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									                                        SEANES 2012

                            Oral Presentation Template
                   Please use this template to prepare your 800 word abstract.
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                                                          Title of Paper


                               The purpose of this template is to standardize the preparation and submission of
                         abstracts for double-blind review by the Referees of SEANES 2012 Scientific
                         Committees. Please remove all affiliation information from your submissions, as well
                         as any other information that might be used to identify the abstract's authors.
                               The abstract should be written in English, about 800 words, and includes the
                         following information: title, the body text, and keywords. The font for writing the
                         abstract is Times New Roman, as used in this template. The font size varies for the
                         title and body text. Follow the given instructions consistently.
                               Centre the title. Use 14 point, bold, regular type for the title, and capital letter
                         for the first word.
                               Leave a 24-point space after the title, and write the word “ABSTRACT” in 12
                         point, boldface, capital letters. Leave 24 point space after the word, and write the
                         content in one-column using 10 point font.
                               The abstract body text uses the distributed alignment, as shown here. Preferably,
                         use three paragraphs to separate the body text: (1) introduction and objective of the
                         research/paper, (2) methods and techniques of investigation, and (3) important
                         outcomes, expectations or conclusion.
                               Leave a 6-point space after the body text. Provide 3 keywords that reflect the
                         content of the abstract.
                               Submit the abstract in MS Word in either format – document (.doc) or rich text
                         format (.rtf). Accepted abstracts will be used in the full paper to be published as
                         proceedings by HFEM.
                         Keywords: Three words separated by “ ,”. Use Times New Roman, 10 point Italic.

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