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live and webcast aUctiOn sale


									live- and webcast aUctiOn sale

Tuesday, 19th June 2012, 11 a.m.
2012 年 6 月 19 日,周二,11:00

 466                                                       652

For and in order of the instructors we will auction ex site the available
movables of

Walzwerk Finow GmbH
rolling mill

D–16227 Eberswalde (Near Berlin / 柏林附近)

                                                                 Mistakes and misprint reserved. · 保留出现疏漏和印刷错误的权利。
                                                                                                          live- and Webcast Auction sale. Information
  For and in order of the instructors we will auction ex site the                                         and registration under:
  available movables of
                                                                                                          Flyer with the main machines are available in the fol-
  我方受委托将公司厂房内动产出售给最高出价者                                                                                   lowing languages: Arabic, russian, portuguese and

                                                                                                          The auction will be held in German and English.
  Walzwerk Finow GmbH                                                                                     should you require an interpreter to participate in the
  rolling mill                                                                                            auction, please contact us and we will be pleased to
                                                                                                          provide a contact.
  Mühlenstraße                                                                                            系我们。我们非常乐意为您联络。

  D–16227 Eberswalde (Near Berlin / 柏林附近)

  Tuesday, 19th June 2012, 11 a.m.
  2012 年 6 月 19 日,周二,11:00

  VIEWING / 到访

  Saturday, 16th June 2012, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday, 18th June 2012, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on the day of auction Tuesday,
  19th June 2012, 8 a.m. to 10.45 a.m. as well as after prior arrangement.

  2012 年 6 月 16 日,周六,9:00-16:00;2012 年 6 月 18 日,周一,9:00-17:00;拍卖日当天,即 2012 年 6 月 19 日,
  周二,8:00-10:45 或根据之前的约定。

  AddITIoNAl coNdITIoNs For pArTIcIpATIoN IN THE AucTIoN / 竞拍额外条件

  In order to receive a bidding card the customer must produce proof that they run a business (by presenting an extract
  from the commercial register or the business registration) and a form of personal identification. In addition they must
  pay a security deposit of 100.00 Euros. Private individuals are not eligible to attend the auction.

  交存 100.00 欧元的保证金。禁止个人参于竞拍。

  pAYMENT / 支付

  payment has to be made on the day of auction, cash or by cheque with bank confirmation. customers from the
  Eu, please leave their VAT-number and a copy of the passport at the auction office. If the parties to the con-
  tract of sale are not resident in Eu Member states, they have to pay a 19% security fee, which will be reimbur-
  CHEQUEas properly stamped original export documents have been received.
  for immediate collection für sofortige Abholung

                                 Signature, Stamp of Bank Unterschrift, Stempel der Bank/Sparkasse
  The signing bank confirmed through renouncement of reservations usual in banking to
  须与非欧盟竞买人一样支付 19% 的保证金;保证金将在收到出口单证后退还竞买人。
  redeem the following designated cheque to favour of the company IndustrieWert GmbH up
  to an amount of

  Die unterzeichnende Bank bestätigt unter Verzicht auf bankübliche Vorbehalte, den
  collEcTIoN / 领取
  nachstehend bezeichneten Scheck zu Gunsten der Firma IndustrieWert GmbH bis zu einem
  Betrag von

  Wednesday, 20th June 2012 until Friday, 10th August 2012, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Friday from 9 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.
  in words
  in Worten
  小物件可在拍卖结束后直接领取,其他物件请于 2012 年 6 月 20 日(周三)至 2012 年 8 月 10 日(周五)领取,其中
  周一至周四的工作时间为 9:00-17:00,周五为 9:00-14:30。
  on presentation within legal time limit.
  bei Vorlage innerhalb gesetzlicher Fristen einzulösen.
  Bank                                                                                    Sort Code
  Bank/Sparkasse                                                                          BLZ

  Cheque no.                                                                              Account no.
  Scheck-Nr.                                                                              Konto-Nr.

  Account holder                                                                          Signature of account holder
  Kontoinhaber                                                                            Unterschrift Kontoinhaber

