Esperanza Rising PowerPoint Rubric by QDfDdCZ


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                                                                                                                                            Date: ____________

                                          Esperanza Rising PowerPoint Rubric
Criteria                             Poor                Beginning               Developing           Accomplished                  Exemplary           Total
                                       0                     2                         4                   6                             8
Title                        Presentation has no                            Title is present, but                           Title is present and
                             title                                          not visible                                     visible
Standard                     Presentation has no    Standard is only        Slide states            Standard # is           Standard # is visible
                             standard               present on 1 slide      Standard or # is        visible and             and description is
                                                                            present, but not both   description is          present and rewritten in
                                                                                                    present but is not      student’s own words on
                                                                                                    rewritten in            all slides.
                                                                                                    student’s own
                                                                                                    words on all slides.
Analysis/Understanding       Analysis does not      Demonstrates            Attempts to cover       Appropriately           Creatively and
                             adhere to the          limited awareness of    the standard. Has at    covers the topics in    completely addresses
                             standard               Standard and lacks      least one example       the standard and        all aspects of the
                                                    evidence from the       from the text.          uses at least 2         standard and provides 3
                                                    text                                            examples from the       examples from the text
Technical Aspects &          There is no            Lacks appeal in         Somewhat                Acceptable in style     Highly appealing in
Overall Presentation         animation or picture   presentation and has    acceptable in style     and presentation        style and presentation
                                                    only 1 animated         and presentation.       quality. Has at least   quality. Has at least 4
                                                    element.                Has at least 2          3 animated              animated elements & a
                                                                            animated elements.      elements & a            picture.
Conventions and structures   There are numerous     Contains no variety     Contains some           Contains some           Contains some variety
                             errors in sentence     in sentence structure   variety in sentence     variety in sentence     in sentence structure
                             structure and          and has numerous        structure, but is not   structure and at        and at least 2 structural
                             spelling               spelling errors         pointed out in          least 1 structural      elements are pointed
                                                                            presentation. Has a     element is pointed      out during the
                                                                            few spelling errors     out during the          presentation. Has no
                                                                                                    presentation. Has 1     spelling errors
                                                                                                    or 2 spelling errors
Group title slide = 2pts     Title slide w/students names listed in order
Works Cited= 3pts            Works Cited Slide w/ all outside research sited. Should also include novel information.
Overall Total = 45pts

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