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					                                     CITY OF LOS ANGELES
   WINNETKA                                    CALIFORNIA                  WINNETKA
 NEIGHBORHOOD                                                            NEIGHBORHOOD
COUNCIL OFFICERS                                                            COUNCIL
                                                                                Mailing Address:
                                                                            C/O Jacque H. Lamishaw
        Jacque H. Lamishaw                                                 6263 Van Nuys Blvd.
                                                                         Van Nuys, CA 91401-2711
        VICE-PRESIDENT                                                    TELEPHONE: 818-781-0016
         Kenneth Molock
                                                                             FAX: 818-781-0016
           J.J. Popowich                                    


To:                          Council Members, Public

From:                        J.J. Popowich, Secretary

Date:                        March 10, 2004

Subject:                     Meeting Minutes for 03/09/04

Council members in attendance were:

Jacque Lamishaw               Ken Molock            JJ Popowich           Armineh Chelebian
Marilyn Robinson              Dwight Burgess        Wayne Schulte

   1. Pledge of Allegiance

   2. Meeting called to order at 6:30 PM, by Robert Lamishaw acting as interim facilitator.

   3. Officers sworn in by D.O.N.E. representative Manuel Durazo.

   4. Election of officers conducted by Robert Lamishaw.

              o Nominations for the office of President were as follows:
                   Jacque Lamishaw, self nominated.
                   Ken Molock nominated by Armineh Chelebian.
                   Armineh Chelebian nominated by Dwight Burgess.
                   First vote held resulted in no majority vote. The highest vote was for Ms.
                     Lamishaw, with Mr. Molock and Ms. Chelebian tied for second highest.
                   A run off vote was conducted to see who would run against Ms.
                   A run off vote was held and resulted in Ms. Lamishaw being elected
                     President for a one year term.

              o Nominations for the office of Vice President were as follows:
                   Ken Molock, nominated by JJ Popowich.
                   Armineh Chelebian nominated by Wayne Schulte.
                   Mr. Molock is elected Vice President for a one year term.
       o Nominations for the office of Secretary were as follows:
            JJ Popowich.
            No opposing nominations.
            Mr. Popowich is elected to the office of Secretary for a term of one year
              by unanimous vote.

       o Nominations for the office of Treasure are as follows:
            Armineh Chelebian is nominated, but refuses the nomination.
            Wayne Schulte is nominated, but refuses the nomination at this time due
              to business commitments. Mr. Schulte reserves the right to run in the
              future if no other candidates are found.
            At this time no Treasurer is elected since no one is willing to run for the
              position. The position will be up for nomination once the additional board
              members are appointed.
            Mr. Durazo advised the board that until we elect a Treasurer we can not
              receive the funds designated for this council.

5. Mr. Popowich suggested to the Board that we issue a public thank you to Robert
   Lamishaw for steering the Formation Committee through the process of getting the
   Council approved and then through our elections. Mr. Lamishaw served as the meeting
   facilitator throughout the process. Everyone agreed and a letter of thanks will be issued
   at future date.

6. Cingular presentation regarding a proposal to locate a wireless antenna at 20327 Saticoy
       o No representative.
       o No action taken.

