Samsung Partners with Yahoo for Interactive TV

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					      Samsung Partners with Yahoo for Interactive TV
Samsung is adding even more entertainment options to its 2012 Smart TV
lineup. The latest and possibly most interesting addition is coming out of a
newly inked deal with Yahoo.

The two companies just announced a multi-year partnership that will put
Yahoo's Broadcast Interactivity platform on those connected HDTVs.
The new service is powered by Yahoo's automatic content recognition
(ACR) technology, also known as SoundPrint.

The addition will mean more interactive content for Samsung TV owners.
That will include some interesting real-time goodies that will run alongside
and complement both TV shows and commercials. For instance, viewers
may see on-screen prompts directing them to additional content using a
remote, connected smartphone or tablet.

It also means that programmers can add in little extras, such as trivia, show
highlights, games, and more. It also means that advertisers may have a
few new ways to entice viewers. Two of the service's initial programming
partners will include the National Geographic Channel and Showtime
Networks. Could you imagine some of tie-in potential for Dexter and
"Today, consumers are engaging in interactive TV program experiences
more and more," said Eric Anderson, vice president of content and product
solutions at Samsung Electronics America, Inc. "Samsung's SyncPlus
service combined with Yahoo! Broadcast Interactivity and SoundPrint will
provide consumers with a very entertaining experience. We are very
pleased to partner with Yahoo! and we look forward to a successful
collaboration in the years to come."

Samsung says that Yahoo Broadcast Interactivity and Samsung SyncPlus
will be added to the latest firmware update for Samsung's 2012 Smart TVs.
The Yahoo platform will also be integrated into Samsung's future Smart TV

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