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									PKM Maba for PIMNAS 2013
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Technical Meeting of PKM Maba UB 2012

Again, Universitas Brawijaya is active toward National Student Science Week (PIMNAS).
One of its activity is to hold Student Creativity Program for Freshmen (PKM Maba) where the
final is on this month, Saturday (25/2). This final will deliver the presentation of 325 groups
which are devided into 13 classess. Those number is the result of selection from 483
proposals which are proposed by faculties.

During Technical Meeting (TM) which is held this noon on Friday (10/2), The Expert Staff of
Vice Rector III, Prof. Abdul Hakim stated, Engineering Faculty (FT) is a faculty with the most
proposals which proposed 74 proposals. It means that FT defeats the domination of FTP
which becomes the most proposals proposer for two years respectively with the difference of
two proposals.

Stated by Abdul Hakim, who is also a lecturer in Faculty of Administration Science, the six
kinds of proposal are PKMP, PKMM, PKMK,PKMT,PKMKC, and PKM GT. There are two
kinds of competition which are canceled, they are PKMT and PKMKC. “We cancel
two kinds of competition because the number of participants is not fullfiled,” he said.

According to PIMNAS, the minimum participants of one kind of competition is 25 proposals.
While the proposal number for PKMT is one and five proposals for PKMKC. But, these
proposals still will be sent for the selection of PKM 2013 after having improvement
suggestion from the advisor team.

These two kinds of competition, according to Hakim, becomes the weak point of UB recently
and including this year. ITS which was several months ago held PKM Comparison Study to
UB for its good performance and moslty sent proposals for each kind of competition.

At the end of discussion with advisors (lecturers) and the chief of each group, Hakim stated
that five winners will be taken for every three classes. Than the result will be calculated to
get a faculty who will become the general winner and deserve to get the
Rector’Cup.  For two years respectively, the general winner is Medical Faculty.

For each class, the first winner will receive a cash of 1.5 million rupiahs, the second winner
receives 1 million rupiahs, and the third winner receives 750 thousand rupiahs.  While
the fourth winner will get 600 thousand rupiahs and the fifth winner gets 500 thousand
rupiahs. Other finalists will receive a certificate. In addition, the proposals are sent to attend
the competition of National PKM GT and PKM 2013 after getting the revision from the jury.
[by: Siti Rahma/translated by A. Wicaksono]

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