7. Viacom presentation regarding their plans to place new / upgraded benches at some
   Winnetka bus stops.

       o Viacom represented by Cameron Gonzalez.
       o Viacom has a 20 year contract with the city of Los Angeles to place and maintain
         approximately 1200-1300 bus stop benches or pavilions. The city receives a fee
         for each location, while Viacom receives any advertising revenue generated by
         the benches or the pavilions. The contract stipulates that half of the fees received
         by the City are placed in the General Fund, while xxx percentage is dedicated to
         Street Scapes. Per Mr. Gonzalez, Street Scapes is a fund set aside for the local
         neighborhoods to use to beautify their streets.
       o Each council district gets about 80 sites. Nine of the sites within Council District
         have been proposed in a package that was made available to those in attendance.
       o Site placement is determined as follows:
              40% of the sites are designated by the City.
              35% of the sites are designated by Viacom.
              25% of the sites are nominated by the Neighborhood Councils via their
                 City Council representative.
              All sites are approved by the Bureau of Street Services.
       o Viacom is responsible for all maintenance and trash services.
       o Mr. Gonzalez stressed that Viacom is not affiliated with Viacom Outdoors which
         owns many of the billboard signs.
       o Mr. Gonzalez also raised a concern that he shares about how the city is
         conducting itself. According to Mr. Gonzalez the city has not followed through on
         determining the full number of placement locations that it is required to per the
         contract each year and has had to pay back a portion of the fees paid by Viacom
         to compensate for not approving the full complement of placement locations. He
         stated he can’t understand why the city, who is in a budget crisis, allows this to
       o Mr. Gonzalez is requesting that the Board review and submit resolutions for
         approval to our City Council
       o Question: Mr. Schulte asked who handless the Street Scapes funds and how can
         WNC tap into these funds?
       o Answer: The fund is managed by the Bureau of Street Services which can be
         reached at 213-847-5139.
       o Question: Armineh inquired how we will receive material provided prior to the
         meetings so that the Board members have enough time to review the information.
       o Answer: Mr. Popowich answered stating that in the future items will be submitted
         to the Secretary for dissemination among the Board.
       o No action was taken at this time. The items were tabled so that the Council
         members could review the material. Discussion will be placed on the next agenda
         at which time action may or may not be taken.

8. Ms. Amy Jones, from the Department of Public Works provided a brief explanation of
   the “Waste Water Management Project Phase II” project, otherwise known as the
   Integrated Resources Plan. This project is to create a plan for all water treatment
   beginning in 2020. Water treatment includes waste water, recycled and storm water
   runoff. Ms. Jones commented that this is the first time the City has looked at all three
   aspects of water treatment.

   The council and public are invited to attend any of several planning discussions and
   presentations around the City. She was able to distribute some flyers. Actual dates and
   times will be posted on the WNC website as well as sent via email.


       o Approval of minutes for 02/17/04 Formation Committee meeting.


       o Several members expressed the need to continued outreach to attract new
         members and to gain nominees for the remaining board positions.

       o Marilyn Robinson announced that the pastor at St. Josephs has agreed to allow us
         to give four presentations to different groups within the church. In addition we
         will be given a table at their spring fair.

       o Mr. Molock asked the Board members to think of different places to publish our
         meeting agendas in addition to he places listed it the by-laws. A suggestion was
         made to post one in Jon’s Market on Roscoe.

       o Ms. Lamishaw also announced tentative plans to look into teaming up with the
         Winnetka Chamber Of Commerce on a community newsletter.
     o Ms. Lamishaw announced that we would have three more presentations on the
       agenda for next meeting.


     o N/A


     o Michael Cortez, a representative from Senator Alarcon’s office congratulated the
       Board on its election.
     o Mr. Cortez expressed Senator Alarcon’s support for the council process and
       Winnetka and assured us that his office is available to work with us on issues of
       importance to our community.


     o Alycia Seaman from Senator Levine’s office would like us to consider AB1798 -
       Street Parking Ordinance Bill This bill would allow the local city to set parking
       regulations for non-motor vehicles. Currently this falls under the jurisdiction of
       state law. The Assemblyman is requesting that we consider passing a resolution in
       support for this bill.

     o Ms. Seaman will forward the text of the AB1798 to Mr. Popowich for
       dissemination for to the Board, and posting on the Council’s website.

     o Action on this item has been postponed until a later date.


     o John Bwarie, South Valley Area Director, Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Operations ,
       congratulated the Board on its election.

