BLESS ME, ULTIMA – PRESENTATION PROJECT

Teacher your classmates of the crucial background information they need in order to understand Rudolfo
Anaya’s Bless Me, Última. Learn from your classmates’ lesson on other topics.

      Decide whether or not you will work alone or with a partner.
      If you choose a partner, you will be expected to have balanced and clear roles and include a written component of at least
       5 paragraphs.
      Research your topic in order to create a 3 – 5 minute visual presentation to your classmates.
      You will also include a written component. The written component should be free of errors (spelling and grammar) and
       should explain your topic in no less than 3 paragraphs. (with partner, 5 paragraphs)


   1. Virgin of Guadalupe – Who is she and why is she so revered? How did the Church’s recognition on her
       appearance to Juan Diego play a critical role in the fusing of the country’s indigenous Mayan and Aztec cultures with the
       Euro-Christian culture brought in by the Spanish conquistadors?
   2. Curandera/curanderismo: Herbal Medicine and Natural Healers in Mexican and Native American
      Culture – What is the role of the curandera in Mexican-American society? Why do some people see the curandera as a
      bruja or witch? What do they do with newborns? (helpful sites:;
   3. Paganism – What is it? What tare the beliefs? How do they worship? Are pagans witches? (helpful site:
   4. Witches/Witchcraft – American attitudes to witches – Salem Witch Trials – How does society react to them? Are
       there good and bad witches?
   5. Native American Spiritual Beliefs – importance of amulets, earth speaking to a person
   6. La Llorona and La Malinche (Mexican Legend) – How are they connected?
   7. Rudolfo Anaya – What events and circumstances in Anaya’s life influenced his writing, and how do these influences
        reveal themselves in Bless Me, Ultima? What does Anaya say about his own loss of faith? Why has Bless Me, Ultima
        been banned in some schools? Read Anaya’s “Take the Tortillas out of Your Poetry”
   8. Chicano: What is “Chicano”? What does it mean to Anaya? Read Anaya’s “An American Chicano in King Arthur’s
   9. Sigmund Freud’s theory of interpretation of dreams (helpful site:
   10. PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome – What is it? Who gets it?
   11. Spanish History in New Mexico – Conquistadors in New Mexico – Francisco Coronado
                   What were the conflicts with the native peoples in the area and the development of Hispanic
   12. Duties and Traditions of Farmers & Vaqueros in New Mexico – Comparing and contrasting the
        lifestyle & values of each.

   DO’s and DO NOTS
     Do not use Wikipedia
     Do not plagiarize
     Do use citations
The following criteria will be used to rate your presentation from 1 (week) to 4 (strong):
     Style: effective speaking, volume, inflection, eye contact
     Subject knowledge: demonstrates full knowledge by answering all class questions with explanations and
     Organization: presents information in logical, interesting sequence which audience can follow
     Mechanics: presentation ha sno misspellings or grammatical errors
     Graphics: original, attractive, and well designed
     Written component:
    * minimum of 3 paragraphs to be handed in
    * free of errors
    * cite sources
    * information is organized with well-constructed paragraphs content follows a logical sequence which adds clarity

Projects due: November 2, 2012

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