  Place, Date
  Ort, Datum

Mistakes and misprint reserved. · 保留出现疏漏和印刷错误的权利。
 652   466

587    587a

 495   659

660    658

              Mistakes and misprint reserved. · 保留出现疏漏和印刷错误的权利。
     TRAINING WORKSHOP                                   47   Column-mounted drill machine                          通用工具铣床
                                                              Brand PERFEKT, type B 25 VS, bench size ap-                          ,
                                                                                                                    RUHLA 制造,型号 SUV 台面大小约 720 x
                                                              prox. 500 x 260 mm, lift approx. 100 mm, with         260 mm,     ,
                                                                                                                           带机床虎钳 钳口宽度约 160 mm,机
                                                              digital display and coolant equipment                 床照明
10   Guide and feed shaft lathe
     Brand WARTUM, speed up to 1800 rpm, top                  柱式钻床                                             227 Flat grinding machine
     height 280 mm, turning length approx. 1400               PERFEKT 制造,型号 B 25 VS,   台面大小约                        Brand STANKOIMPORT, type 3 E 711 B, grin-
     mm, hollow spindle diameter approx. 60 mm,               500 x 260 mm,行程约 100 mm,带数字显示和                        ding disc diameter approx. 230 mm, with ma-
     coolant equipment                                        冷却剂装置                                                 chine light, magnetic plate size approx. 600 x
                                                                                                                    200 mm, magnetic separator, coolant treat-
     丝杆和拉杆车床                                             69   Pivot bending machine                                 ment and vacuum device
     WARTUM 制造,最大转速 1800 rpm,顶尖高度                             year of construction 1966, working range 2000
                                                              x 2 mm                                                平面磨床
     280 mm,旋转长度约 1400 mm,空心轴直径约
                                                                                                                    STANKOIMPORT 制造,型号 3 E 711 B,砂轮
     60 mm,冷却剂装置                                              转动弯曲机                                                 直径约 230 mm,带机床照明,磁板,大小约 600
15   Universal tool milling machine                           制造年份 1966,工作区域 2000 x 2 mm                            x 200 mm,磁力分离机,冷却剂制备装置和抽吸
     Brand STANKOIMPORT, type SM 82, year of                                                                        装置
                                                         70   Triple roller round bending machine
     construction 1967, speed up to 1600 rpm, SK-
                                                              Brand SCHMIDT & GRUNDKE, working range           229 Cup wheel grinding machine
     50 mount, bench size approx. 1120 x 320 mm,
                                                              approx. 1600 mm, up to sheet thickness 2.8 mm         Brand SCHEER, type SFS 350, grinding disc
     with impact head, dolly and coolant equipment
                                                              三辊式圆形弯曲机                                              diameter approx. 400 mm, with coolant equip-
     通用工具铣床                                                                                                         ment, magnetic plate size approx. 1000 x 320
                                                              SCHMIDT & GRUNDKE 制造,加工宽度约
     STANKOIMPORT 制造,型号 SM 82,   制造年                                                                                mm, separate hydraulic unit, magnetic separa-
                                                              1600 mm,钢板厚度最大 2.8 mm
     份 1967,最大转速 1600 rpm,SK-50 支座,台                                                                                tor and coolant treatment
     面大小约 1120 x 320 mm,带冲头,顶件器,冷                             TOOLMAKING                                            杯形砂轮磨床
     却剂装置                                                     工具制造                                                  SCHEER 制造,型号 SFS 350,砂轮直径约
19   Universal tool milling machine                                                                                 400 mm,带冷却剂装置,磁板大小约 1000 x
     Brand RAMBAUDI, speed up to 2000 rpm,               163 Hack saw                                               320 mm,单独的液压装置,磁力分离机和冷却
     bench size approx. 1260 x 230 mm, SK-40                  Brand SILISTA, type XH 25 M, year of const-           剂制备装置
     mount, coolant equipment                                 ruction 1976, with mechanical clamp, saw bla-
                                                                                                               232 Guide and feed shaft lathe
     通用工具铣床                                                   de length approx. 400 mm, hydrl. lifting
                                                                                                                    Year of construction 1967, top height approx.
     RAMBAUDI 制造,最大转速 2000 rpm,  台面大                          弓锯                                                    230 mm, max. turning length approx. 1000
     小约 1260 x 230 mm,SK-40 支座,冷却剂装置                          SILISTA 制造,型号 XH 25 M,制造年份 1976                       mm, hollow spindle diameter 50 mm, speed
                                                              ,带机械夹紧装置,    锯片长度约 400 mm,液压                          up to 2000 rpm, with machine light, coolant
20   Universal tool milling machine                                                                                 equipment, separate control cabinet
     Brand MEXPOL, type C 20, year of construc-               式 退出装置
     tion 1992, 3-axis digital display, bench size       167 Vertical roller band saw                               丝杆和拉杆车床
     approx. 700 x 320 mm, SK-40 mount, coolant               Brand PROVOMEISKA, type SU 4, year of                 制造年份 1967 ,顶尖高度约 230 mm,旋转长度
     equipment                                                construction 1978, jib length approx. 400 mm,         最大约 1000 mm,空心轴直径约 50 mm,最大
                                                              with fillet solder iron and light                     转速 2000 rpm,带机床照明,冷却剂装置,单独
     MEXPOL 制造,型号 C 20,制造年份 1992,3                            垂直滚动带锯
     轴数字显示,  台面大小约 700 x 320 mm,SK-40                         PROVOMEISKA 制造,型号 SU 4,制造年份                      238 CNC external cylindrical grinding machine
     支座,冷却剂装置                                                 1978,伸出部分约 400 mm,带带锯焊接设备和                            Brand GEIBEL & HOTZ, type RS 2000 CM,
                                                              照明                                                    year of construction 2008, serial number
26   Guide and feed shaft lathe                                                                                     30322980908, top height 300 mm, grinding
     Brand MEXPOL, type TUM 35, 3-axis digital           168 Vertical roller band saw                               length approx. 2000 mm, speed 0 to 400 rpm,
     display, top height 180 mm, turning length ap-           Brand RUHLA, jib length approx. 400 mm, with          max. tool weight 800 kg between tips, max.
     prox. 1000 mm, speed up to max. 2500 rpm,                fillet solder iron, coolant equipment und mag-        swing diameter 355 mm, with coolant equip-
     hollow spindle diameter approx. 30 mm, with              nifying glass                                         ment, fleece filter system, magnetic separator,
     Multifix steel holder, splash protection, coolant                                                              SIEMENS-COLOR screen control
     equipment                                                垂直带锯
                                                              RUHLA 制造,伸出部分约 400 mm,带带锯焊                            CNC 外圆磨床
     丝杆和拉杆车床                                                  接设备 ,冷却剂装置和放大镜                                        GEIBEL & HOTZ 制造,型号 RS 2000 CM,制
     MEXPOL 制造,型号 TUM 35,3 轴数字显示,                                                                                   造年份 2008,系列号 30322980908,顶尖高度
     顶尖高度 180 mm,旋转长度约 1000 mm,最大                        177 Column-mounted drill machine                           300 mm,打磨长度约 2000 mm,转速从 0 至
     转速 2500 rpm,空心轴直径约 30 mm,带多用                             Speed up to 1500 rpm, lift approx. 150 mm,
                                                                                                                    400 rpm,顶尖之间的最大工件重量 800 kg,最
     固定钢架,顶尖保护器,冷却剂装置                                         bench size approx. 400 x 400 mm, with machi-
                                                                                                                    大回转直径 355 mm,   带冷却剂装置,流动过滤
                                                              ne light and vice, jaw width 200 mm
28   Guide and feed shaft lathe                                                                                     设备 ,磁力分离机,SIEMENS 彩色屏幕控制系
     Brand ZMM METALIK, type C 8 C, year of con-              柱式钻床                                                  统
     struction 1980, top height approx. 160 mm,               最大转速 1500 rpm,  行程约 150 mm,台面大小
                                                              约 400 x 400 mm,带机床照明和虎钳 钳口宽度
                                                                                        ,                      245 CNC lathe
     turning length approx. 700 mm, hollow spindle
                                                                                                                    Brand RAMO, type RWS, year of construction
     diameter approx. 30 mm, speed up to 2000                 200 mm
                                                                                                                    1989, 6 x revolver, SIEMENS-SINUMERIK control,
     rpm, with coolant equipment, light
                                                         182 Plate shear                                            chippings conveyor and separate hydraulic unit
     丝杆和拉杆车床                                                  Brand DIGEB, type OL-31250, year of const-
                                                                                                                    CNC 车床
     ZMM METALIK 制造,型号 C 8 C,制造年份                             ruction 1984, working range 1250 mm, up to
                                                                                                                    RAMO 制造,型号 RWS,  制造年份 1989,6 格
     1980,顶尖高度约 160 mm,旋转长度约 700                              sheet thickness 3 mm, back impact (needs
                                                                                                                    转塔,SIEMENS-SINUMERIK 控制系统,碎屑
     mm,空心轴直径约 30 mm,最大转速 2000                                repair)
                                                              DIGEB 制造,型号 OL-31250,制造年份 1984,                  249 External cylindrical grinding machine
29   Universal tool milling machine                                                                                 Type SU 315 x 1000, grinding disc diameter
     Brand RUHLA, type FUW 280 X 720, bench                   加工宽度 1250 mm,板材厚度最大 3 mm,后部
                                                                                                                    approx. 315 mm, grinding length approx. 1000
     size approx. 720 x 280 mm, speed up to 1250              挡块(需要修理)
                                                                                                                    mm with machine light, coolant equipment and
     rpm, machine light                                                                                             removal device
                                                         195 Universal tool milling machine
     通用工具铣床                                                   Brand DECKEL, type FP 4 MA, bench size ap-
     RUHLA 制造,型号 FUW 280 X 720,  台面大小                         prox. 800 x 400 mm, controls brand DECKEL,
                                                                                                                    型号 SU 315 x 1000,砂轮直径约 315 mm,打
     约 720 x 280 mm,最大转速 1250 rpm,机床照                         type CONTOUR 2, speed up to 3150 rpm, with
                                                                                                                    磨长度约 1000 mm,   带机床照明,冷却剂装置,
     明                                                        coolant equipment, machine light
34   Universal tool grinding machine                          通用工具铣床
                                                              DECKEL 制造,型号 FP 4 MA,台面大小约 800                   256 Guide and feed shaft lathe
     Brand STANKOIMPORT, type AGA 22.4.261,                                                                         Type 1 M 53 A - 2, year of construction 2004,
     grinding disc diameter approx. 120 mm, bench             x 400 mm,DECKEL 制造的控制系统,型号
                                                                                                                    speed up to 1250 rpm, top height approx. 320
     size 780 x 130 mm, with machine vice, jaw                CONTOUR 2,最大转速 3150 rpm,带冷却剂装
                                                                                                                    mm, turning length approx. 2000 mm, with ma-
     width approx. 100 mm, machine light, vacuum              置, 机床照明
                                                                                                                    chine light, coolant equipment, hollow spindle
     通用工具磨床                                              210 Universal tool milling machine                         diameter approx. 65 mm, splash protection, 2
     STANKOIMPORT 制造,型号 AGA 22.4.261,                         Brand RUHLA, type SUV, bench size approx.             rests and 2 x 3-clamp jaws
     砂轮直径约 120 mm, 台面大小 780 x 130 mm,                         720 x 260 mm, with machine vice, jaw width            丝杆和拉杆车床