     o Mr. Bwarie, announced that the Mayor has established a council of NC
       representatives (two from each elected Council at the time) to work with the
       Mayor on establishing priorities for his budget proposal. He pointed out that
       Winnetka is included in the Southwest Valley district and that district has voiced
       a different set of priorities then the rest of Los Angeles. The main priorities so far
       are street resurfacing, public safety, and tree and sidewalk services.

     o The next meeting is scheduled for April 29th, and would be a good opportunity for
       the WNC to learn how to have a more active voice in the budget process.


     o Elaine Pfefferman, representing Councilman Smith, congratulated the Board on
       its election.

     o Ms. Pfefferman announced an upcoming seminar titled “Getting Down to
       Business.” This will be a breakfast roundtable with Councilman Smith to discuss
          various economic programs and ideas to help businesses in Los Angeles. The
          meeting will be March 25, 2004 from 8 AM. to 10 AM at, at the Granada Hills
          Recreation Center. The item will be added to the calendar on the Council’s web

       o Ms. Pfefferman announced that the councilman recently held a Budget Basics
         workshop. She explained that many councils attended and learned how the City
         budget was created and managed.

       o It was also announced that the City Council will be holding their regular meeting
         in various parts of the city as a way to bring government to the citizens. A
         schedule of the meetings will be available on the WNC website.

      o Marisol Espinoza, representing Councilman Zine, congratulated the Board on its

       o Ms. Espinoza announced that Dennis Zine will attend at a later date, at which time
         he would provide his $20,000.00 check to the Council.

       o Ms. Espinoza reminded us of Councilman Zine’s P.O.S.S.E (People Organized
         for a Safe, Secure, Environment.


       o A member of the public in attendance voiced concern that there is not enough
         outreach being done to let the public know the WNC exists. In fact, she didn’t
         know until she saw an election flyer. Several Board members briefly described
         what had been done up to this point and committed again that the Board would
         continue its outreach efforts.

       o A few council members requested we set some rules about how the council will
         be run and Bob Basch recommended that we form an Ad Hoc Committee to deal
         with setting up Board Rules. Ms. Lamishaw agreed and appointed Mr. Basch as
         the Council’s Parliamentarian. She also established the Committee and asked Mr.
         Basch to chair the committee and asked interested Council members to volunteer
         to serve on this committee. The Committee members are as follows:
              Bob Basch, Chair
              Dwight Burgess
              Armineh Chelebian
              Ken Molock
              Marilyn Robinson

       o Mr. Basch also raised a concern about what constitutes a quorum. A discussion
         ensued and was eventually tabled so that we can get further guidance from
         D.O.N.E. on how we should interpret the by-laws.

       o Ms. Chelebian recommended that we all take time to read the by-laws which she
         admitted she had not done herself in detail, as well as the Brown Act. All agreed
         that it was a good time to read or re-read these two documents and committed to
         do so before the next meeting.
o Ms. Lamishaw requested that the Board publicly recognize Susan Basler, Director
  of the Valley Village, for her donation of the meeting area each month and her
  continued and very active support during the formation process. Everyone agreed
  that she is very deserving of our thanks and recognition. The Board will issue a
  letter of thanks in the near future.

o Ms. Lamishaw reminded the public in attendance of the wealth of information
  available to the public in Councilman Zine’s Office. She briefly touched on the
  P.O.S.S.E. program as well. She also announced the Tip-A-Cop program that is
  coming up. Details will be posted on the web site.

o Ms. Lamishaw also announced to the Board that she has obtained a CD from the
  City entitled Neighborhood Council Planning Basics. The CD discusses how to
  deal with the various city land use planning agencies. She will make a copy
  available for all Board members.

o Mr. Durazo announced that he has secured the OK to use Sutter Middle Schools
  auditorium as a future meeting place if the Council is interested. There is a
  concern about the available space at Valley Village, as well as acoustic issues,
  and the fact that future meetings may run late and become an inconvenience to
  Ms. Basler who actually has to travel to Ventura County to get home. Mr. Durazo
  will be given time on the next meeting’s agenda to discuss this with the Board.

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