcome Center : 15                                  Playa Rajada : 0.6 km / 0.4 mi
                                                                                                                       Night Security : 16                                  Playa Jobo : 2.5 km / 1.5 mi
                                                                                                                                                                            El Jobo : 1 km / 0.6 mi
                                                                                                                                                                            Playa Manzanillo : 3 km / 1.9 mi
                                                                                                                                                                            Bolaños Bay : 4.7 km / 2.9 mi
                                                                                                                                                                            Ecoplaya : 2.5 km / 1.5 mi
                                                                                                                                                                            Kite-Sur ng Center : 6 km / 3.7 mi
recreo : 800 west playa rajada la cruz, guanacaste costa rica, 51001                                                                                                        La Cruz : 13 km / 8 mi
toll free: 877 268 2911 direct: 506 8 358 5758 | fax: 506 2 676 1230
                                                                                                                                                                            Liberia Airport : 80 km / 49 mi
po box 783 mattituck new york 11952
                                                                                                                                                                            Nicaragua Border : 26 km / 16.1 mi

For more information please visit
or email us:


                                                                                                                 M OU NTA IN TOP



          HORSE BARN
                                                                                                                                                 18                              15
  WE LCOME                                                                                      9
  CENTE R                                      1
                                                                                                                                                            C ENT ER

                                             FRUIT                                                      20
                                    NC                                                                                                  TENNIS
To Playa Rajada
                                         E                                                                               19             COUR T
0.6 km / 0.4 mi

                                                                                          DA R

                                                                                                                                   To El Jobo, Playa Jobo
          PL                                                                                                                       & Bolaños Bay
standard rates                            Villa Rental Pricing 2012

                                                           Green Season       High Season    Holiday Season
                                                          April 28-Nov 19 Nov 20-Dec 17        All Inclusive

                                     Nightly Rates
                                      1 bedroom                 $250              $300            $578*
                                      2 bedroom                 $300              $350            $1156*
                                      3 bedroom                 $350              $450            $1734*
                                      4 bedroom                 $400              $550            $2312*
                                      5 bedroom                 $450              $700            $2890*

                                     Prices are Per Villa Per Night

                                     Prices do not include 13% Tax or Gratuities Transportation is not
                                     included in the standard non all-inclusive rates. Airport transfers are
                                     $50 per person one way or $100 round-trip. Transportation costs can
                                     be discounted 50% for 4 or more people in one transportation route.

                                     Not included in standard rates: 13% tax. Gratuities. Private Cook.
                                     Grocery Stocking. Excursions and excursion transportation. Meals and
                                     Group Catered Events. Spa services. Boat Tours. Horseback Riding.


                                             7 night minimum stay during Christmas Holiday period and 3
                                             nights for all other dates.

                                             Maximum Occupancy varies per villa.

                                             One Bedroom villa: 2 person Maximum.

                                             Two Bedroom villa: 4 person Maximum.

                                             Three Bedroom villa: 6 person Maximum

                                             Four Bedroom Villa: 8 person Maximum

                                             Five Bedroom Villa: 10 person Maximum

                                     *Holiday Season All Inclusive Package includes all meals & non
                                     alcoholic beverages for all guests in the villa up to the maximum,

                                     private cook, all amenities onsite, airport transfers, private golf cart
                            sm       (one per villa). Please consult concierge regarding full list of inclu-

 costa rica : explore : experience

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