     带机床虎钳 钳口宽度约 100 mm,
            ,              机床照明,抽                             approx. 160 mm, machine light
                                                                                                                    型号 1 M 53 A - 2,制造年份 2004,最大转速
     吸装置                                                                                                            1250 rpm,顶尖高度约 320 mm,旋转长度约
                                                                                                                    2000 mm, 带机床照明,冷却剂装置,空心轴直
                                                                                                                    径约 65 mm,顶尖保护器,2 个背撑和 2 个 3 爪
Mistakes and misprint reserved. · 保留出现疏漏和印刷错误的权利。                                                                   式卡盘
265 Guide and feed shaft lathe                        414 Coil rail lot                                            PRODUCTION AREA/ HALL 1
     Type DLZ 1000 III, year of construction 1963,         approx. 170 running metres                              生产区域/车间 1
     turning length approx. 2000 mm, top height
     approx. 500 mm, with separate control cabi-           位置 卷材轨道
     net, hollow spindle diameter approx. 90 mm,           约 170 延米                                           467 Long parts system/medium width belt shear
     face plate approx. 1000 mm, coolant equip-                                                                    Brand SUNDWIGER EISENHÜTTE, year of
     ment, machine light, 2 rests                     416 Coil transport and transfer carriage                     construction 1968, consisting of 1 hub and de-
                                                           Brand WIMO, year of construction 1995, loa-             coiler, 1 blade frame, 1 cropping shear, 1 coi-
     丝杆和拉杆车床                                               ding capacity 18 to, grip range 1170 to 850             ler with hub and control panel, parameters of
     型号 DLZ 1000 III,制造年份 1963,旋转长度                        mm, dead weight 5.9 tonnes                              system: belt dimensions max. width 500 mm,
     约 2000 mm,顶尖高度约 500 mm,  带单独的控                                                                                min. width 60 mm, belt thickness max. 6 mm,
     制柜,空心轴直径约 90 mm,车床花盘约 1000                            卷材运输车和转移车                                               min. 1 mm
     mm,冷却剂装置,    机床照明,2 个背撑                               WIMO 制造, 制造年份 1995,载重量 18 吨,抓
                                                           取范围 1170 至 850 mm,自重 5.9 吨                              纵剪设备/中等宽度带材剪床
269 CNC revolver lathe                                                                                             SUNDWIGER EISENHÜTTE 制造,制造年份
     Type DFS 4-1 B 29 X 2500, with 12 x revolver,    419 Coil lifting tongs                                       1968,               1
                                                                                                                        包括 1 个绞盘和开卷机、 个刀具支架、  1
     CNC screen control type 600-1-NUMERIK, 75             Brand SIEBERT, year of construction 2010,                      1
                                                                                                                   个剪头机、 个带绞盘的卷绕机和控制台 设备    ,
     KW, chippings conveyor, max. turning length           loading capacity 19,200 kg, grip range 800 mm           参数: 带材尺寸最大宽度 500 mm,最小宽度 60
     2500 mm, power clamping chuck                         to 1600 mm                                              mm, 带材厚度最大 6 mm,最小 1 mm
     CNC 转塔车床                                              卷材提升抓手                                             495 Profiling system
     型号 DFS 4-1 B 29 X 2500, 12 格转塔,600-                   SIEBERT 制造,制造年份 2010,载重量 19200                          Brand GASPARINI, year of construction 1994,
     1-NUMERIK 型 CNC 屏幕控制系统,75 KW,                         kg,抓取范围 800 mm 至 1600 mm                                with 1 coil provision station, 3 transport carria-
     碎屑输送机,旋转长度最大 2500 mm,        卡盘                                                                               ges with decoiler, 1 belt alignment machine, 1
                                                      420 Coil lifting tongs                                       transfer belt, 1 control desk, 1 belt end welding
273 Hydraulic scoring machine                              Brand SIEBERT, type CKI 35-3, loading capa-
     Brand FRÖMAG, type RA 63-425, year of con-                                                                    station, 1 cropping shear, 2 profiling stations, 1
                                                           city 3500 kg, grip range 300 mm to 200 mm               profile alignment machine, 1 control desk with
     struction 1977, with machine light and coolant
     equipment                                                                                                     color screen control, brand ANDRAMAT, type
                                                           卷材提升抓手                                                  CLM, 1 flying shear, 1 delivery driver, 1 delive-
     液压式开键槽机                                               SIEBERT 制造,型号 CKI 35-3,载重量 3500                         ry roller carriage, 1 right/left stacking trough,
     FRÖMAG 制造,型号 RA 63-425,制造年份                           kg,抓取范围 300 mm 至 200 mm                                 number of roll frames 4 x 4 moulding levels,
     1977 带机床照明和冷却剂装置
         ,                                                                                                         belt dimensions max. 500 mm, min. 40 mm,
                                                      421 Electrical coil gripper                                  belt thickness max. 5 mm, min. 1,5 mm, profi-
278 Combined external cylindrical and internal             Brand METZ JUNIOR, type UNIGREIFER, year                ling speed approx. 70 m/p.Min.
     cylindrical grinding machine                          of construction 1995, loading capacity 17,500
     Brand GLAUCHAU, type SIP 315 x 500, year              kg, grip width up to 1300 mm                            成型设备
     of construction 1972, max. grinding length 500                                                                GASPARINI 制造,             带
                                                                                                                                   制造年份 1994, 1 个卷材
     mm, with magnetic separator, coolant equip-                                                                            3
                                                                                                                   备料工位、 个带开卷机的运输车、 个带材拉     1
     ment                                                  METZ JUNIOR 制造,型号 UNIGREIFER,制
                                                                                                                         1        1
                                                                                                                   直机、 个传输带、 个控制台、 个带端焊接工 1
                                                           造年份 1995,载重量 17500 kg,抓取范围最大
                                                                                                                       1        2      1
                                                                                                                   位、 剪头机、 个成型工位、 型材拉直机、 个        1
     组合式内外磨床                                               1300 mm
                                                                                                                   ANDRAMAT 制造型号为 CLM 的带彩屏控制系
     GLAUCHAU 制造,型号 SIP 315 x 500,制造
                                                      432 Hydraulic overpressure press                                        1      1
                                                                                                                   统的控制台、 个飞剪、 个输出驱动器、 个输       1
     年份 1972,最大打磨长度 500 mm,  带磁力分离
                                                           Brand KOSMA, type PWS 1002, max. pressure                        1
                                                                                                                   出滚动车、 个左/右侧堆放槽,辊子支架的数量
                                                           level 100 tones, lift 500 mm                            4 x 4 个变形等级,   带材尺寸最大 500 mm,最小
282 Cup wheel segment grinding machine                                                                             40 mm,  带材厚度最大 5 mm,最小 1.5 mm,成
     Brand SCHEER, type SFSR 1250, power 42                液压式上部压力机                                                型速度约 70 米/分钟
     KW, grinding disc diameter 700 mm, with ma-           KOSMA 制造,型号 PWS 1002,最大加压能力
     chine light, round magnet approx. 1250 mm             100 吨,行程 500 mm                                    496 Roller band saw
     dia, coolant treatment, magnetic separator                                                                    Brand PEHAKA, with hydraulic lift, chipping
                                                      452 Coil gripper lot                                         conveyor, roller supply approx. 19,000 x 800
     杯式弓形砂轮磨床                                              Year of construction 1991, 2 units, loading ca-         mm, hydraulic clamping, material supply,
     SCHEER 制造,型号 SFSR 1250,功率 42                          pacity 6000 kg each, on base frame                      coolant equipment and machine light
     KW,砂轮直径 700 mm,带机床照明,圆形磁铁
     直径约 1250 mm,冷却剂制备装置,磁力分离机                             位置 卷材抓钳                                                 滚动式带锯
                                                           制造年份 1991,2 件,载重量分别为 6000 kg,                           PEHAKA 制造,    带液压退出装置、 碎屑输送机、
283 Combined cup wheel and internal cylindri-              在下支架上                                                   约 19000 x 800 mm 的辊式送入装置、液压夹紧
     cal grinding machine                                                                                          装置、  送料装置、    冷却剂装置和机床照明
     Brand SIELMANN, grinding disc diameter ap-       454 Coil gripper
     prox. 500 mm, round bench dia. approx. 800            Brand SIEGERT, type U 9389-95, year of cons-
     mm, with separate control cabinet, coolant            truction 1996, loading capacity 12 tonnes, grip
     equipment, machine light, magnetic separator                                                                  PRODUCTION AREA/ HALL 2
                                                           range 1550 mm to 1755 mm
     and coolant treatment                                                                                         生产区域/车间 2
     组合式杯形内磨床                                              SIEGERT 制造,型号 U 9389-95,制造年份
     SIELMANN 制造商,砂轮直径约 500 mm,回转                          1996,载重量 12 吨,抓取范围 1550 mm 至                       511 Material transfer carriage
     台直径约 800 mm, 带单独的控制柜,冷却剂装                             1755 mm                                                 Width approx. 1800 mm, length approx. 6000
     置, 机床照明,磁力分离机,冷却剂制备装置                                                                                         mm, rail vehicle with electrical drive
                                                      466 Wide belt shear                                          材料转移车
     PRODUCTION AREA/ HALL 0                               Brand SKET, year of construction 1995, con-             宽度约 1800 mm,长度约 6000 mm,带电动驱
     生产区域/车间 0                                             sisting of 1 removal device, 1 alignment ma-
                                                           chine, 1 cropping shear, 1 driver, 1 blade posi-
400 Heavy duty pallet shelf                                tioning station, 1 blade magazine, 1 gap ring,     521 Cold circular saw
     consisting of 15 segments approx. 3000 mm,            turning arm and coil carriage, control brand            Brand EISELE, type VMS-3-SPV, year of cons-
     with 3 storage areas, max. segment load               SIEMENS, SIMATIK OP 2.7, blade shaft po-                truction 1992, saw blade diameter approx. 350
     10,500 kg, max. compartment load 3500 kg,             sitioning station, 1 blade frame, brand AKV, 1          mm, pneumatic clamping, with coolant equip-
     without contents                                      brake frame, 1 coiler, parameters of system:            ment, roll supply, length approx. 13 m
                                                           preparation material diameters max. 1600 mm,
     板式重物搁架                                                min. 500 mm, steel thickness max. 6 mm, min.            冷圆锯
     由大约 3000 mm 的 15 段构成, 3 个支承                           1 mm, coil weight max. 18 tonnes, system                                      ,
                                                                                                                   EISELE 制造,型号 VMS-3-SPV 制造年份
     面,最大区域负重量 10500 kg,最大单层负重量                            speed max. 90 m/min.                                    1992,锯条直径约 350 mm,气动夹紧装置, 带
     3500 kg,不包括内含量                                                                                                冷却装置,辊式送入装置,   长度约 13 m
412 Coil storage frame lot                                 SKET 制造,  制造年份 1995,包括 1 个修整装
     approx. 220 running metres                              1          1      1
                                                           置、 个拉直机、 个剪头机、 个驱动器、 个        1
                                                           刀具预装工位、 个刀库、 个开口环、1        旋转臂和
     位置 卷材存放架
                                                           卷材车、  SIEMENS 制造的 SIMATIK OP 2.7 控
     约 220 延米
                                                           制系统、              1
                                                                 刀具轴预装工位、 个 AKV 制造的刀具
413 Coil rail lot                                              1           1
                                                           支架、 个制动器支架、 个卷绕机,        设备参数:
     approx. 220 running metres                            原材料尺寸最大 1600 mm,最小 500 mm,    钢材
                                                           厚度最大 6 mm,最小 1 mm,卷材重量最大 18
     位置 卷材轨道                                               吨,设备速度最大 90 米/分钟
     约 220 延米

