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     Combination and Augmentation
  Strategies for Residual and Refractory
       Symptoms in Schizophrenia
PRESENTER:     Christoph U Correll MD
               Medical Director, Recognition and Prevention (RAP)
               Zucker Hillside Hospital Glen Oaks, NY
               Associate Professor of Psychiatry
               Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine
               Hempstead, NY

DATE & TIME:   Friday, October 26th 2012
               12:00: 13:00 hrs. Start time 12:00, 15 minute
               sign in time (11:45)

OBJECTIVES:    At the end of this presentation, participants will
               be able to:
                    Review the strategies for the assessment of
                      residual and refractory symptoms in patients
                      with schizophrenia
                    Summarize the evidence base of the efficacy
                      of combination and augmentation strategies
                      in schizophrenia
                    Appreciate the safety and tolerability of
                      combination and augmentation strategies in
               Christophe U Correll MD is associate professor of
               psychiatry and molecular medicine at Hofstra North
               Shore School of Medicine and adjunct associate
               professor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.
               He is also the medical director of the Recognition
               and Prevention (RAP) program at the Zucker Hillside
               Hospital, also in New York. His research and clinical
               work focus on identification and management of
               youths and adults with severe psychiatric disorders,
               especially schizophrenia and affective disorders
               using psychopharmacology, neuro-imaging,
               metanalyses, neurocognition, genetics and
               molecular biology. Dr Correll has authored over 150
               articles and has served on several expert consensus
               panels on use of antipsychotics across a range of
               psychiatric disorders.

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