Endangered Species Presentation Project Description by IA9WdI8


									                      Endangered Species Presentation Project

Objective: Students will create a Powerpoint presentation that clearly and
effectively describes the challenges of a particular endangered species.

[This project follows lessons on how species become endangered and the role that
humans play in endangering and protecting the species. Students will already have
gained some skills in creating a Powerpoint presentation with other topics.]


   o Computer with internet access and Microsoft Powerpoint (some students
     may be familiar with and prefer to create their presentation using

   o Grading rubric


I. Present Powerpoint example to students. Students will determine the strengths
and weaknesses of the presentation using the grading rubric. Discuss responses as
well as suggestions for improvements that could be made. Students should keep
this in mind while creating their own presentation.

II. Allow students to research and select an endangered species that they are
interested in. Once students have selected their species they should begin their
initial research to answer the following:

       1. Why is the species endangered?

       2. Where in the world does the species live?

       3. Describe the habitat of the species.

       4. Which human activities have affected the species in the past and now?

       5. How will other organisms in the ecosystem be affected by the absence of
       the endangered species?

       6. Why should the species be protected?

       7. How can humans help protect the species?

       8. Describe laws that have been created for their protection.

III. Teacher should set up a computer with a projector to show students how to:
   o Name and save a presentation
   o Select an appropriate slide layout

   o Copy and save an image from the internet in a folder

   o Use an image as a background

   o Insert image by dragging onto slides from a webpage

   o Insert text

The teacher should allow sufficient class time for students to work individually
while circulating the room and providing guidance and addressing any issues with
these skills.

IV. Depending on time availability teachers can either have volunteers present or
make it mandatory for all students to present. To ensure that students pay attention
to presentations the teacher could design a test or quiz with questions taken
directly from the presentations. The test or quiz should be announced prior to the
start of presentations.

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