                                                                                          Mistakes and misprint reserved. · 保留出现疏漏和印刷错误的权利。
 238                                   466          466

 467                                   495          495

 495                                   523          525

 582                                   587          587a

 648                                                652

                                       657          661

Mistakes and misprint reserved. · 保留出现疏漏和印刷错误的权利。
523 Profiling system                                              焊管机                                                     管材检查机组
     Brand SUNDWICKER EISENHÜTTE, type                            VOEST M 3 制造,由于采用了现代化措施,因此                              FÖRSTER/KARL DEUTSCH 制造,由于采
     SUNDWICK 2, year of construction 1968, con-                  具有不同的制造年份 1962/ 1994 和 2008,包括                          用了现 代 化 措 施,因 此 具 有 不 同 的 制 造 年份
     sisting of 1 belt preparation with hub, 1 decoiler,          带开卷设备的绞盘、     带材拉直机、   剪头机、 转移                          1996/2008 和 2009。管材检查机组包括材料分
     1 alignment machine, 1 cropping shear, 1 wel-                工位、  带端焊接机、  双储存室卷轴、   带材拉紧机、                           配机、  供给辊道、   测量装置(Zykrograph 公司)
     ding station to weld the belt ends, 1 belt guide,            控制台、  冲头辊子支架(冲压机)制造年份 2008                              、检测头,   制造年份 2009,旋风检测装置、       超声
     1 transfer belt, 1 profiling machine, 1 flying saw,
                                                                  : 送料机、  开槽机,  制造年份 1994: 焊接设备、                          波检测装置 (2009)、   带槽的输出辊道 (1996)、  控
     1 delivery roller, 1 left/right stacking trough, sys-
     tem parameters: number of roller frames max.                 单独的控制系统、     高频发生器、  刨平工位、  水箱/                         制台、  超声波设备   ,SIEMENS SIMATIK PANEL
     10, belt dimensions max. 800 mm, min. 65 mm,                 冷却装置、   冷却剂装置、   校准机、 缠绕支架(4 个                          制造,  管材设备参数: 管材尺寸最大直径 115
     material thickness max. 6 mm, min. 1,5 mm, pro-              辊)、 飞锯、 带接收槽的辊道、   包装设备 MER、 制                          mm,最小 0 mm,   带材厚度最大 4.2 mm,最小
     filing speed approx. 60 m/min.                               造年份 1995: 钢带缓冲器。 设备参数: 成型                               1 mm, 管长度最长 8200 mm,最短 2000 mm
                                                                                 ,       ,
                                                                  件辊子支架数量 7 个 校准件 6 个 带材尺寸最
     成型设备                                                         大宽度 240 mm,最小宽度 67 mm,   管直径最大                     588 Alignment machine
     SUNDWICKER EISENHÜTTE 制造,型号                                  75 mm,最小 22 mm,管长度最长 8500 mm,最                          Brand SEPEL KIESERLING, type VRM 75/2/VRM
     SUNDWICK 2,制造年份 1968,包括 1 个带绞                                短 4000 mm,焊接速度约 90 米/分钟                                 75/3, year of construction 1984/1978, consisting
     盘的带材准备装置、 个开卷机、 个拉直机、
                 1        1        1                                                                                      of 1 pipe separation, 1 impact box, 1 intake duo
     个剪头机、 个用于焊接带端的焊接工位、 带材
            1                  1
                                                             583 Welding bench for welding system VOEST                   with intermediate channel, 1 collection trough, 1
                                                                  M3                                                      delivery bench, 1 control panel, pipe dimensions:
            1      1
     导向装置、 个传输带、 个成型机、 飞锯、 个1    1
                                                                  year of construction 2008                               diameter max. 75 mm, min. 10 mm, material
     输出辊道、 个左/右侧堆放槽,    设备参数: 辊子
     支架数量最多 10,  带材尺寸最大 800 mm,最小                                 VOEST M 3 焊接设备焊接台                                       thickness max. 4 mm, min. 0.8 mm, max. pipe
     65 mm,材料厚度最大 6 mm,最小 1.5 mm,成                                制造年份 2008                                               length 8,500 mm, min. pipe length 3000 mm,
                                                                                                                          number of pipes per layer 4500 at 75 m/min.,
     型速度约 60 米/分钟                                            584 Roller sets for pipe welding system VOEST                3000 at 50 m/min., 2200 at 37.5 m m/min.
                                                                   M 3 lot
524 Roller set for profiling system SUNDWICK 2                     consisting of various roller sets for the pipe         拉直机
     consisting of various roller sets for the profiling           welding system VOEST M 3
     system SUNDWICK 2                                                                                                    SEPEL KIESERLING 制造,型号 VRM 75/2/
                                                                  位置 VOEST M 3 焊管设备辊组                                     VRM 75/3,制造年份 1984/1978,包括 1 个管
     SUNDWICK 2 成型设备辊组                                            由用于 VOEST M 3 焊管设备的若干辊组构成                                        1        1
                                                                                                                          材分料装置、 个锤击柜、 个带中间槽的双输
     由用于 SUNDWICK 2 成型设备的若干对辊组                                                                                                1        1       1
                                                                                                                          入道, 个接收槽、 个输出台、 个控制台 管材     ,
                                                             586 Shielding gas production system for pipe an-             尺寸: 直径最大 75 mm,最小 10 mm,材料厚
                                                                  nealing furnace
                                                                                                                          度最大 4 mm,最小 0.8 mm, 管长度最长 8500
525 Profiling system                                              Brand FK INDUSTRIEOFENBAU/AICHILIN,
                                                                                                                          mm,最短 3000 mm,加工速度为 75 米/分钟时
     Brand SUNDWICKER EISENHÜTTE, type                            year of construction 2008/1979, consisting of
                                                                  2 shielding gas producers, 1 shielding gas pro-         每班次管材加工数量为 4500,加工速度为 50
     SUNDWICK 3, year of construction 1968, 1 de-                                                                         米/分钟时为 3000,加工速度为 37 米/分钟时
     coiler with hub, 1 belt alignment device, 1 crop-            ducer brand FK INDUSTRIEOFENBAU, year of
                                                                  construction 2008, with 3 vacuum pumps, brand           为 22000
     ping sheer, 1 belt end welding station, 1 transfer
     station, 1 profiling machine, 1 profiling machine            BUSCH, 3 boilers, control SIEMENS SIMATIK
                                                                  MULTI PANEL, with touchscreen, 1 cooling           589 Pipe welding system
     control desk, 1 flying saw, delivery roller, 1 left/
                                                                                                                          Brand SOMENOR, type W 20, year of construc-
     right stacking trough, system parameters: num-               device and 1 shielding gas producer, brand AI-
                                                                                                                          tion 1963/1976, consisting of 1 hub with decoi-
     ber of roller frames max. 17, belt dimensions                CHILIN INDUSTRIEOFENBAU, type GTAS 330,
                                                                                                                          ler, 1 belt alignment machine, 1 cropping shear,
     max. 250 mm width, min. 36 mm width, belt                    year of construction 1979, machine no. 41902,
     thickness max. 4 mm, min. 1 mm, profiling speed                                                                      1 belt end welding machine, brand VAISEUTHE,
                                                                  connection value 37 KW, with 5 boilers and 1
     approx. 58 m/min.                                                                                                    control SIEMENS SIMATIK, welding inverter TIG
                                                                                                                          300 DC-P, 1 control desk, 1 double storage coil,
     成型设备                                                          管材退火炉保护气体产生设备                                          1 belt tightener, 1 S frame, brand VAISEUTHE, 1
     SUNDWICKER EISENHÜTTE 制造,型号                                   FK INDUSTRIEOFENBAU/AICHILIN 制造,                       belt oil frame, 1 supply machine, 1 slotted pipe
     SUNDWICK 3, 制造年份 1968,包括 1 个带绞                                制造年份 2008/1979,  包括 2 个保护气体产生                          guide, 1 welding station with HF generator, 1 se-
     盘的开卷机、 个带材拉直机、 个剪头机、 个
                         1        1                                   1
                                                                   器, 个 FK INDUSTRIEOFENBAU 生产的                           parate control desk, brand THERMATOOL, 1 coil
               1       1
     带端焊接工位、 转移工位、 个成型机、 个成     1                                  保护气体产生器、                 带
                                                                                制造年份 2008, 3 个真空                          station, 1 water box coller, 1 calibration machine,
     型机控制台、 个飞锯、 个输出辊道、 个左/右
             1      1        1                                     泵,BUSCH 制造,3 个锅炉、    SIEMENS SIMA-                     1 eddy current testing point, 1 turks head stati-
     侧堆放槽,  设备参数: 辊子支架数量最多 17 带   ,                                TIK MULTI PANEL 控制系统、  带触摸屏, 个1                        on, 1 flying saw, 1 delivery roller, 1 left/right hyd-
                                                                   冷却设备和 1 个保护气体产生器,AICHILIN IN-                          raulic stacking trough, 1 scrap trough, 3 controls
     材尺寸最大 250 mm 宽,最小 36 mm 宽, 带材厚
                                                                   DUSTRIEOFENBAU 制造,型号 GTAS 330,                         for system and emulsion system, cooling water
     度最大 4 mm,最小 1 mm,成型速度约 58 米/
                                                                   制造年份 1979,  机器编号 41902,接入功率 37                         and emulsion supply system, KÜHNEL year of
                                                                   KW, 5 个锅炉和 1 个压缩机
                                                                        带                                                 construction 2009. Control SIEMENS SIMATIK
                                                                                                                          with filter system, system parameters: number
526 Roller set for profiling system SUNDWICK                 587 Pipe alignment machine
     3 lot                                                                                                                of roller frames moulding part 6 pcs, calibration
                                                                  Brand SCHMIDT, type SSS 110, with delivery              part 5 pcs, belt dimensions max. width 238 mm,
     consisting of various roller sets for the profiling          trough, pipe separation, impact box, intermedi-
     system SUNDWICK 3                                                                                                    min. width 37 mm, pipe diameter max. 35 mm,
                                                                  ate channel, intake duo, sample E-D SS 90-110,          min. 12 mm, length of pipes max. 8000 mm, min.
                                                                  sample of alignment machine SWR SSS 90-110,             5000 mm, welding speed approx. 120 m/min.
     位置 SUNDWICK 3 成型设备辊组
                                                                  outlet box, control panel, machine parameters of
     由用于 SUNDWICK 3 成型设备的若干对辊组                                    system: max. pipe diameter 115 mm, min. pipe            焊管机
     构成                                                           diameter 40 mm, max. belt thickness 5 mm, min.          SOMENOR 制造,型号 W 20,            制造年份
                                                                  belt thickness 0.8 mm, max. pipe length 8,200           1963/1976,包括 1 个带开卷机的绞盘、 个拉直    1
                                                                  mm, min. pipe length 3000 mm, number of pipes              1        1
                                                                                                                          机、 锯头机、 个带端焊接设备 VAISEUTHE ,
     生产区域/车间 3                                                    per layer depending on dimension 4500 at 75 m/          制造,SIEMENS SIMATIK 控制系统、          逆变焊
                                                                  min., 3000 at 50 m/min., 2200 at 37.5 m m/min.                          1
                                                                                                                          机 TIG 300 DC-P、 个控制台、 个双储存室1
582 Pipe welding system                                            管材拉直机                                                       1
                                                                                                                          卷轴、 个带材拉紧机、 S 支架, 1        VAISEUTHE
     Brand VOEST M 3, due to modernisation mea-                    SCHMIDT 制造,型号 SSS 110,带分配槽、管                                1
                                                                                                                          制造, 个带材润滑油装备、 送料机、 个开槽1        1
     sures, the machine is made up of different years              材分料装置、     锤击柜、 中间槽、 双输入道,结构                                     1
                                                                                                                          管导向装置、 个带高频发生器的焊接台、 个               1
     of construction 1962/1994 and 2008, consisting                模型 E-D SS 90-110,拉直机结构模型 SWR                                      ,
                                                                                                                          单独的控制台 THERMATOOL 制造, 个刨平      1
     of a hub with decoiler, belt alignment machine,               SSS 90-110,输出柜、    ,
                                                                                   控制台 设备参数: 最大                                1            1
                                                                                                                          工位、 水箱冷却装置、 个校准机、 个旋风检       1
     cropping shear, transfer station, belt end wel-               管直径 115 mm,最小管直径 40 mm,最大带材                                 1
                                                                                                                          测点、 个组合式辊压模工位、 个飞锯、 个输  1         1
     ding machine, double storage coil, belt tighte-               厚度 5 mm,最小带材厚度 0.8 mm,最长管长度                                   1
                                                                                                                          出辊道、 个左/右侧液压堆放槽、 个废料槽、    1           3
     ner machine, control desk, stamp roller frame                 8200 mm,最短管长度 3000 mm,加工速度为                            个设备控制系统和乳剂设备、           冷却设备和乳剂供
     (embossing machine) year of construction 2008:                75 米/分钟时依据大小每班次的管材加工数量为                                给设备 KÜHNEL,    制造年份 2009,    带过滤系统
     supply machine, slot guide, year of construction              4500,加工速度为 50 米/分钟时为 3000,加工                           的 SIEMENS SIMATIK 控制系统,      设备参数:
     1994: welding system, separate control, HF ge-                速度为 37.5 米/分钟时为 2200                                                       ,
                                                                                                                          成型件辊子支架数量 6 个 校准件 5 个 带材尺       ,
     nerator, plane station, water box/cooler, coolant
                                                             587a Pipe test line                                          寸最大宽度 238 mm,最小宽度 37 mm,          管直径
     equipment, calibration machine, twist frame,
                                                                  Brand FÖRSTER/KARL DEUTSCH, due to mo-                  最大 35 mm,最小 12 mm,      管长度最长 8000
     knocker station (4 rollers), flying saw, roller with
     collection trough, MER packaging system, year                dernisation measures, the machine is made up            mm,最短 5000 mm,焊接速度约 120 米/分钟
     of construction 1995: bundle buffer. Number of               of different years of construction 1996/2008
                                                                  and 2009. The pipe test line consists of the       590 Welding bench for pipe welding system
     roller frames moulding part 7 pcs, calibration                                                                       SOMENOR W 20
     part 6 pcs, max. width 240 mm, min. width 67                 material delivery, supply roller, measurement
                                                                  device (cykrograph), test head, year of cons-           year of construction 2008
     mm, pipe diameter max. 75 mm, min. 22 mm,
     length of pipes max. 8500 mm, min. 4000 mm,                  truction 2009, eddy current testing, ultrasonic
                                                                                                                         SOMENOR W 20 焊管机辊组
     welding speed approx. 90 m/min.                              test (2009), outlet roller with trough (1996),
                                                                                                                         由用于 SOMENOR W 20 焊管设备的若干辊组
                                                                  control desk, ultrasonic test, brand SIEMENS
                                                                  SIMATIK PANEL, Parameters of pipe system:              构成
                                                                  pipe dimensions, diameter max. 115 mm, min.
                                                                  0 mm, belt thickness max. 4.2 mm, min. 1 mm,
                                                                  pipe length max. 8200 mm, min. 2000 mm
                                                                                                 Mistakes and misprint reserved. · 保留出现疏漏和印刷错误的权利。
591 Roller sets for pipe welding system SOME-              652 Pipe welding system                                        管材分割设备
     NOR W 20                                                   Brand OTO MILLS, type RS 115, year of con-                ADIGE 制造,型号 ADIGE 4,制造年份 1998,
     consisting of various roller sets for the pipe             struction 2008, consisting of 1 double coil, 1                        1          1
                                                                                                                          包括 1 个钢卷支座、 个锯切工位、 个冷却剂装
     welding system SOMENOR W 20                                intake alignment press, 1 cropping shears, 2                 1                     1
                                                                                                                          置、 个控制系统 ADIGE TIC 720、 个刷磨和
                                                                control desks, 1 belt end welding machine, 1              去毛刺工位、                      1
                                                                                                                                   控制系统 ADIGE ST 660、 个管
     SOMENOR W 20 焊管机焊接台                                        hole punch, 1 belt store, 1 control desk, 1 belt                 1
                                                                                                                          材存放台、 个抽吸装置,JAKOB HANDTKE 制
     制造年份 2008                                                  tightener with S frame, 1 alignment machine, 1            造,STW-K, 制造年份 1995, 设备参数: 最长
                                                                stamp roll frame, 1 moulding machine, 1 control           管束长度 8500 mm,最大带材厚度 0.8 mm 至
     PRODUCTION AREA/ HALL 4                                    desk, 1 welding bench, 1 welding generator HF             5 mm,生产长度 50 mm 至 450 mm,  锯条直径
                                                                WALDER, with separate control, 1 plane station,           最大 275 mm
     生产区域/车间 4                                                  1 water cooling, 1 calibration machine, 1 eddy
                                                                current testing, 1 turks head station, 1 end ma-     658 Pipe cutting and washing system
                                                                gnet, 1 flying saw, 1 test saw, 1 scrap trough, 1         Brand BEWO, Type ECH-108 M, year of cons-
609 Roller band saw
                                                                trough system type GTC, year of construction              truction 2000, consisting of 1 material supplier,
     Brand JESPA, type W 260 M, year of construc-
                                                                2008, 1 conveyor and 1 emulsion system, brand             1 transfer station, 1 saw station, 1 brush and
     tion 1997, with coolant equipment, hydraulic
                                                                KÜHNEL, system parameters: number of roller               deburr machine, 1 vacuum, brand HANTKE
     lift, mechanical clamping, roller supply length
                                                                frames, moulding part 8 pcs, calibration part 4           STW-K, year of construction 2004, 1 pipe wa-
     approx. 700 mm
                                                                pcs, belt dimensions max. 360 mm, min. 100                shing system, 1 drying line, 1 storage bench,
     滚动式带锯                                                      mm, belt thickness max. 5 mm, min. 1.2 mm, for            system parameters: max. pipe bundle length
     JESPA 制造,型号 W 260 M,制造年份 1997,                             round pipe max. 5 mm, min. 1.2 mm, for hollow             8000 mm, wall thickness of 0.8 mm to 5 mm,
                                                                profile max. pipe diameter 115 mm, min. 33.7              preparation pipe length 8000 mm, production
     带润滑剂装置、   液压退出装置、   机械夹紧装置、
                                                                mm, max. cutting length 12,000 mm, min. cut-              lengths 40 mm to 2000 mm, saw blade diame-
     辊式送料装置长度约 700 mm                                                                                                     ter max. 350 mm
                                                                ting length 4,000 mm, welding speed 120 m/min.
612 Hydraulic workshop press                                                                                              管材分割设备和清洗设备
     Brand YALLE, type RPY 5035 EM, year of con-                焊管机
                                                                OTO MILS 制造,型号 RS 115,      制造年份 2008                     BEWO 制造,型号 ECH-108 M,    制造年份
     struction 2009, pressure level 50 tonnes
                                                                , 包括 1 个双卷轴、 个入口矫直机、 个剪头
                                                                                   1             1                        2000,               1
                                                                                                                               包括 1 个材料分配机、 转移工位、       1
     液压式车间压机                                                        2
                                                                机、 个控制台、 个带端焊接机、 冲孔机、
                                                                                1              1     1                           1
                                                                                                                          锯切工位、 个刷磨和去毛刺机、 个抽吸装  1
     YALLE 制造,型号 RPY 5035 EM,制造年份                               个带材储存器、 个控制台、 个带 S 支架的带
                                                                              1           1                               置,HANTKE STW-K 制造, 制造年份 2004, 1
     2009,加压能力 50 吨                                                                  1
                                                                材拉紧机、 个拉直机、 个冲头辊子支架、 个             1                                  1       1
                                                                                                                          个管材清洗设备、 个干燥机组、 个存放台 设      ,
                                                                成型机、 个控制台、 个焊接台、 个焊接高频
                                                                        1          1         1                            备参数: 最长管束长度 8000 mm,壁厚 0.8 至
648 Pipe welding system                                         产生器 WALDER,       带单独的控制系统, 个刨平  1                        5 mm,原始管材长度 8000 mm,生产长度 40
     Brand SOMINOR, type W 40, year of construc-                      1
                                                                工位、 个水箱冷却装置、 个校准机、 个旋风 1         1                        mm 至 2000 mm, 锯条直径最大 350 mm
     tion 1963/1993, consisting of 1 decoiler with                        1
                                                                检测装置、 个组合式辊压模工位、 个末端磁化       1
     hub, 1 coil lever device, 1 alignment machine,             机、 个飞锯、 个测试锯、 个废料槽、 个 GTC
                                                                    1       1          1         1                   659 Pipe cutting and washing system
     1 cropping sheer, 1 belt end welding machi-                                                                          Brand RATUNDE, type RATUNDE 1 ACS 90-2,
                                                                型槽系统,                    1
                                                                          制造年份 2008, 个输送机和 1 个乳
     ne, 1 control desk, 1 transfer station, 1 double                                                                     year of construction 2002/2008, screen control
                                                                剂设备   ,KÜHNEL 制造,     设备参数: 成型件辊子                         brand SIEMENS type SINUMERIK consisting of
     storage coil, 1 moulding machine, 1 control,                           ,            ,
                                                                支架数量 8 个 校准件 4 个 带材尺寸最大 360
     1 coolant equipment, 1 plane station, 1 water                                                                        1 pipe bundle delivery, 1 brush and deburr sta-
                                                                mm,最小 100 mm,      带材厚度最大 5 mm,最小                         tion, 1 washing system, 1 drying system, 1 con-
     cooling, 1 calibration machine, 1 eddy current
                                                                1.2 mm,圆管最大 5 mm,最小 1.2 mm,用于空                            trol area, year of construction 2008, 1 stacking
     testing, 1 turks head station, 1 flying saw, 1
                                                                心型材的最大管直径 115 mm,最小 33.7 mm,                              station with 1 robot arm, 1 vacuum, 1 roller size
     heat saw, 1 driver, 1 delivery roller, 1 left/right
     de-stacking, 1 scrap trough, 1 vacuum, sys-                最大切割长度 12000 mm,最小切割长度 4000                               6000 x 1500 mm, parameters of system: pipe
                                                                mm,焊接速度 120 米/分钟                                          bundle length 7500 mm, wall thickness from
     tem parameters: number of roller frame moul-
                                                                                                                          0.8 to 8 mm, preparation pipe length 7500 mm,
     ding parts 7 or 8 pcs, calibration part 7 pcs,
                                                           653 Roller sets for pipe welding system OTTO                   production lengths from 50 mm to 2000 mm,
     belt dimensions, belt width max. 400 mm,                                                                             saw diameter max. 370 mm
     min. 94 mm, pipe length max. 9500 mm, min.
                                                                year of construction 2008, consisting of various
     5000 mm, welding speed approx. 80 m/min.                                                                             管材分割设备和清洗设备
                                                                roller sets for the pipe welding system OTO MILS
                                                                                                                          RATUNDE 制造,型号 RATUNDE 1 ACS 90-2
                                                                位置 OTTO MILS 焊管机的辊组                                       ,制造年份 2002/2008,SIEMENS 屏幕控制系
     SOMINOR 制造,型号 W 40,            制造年份
                                                                制造年份 2008,由用于 OTO MILS 焊管机的若                              统,型号 SINUMERIK, 包括 1 个管束分配机、   1
     1963/1993,包括 1 个带绞盘的开卷机、 个卷      1
                                                                干辊组构成                                                              1
                                                                                                                          个锯切设备、 个刷磨和去毛刺工位、 个清洗设  1
               1          1
     材提升装置、 个拉直机、 个锯头机、 个带端         1
                                                                                                                             1       1
                                                                                                                          备、 个干燥设备、 个检查工位,      制造年份 2008
            1         1
     焊接机、 个控制台、 个转移工位、 个双储存       1                        654 Replacement frame for pipe welding sys-                     1                 1
                                                                                                                          、 个带机械臂的堆垛工位、 个抽吸装置、 个      1
            1       1
     室卷轴、 成型机、 个控制系统、 个冷却剂装     1                               tem OTO MILS                                              辊道,大小 6000 mm x 1500 mm,设备参数:
        1          1
     置、 个刨平工位、 个水箱冷却装置、 个校准         1                           Brand RS 115, year of construction 2008                   最长管束长度 7500 mm,壁厚 0.8 至 8 mm,
        1               1
     机、 个旋风检测装置、 组合式辊压模工位、               1
                                                                OTO MILS 焊管机可换机座                                          原始管材长度 7500 mm,生产长度 50 mm 至
            1      1
     个飞锯、 个热锯、 个推出器、 个输出辊道、   1          1
                                                                RS 115 制造,制造年份 2008                                       2000 mm,锯条直径最大 370 mm
     左/右侧堆垛机、 个废料槽、 个抽吸装置,  1           设备
     参数: 成型件辊子支架数量 7 个或 8 个         ,校准件                                                                             660 Pipe cutting and washing system
     7 个 带材尺寸最大宽度 400 mm,最小 94 mm,                                                                                        Brand RATUNDE, type RATUNDE 2, year of
                                                                PRODUCTION AREA/ HALL 5 AND HALL 6
     管长度最长 9500 mm,最小 5000 mm,焊接速                                                                                         construction 2008, consisting of 1 length mea-
     度约 80 米/分钟                                                 生产区/车间 5 和车间 6                                            surement device brand BEWO, type MT 3000,
                                                                                                                          1 color screen control, brand SIEMENS, type
649 Welding bench for pipe welding system SO-              655 Dismantled pipe binding station                            SINUMERIK, 1 saw station, 1 brush and deburr
     MINOR W 40                                                 Brand MAIR/STOMMEL & VOSS, consisting of                  station, 1 washing and drying system, 1 control
     year of construction 2008                                  1 bundle carriage, electrical feeds, 1 chain con-         area, 1 destacking station, 1 robot arm, 1 roller
                                                                veyor, 1 embossing stamp, brand STOMMEL &                 6000 x 1500 mm, technical parameters of sys-
     SOMINOR W 40 焊管机焊接台                                                                                                  tem: pipe bundle length 12,500 mm, pipe thick-
                                                                VOSS, 2 deburr heads, brand MANNESMANN,
     制造年份 2008                                                                                                            ness from 10 mm to 108 mm, preparation pipe
                                                                type RFA 14-9, 1 pedestal, lighting, 1 tilt stati-
                                                                on and peripheral units and accessories                   length 12,500 mm, production lengths when
650 HF welding system for pipe welding system                                                                             sawing 60 to 2000 mm, 150 to 1900 mm for sa-
     SOMINOR W 40                                               拆卸的管捆绑工位                                                  wing and phasing, saw diameter max. 370 mm
     Brand SMS ELOTHERM GMBH, type ELLO-                        MAIR/STOMMEL & VOSS 制造,包括 1 个
     WELT 400, year of construction 2008                                                                                  管材分割设备和清洗设备
                                                                钢卷小车、        ,          1
                                                                        电动进给 1 个链式输送机、 冲压
                                                                                                                          RATUNDE 制造,型号 RATUNDE 2,    制造年
     SOMINOR W 40 焊管机高频焊接设备                                     冲头,STOMMEL & VOSS 制造,2 个去毛刺
                                                                                                                          份 2008, 包括 1 个长度测量仪,BEWO 制造,
     SMS ELOTHERM GMBH 制造,型号 ELLO-                              头,MANNESMANN 制造,型号 RFA 14-9,1
                                                                                                                          型号 MT 3000,          1
                                                                                                                                      管束分配工位、 个彩屏控制系
     WELT 400,制造年份 2008                                         个基座、      1
                                                                      照明、 个卸料工位以及外围设备和配
                                                                                                                          统,SIEMENS 制造,型号 SINUMERIK, 个 1
                                                                                                                          锯切工位、 个刷磨和去毛刺工位、 个清洗和干 1
 651 Roller sets for pipe welding system SOMI-                                                                                  1        1
                                                                                                                          燥设备、 个检查工位、 个堆垛工位、 个机械    1
      NOR W 40 position                              657 Pipe cutting system
                                                         Brand ADIGE, Type ADIGE 4, year of construc-                        1
                                                                                                                          臂、 个辊道 6000 x 1500 mm, 设备的技术参
      consisting of various roller sets for the pipe                                                                      数: 最长管束长度 12500 mm,   管厚度 10 mm
      welding system SOMENOR W 40                        tion 1998, consisting of 1 bundle intake, 1 saw
                                                         station, 1 coolant equipment, 1 control ADIGE                    至 108 mm,原始管材长度 12500 mm,   锯切时
     位置 SOMINOR W 40 焊管机辊组                               TIC 720, 1 brush and deburr station, control                     的生产长度 60 mm 至 2000 mm, 锯切并分段时
     由用于 SOMINOR W 40 焊管设备的若干辊组                          ADIGE ST 660, 1 pipe storage bench, 1 vacu-                      的生产长度 150 mm 至 1900 mm,  锯条直径最
                                                         um, brand JAKOB HANDTKE, STW-K, year of                          大 370 mm
                                                         construction 1995, system parameters: max.
                                                         pipe bundle length 8500 mm, max. belt thick-
                                                         ness of 0.8 mm to 5 mm, production lengths
                                                         50 mm to 450 mm, saw blade diameter max.
                                                         275 mm

Mistakes and misprint reserved. · 保留出现疏漏和印刷错误的权利。
585   586                    609

195   229                    245

210   283                    282

269   256                    265

496   521                    166+177

249   682+683                 26

                Mistakes and misprint reserved. · 保留出现疏漏和印刷错误的权利。
661 Pipe cutting and washing system                      662- free                                              螺杆式压缩机
     Brand RATUNDE, type RATUNDE 3 ACSFM                 679                                                    COMP AIR 制造,型号 6000 E,制造年份 1993
     COERVE, year of construction 2008, consisting                                                              ,最大压力 8 bar,29 KW
     of 1 length measurement device brand BEWO,
     type MT 2000, digital display, bundling station,         COMPRESSOR ROOM                               684 Screw compressor
                                                                                                                Brand ATI, type HIROSS, max. pressure 16 bar
     1 saw station, 1 brush and deburr station, 1             压缩机室
     washing and drying system, 1 control area, 1                                                               螺杆式压缩机
     destacking station with robot arm, 1 roller, size                                                          ATI 制造,型号 HIROSS,最大压力 16 bar
     approx. 6000 x 1500 mm, technical parameters        680 Screw compressor
     of system: pipe bundle length 12,500 mm, cut-            Brand COMP AIR, type 6000 E, year of const-   685 Screw compressor
     ting range 10 mm to 136 mm, belt thickness               ruction 1993, max. pressure 8 bar, 29 KW          Brand INGERSOLL RAND, type UP 5-30-7.5,
     diameter 0.8 to 5 mm, preparation pipe length                                                              max. pressure 7.5 bar
     12,500 mm, production lengths when sawing                冷干燥机                                              螺杆式压缩机
     100 to 2000 mm, 150 to 2000 mm for sawing                MTA 制造,型号 3 ENERGIE DE                            INGERSOLL RAND 制造,型号 UP 5-30-7.5,
     and brushing, 150 to 1900 mm for sawing and
                                                                                                                最大压力 7.5 bar
     phasing, saw diameter up to max. 420 mm             681 Oil separator
                                                              Brand ATI, type ÖVAMAT                        686 Screw compressor
     管材分割设备和清洗设备                                                                                                Brand COMP AIR ZYKLON, year of construc-
     RATUNDE 制造,型号 RATUNDE 3 ACSFM                            油分离器                                              tion 1994, max. pressure 8 bar
     COERVE, 制造年份 2008,  包括 1 个长度测量                           ATI 制造,型号 ÖVAMAT                                  螺杆式压缩机
     仪,BEWO 制造,型号 MT 2000,数字显示、     管                                                                           COMP AIR ZYKLON 制造,制造年份 1994,最
     束分配工位、 个锯切工位、 个刷磨和去毛刺1                              682 Cryogenic dryer                                    大压力 8 bar
          1              1
     工位、 个清洗和干燥设备、 个检查工位、 个       1                           Brand MTA, type 3 ENERGIE DE
     带机械臂的堆垛工位、 个辊道,大小约 6000 x
                     1                                                                                      687 Screw compressor
     1500 mm,设备的技术参数: 管束长度 12500                              螺杆式压缩机                                            Brand INGERSOLL RAND, type PREMIUM EF-
     mm, 切割范围 10 mm 至 136 mm,带材厚度 0.8                         COMP AIR 制造,型号 6000 E,制造年份 1993                   FICIENCI AIR, year of construction 2005, max.
                                                              ,最大压力 8 bar,29 KW                                 pressure 10 bar
     至 5 mm,原始管材长度 12500 mm,   锯切时的
     生产长度 100 至 2000 mm,   锯切并刷磨时的生                                                                             螺杆式压缩机
     产长度 150 至 2000 mm, 锯切并分段时的生产                        683 Screw compressor                                   INGERSOLL RAND 制造,型号 PREMIUM
     长度 150 至 1900 mm, 锯条直径最大 420 mm                          Brand COMP AIR, type 6000 E, year of const-       EFFICIENCI AIR,制造年份 2005,最大压力
                                                              ruction 1993, max. pressure 8 bar, 29 KW          10 bar


Mistakes and misprint reserved. · 保留出现疏漏和印刷错误的权利。
Auction terms and conditions IndustrieWert GmbH
1. These general terms and conditions of             auctioned up for sale once again. In each case        of the purchase contract or compensation
auction are part of each contract of sale and        only the auctioneer’s decision shall be binding.      instead of performance. The auction-buyer will
auction. Through participating at the auction,                                                             be in default, when the period of grace linked
the buyer accepts the auction terms and con-         5. When the auctioneer concluded the bid-             with the reminder has expired fruitlessly. If the
ditions. The following terms and conditions are      ding, the buyer is obliged to take and pay the        auctioneer demands fulfilment, he is entitled
also valid for a free sale of items put up for       lot. The risk of accident loss of, damage to,         to the default compensation in addition to
auction, as well as for all other sales made by      or deterioration the goods will be transferred        the purchase price. This includes, amongst
the auctioneer. Only natural persons and legal       to the buyer at the moment when his bid is            other things, any currency losses, the loss of
persons with full contractual capacity may take      accepted. Title to the auctioned object will be       interest and the cost expenditure for the legal
part in auctions, insofar as these persons deal      transferred subject to the proviso that the final     prosecution, as well as the costs of any neces-
in items of sale while carrying out business or      price is paid in full.                                sary disassembly and storage of the bought
independent activities. Consumers within the                                                               auction goods. Express mention is made here
meaning of Article 13 of the German Civil Code       6. The final bid represents the net price. An         once again of the transfer of risk given by the
shall be excluded from taking part in auctions.      auctioneer’s commission of 15% will be added          regulation under number 5 of this provision.
                                                     to the net price. The statutory Value Added Tax       Above and beyond this, the auctioneer, instead
2. All items put up for auction will be sold on      will be levied. The aggregation of the net price,     of demanding performance also has the right,
behalf and for the account of the seller, at         the commission and the VAT will constitute the        within the scope of compensation payments,
respective site with all faults and by exclu-        final price.                                          to release himself from the duty to perform
sion of seller’s warranty, and insofar as a                                                                by auctioning the auctioned item again, §§
newly manufactured item is not in question.          7. The person who purchased the goods at              383 (1), 384 BGB (German Civil Code) and
The description in the catalogue containing          auction must pay the purchase price as soon           demanding the reduced proceeds from the
measurements, data and work performance              as the bid has been accepted; payment must            auction-buyer. The rights of the auction-buyer
etc. is not binding. We therefore advise you         be made in cash or by cheque. If payment is           from the earlier knockdown are extinguished
to view thoroughly all items prior to the auc-       made by cheque, this must be confirmed by             by the new knockdown. The auction-buyer
tion. Liability on the part of the auctioneer for    means of a commitment to cash the cheque              is liable for any reduced proceeds, but has
damages resulting from injury to life, body or       on the part of a bank permitted to act as a           no claim to any higher proceeds and will not
health shall be excluded, unless this is based       tax guarantor within the Federal Republic of          be allowed to participate in the new auc-
on negligent violation of duties on the part of      Germany. Should the bid be awarded follow-            tion. Above and beyond that he is deemed
the auctioneer or one of his legal representa-       ing submission of a written bid, then the pur-        as the deliverer in connection with the new
tives or vicarious agents. Liability shall also be   chase price is due and payable within 5 days          auction, with the result that he must pay the
excluded for other forms of damage, unless           following the billing date. The highest bidder        usual auction fee in the amount of 15% of the
this is based on gross negligence on the part        shall pay the full purchase price in cash or          knockdown sum owed by the auction-buyer/
of the auctioneer or one of his legal representa-    by check to the auctioneer, immediately after         deliverer from the proceeds of the new auction,
tives or vicarious agents. Following accept-         acceptance of the bid. In case of paying by           in the manner of a deliverer. Above and beyond
ance of the bid complaints relating to patent        check, the dismantling and removal can only           that, the auction- buyer/deliverer must pay the
or hidden defects shall not be entertained. The      be performed after the check sum has been             costs incurred in connection with the proceeds
preceding exclusions relating to warranty shall      fully credited.                                       from the new auction and cash expenses for
also apply to specially labelled personal goods                                                            transport, storage, insertion and personnel
(cancelled remainders) put aside for auction.        8. If the parties to the contract of sale are resi-   costs for auxiliary staff in advance from the
The warranty term for the auctioning and sell-       dent in EU Member States, they have to sub-           proceeds of the auction. The then remaining
ing of unused goods shall be 1 year following        mit an officially confirmed VAT Identification        proceeds are to be offset per date of the actual
acceptance of the item put up for auction.           Number, If the parties to the contract of sale        payment receipt with the compensation claims
                                                     are not resident in EU Member States, they            in accordance with§ 367 BGB. The purchase
3. The auctioneer reserves the right to change       have to pay a 19 % security fee, which will           price claim of the auctioneer must have inter-
the order of the items being put up for auction      be reimbursed as soon as properly stamped             est paid at the rate of 8% above the base
from that indicated in the catalogue, or to offer    original export documents have been received.         interest rate from the day of the occurrence
individual items together in a package, to split                                                           of the default, including when cheques or bills
them, or to withdraw items. The auctioneer           9. The buyer has to collect the auctioned goods       are presented. The auctioneer can switch from
shall be entitled to exclude certain persons or      from the place at which they are located and is       fulfilment to compensation claim at any time; if
their agents from the auction.                       under obligation to collect all items within the      he claims compensation due to non-fulfilment,
                                                     set time of 3 working days after acceptance of        the fulfilment claim will extinguish.
4. The bidder shall be bound by his bid, while       the bid. Dismantling and removal of all items
the auctioneer is able to accept a bid subject       purchased at the auction shall be performed           12. The place of execution and adjudication
to the seller’s consent. The auctioneer reserves     within the fixed period, which is on Monday to        shall be Düsseldorf, as the auctioneer’s place
the right to query individual bids or to request     Thursday between 08.00 a.m. and 04.00 p.m.            of business if the buyer at auction is a regis-
that potential buyers make bids. Potential           and on Friday between 08.00 a.m. and 02.00            tered trader, a legal entity under public law, or
buyers, who are not present at the auction,          p.m. In this respect the buyer’s attention is         special assets under public law. insofar as the
can enter a written bid. Written bids can only       once again expressly drawn to the transferral         contractor is a salesman within the meaning of
be accepted, if they reach the auctioneer at         of risk arising from the stipulations contained       the German Commercial Code. The preceding
least one day before the auction starts and          in Number 5 of these general terms and con-           stipulation relating to the place of jurisdiction
are accompanied by a bank-confirmed check            ditions of auction. The costs of dismantling          shall also apply to legal actions concerning
for the amount of the bid. The highest bidder        and transporting the auctioned items shall be         cheques and bills of exchange, as well as
will win the auction if no higher bid has been       borne by the purchaser and shall take place at        to those bidders/purchasers whose place of
placed even after three calls have been made.        his own risk. Costs and risks arising from the        residence or place of business is located in
The level of any necessary minimum bid (the          dismantling and removal of all items purchased        a foreign country. All legal relationships aris-
reserve price) shall be set by the auctioneer        at the auction shall be borne by the buyer. The       ing from the auction shall be subject to the
at his own free decision. The auctioneer can         purchaser shall be legally obliged to accept          laws of Federal Republic of Germany, to the
reject any bid without having to state the rea-      all auctioned items. If the buyer fails to collect    exclusion of international civil law excluding
son and also accept a bid subject to the sell-       the goods within the set time he shall bear any       the United Nations Convention on Contracts
er’s consent. In this case, the bidder shall be      resultant costs.                                      for the International Sale of Goods of 11 April
bound by his bid for three weeks. Should the                                                               1990.
bidder not receive unconditional acceptance of       10. The stay on the auction/inspection terrain
his bid within this period of time, then his bid     during the full transaction period is at own risk.    13. Should a regulation contained in the above
shall expire. Without prejudice to this stipula-     Smoking is strictly forbidden. The instructions       auction provision be or become invalid or inex-
tion, any bid may be rejected for unspecified        from the IndustrieWert GmbH employees must            ecutable for whatsoever reasons, the validity of
reasons and acceptance of the bid refused.           be heeded.                                            the remaining provisions shall not be affected,
In this case the bid made directly beforehand                                                              in as far as they remain meaningful. Invalid
shall remain valid and binding. Where any            11. If the auction-buyer seriously and finally        or inexecutable provisions are to be replaced
doubts exist relating to the validity of the high-   refuses acceptance and/or payment or is in            by valid or executable provisions which cor-
est bid, in particular if the person making the      default with payment of the purchase price, the       respond with the obvious or presumed inten-
highest bid does not wish to have it accepted,       auctioneer may, at his choice in case that the        tions of the parties, and which represent an
or if a doubt exists relating to the awarding of     additional respite of the refering reminder has       appropriate regulation.
the bid, the auctioneer may put the item to be       been effectlessly elapsed, demand fulfilment

                                                                                        Mistakes and misprint reserved. · 保留出现疏漏和印刷错误的权利。
                                                          INDUSTRIEWERT GMBH
                                                          Louise-Dumont-Straße 25
                                                          D-40211 Düsseldorf
                                                          Tel. +49(0)211-159776-0
                                                          Fax +49(0)211-159776-10

                                                          coming from Berlin (Airport Tegel):

                                                          Autobahn A11 to Hamburg / Reinickendorf for approx. 19,6 km.
                                                          At junction Autobahnkreuz Oranienburg (1) follow the Autobahn
                                                          A10 to Frankfurt (Oder) / Prenzlau for approx. 30 km. Follow
                                                          the Autobahn A11 for approx. 30 km. Leave the Autobahn A11
                                                          at AS Finowfurt (12) to Eberswalde / Liebenwalde for approx.
                                                          400 m. Turn right to B167 (Marienwerderstraße) for approx. 4,6
                                                          km. Turn left to Altenhofer Straße for approx. 1 km. Turn right
                                                          to Mühlenstraße.




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Altenhofer Dorfstr. 41, D – 16244 Schorfheide   
Tel.: +49 / (3) 33 63 / 5 24 26
distance: ca. 7,7 km

Hotel-restaurant Auberge
Magistrale 1, D – 16244 Schorfheide - Finowfurt
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