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									                 WELCOME TO ♥ ♥                                                                        3. Oct. 16 ~ Sewing "Guest Day" Bring salads & desserts

          TOWNLINE MENNONITE CHURCH                                                                    4. Wed. Oct. 17 ~ Service Night at Freeman & Debbie Yoder's new home.
                       Senior Pastor: Mel Eash Ph. 260-593-2768                                        5. Grace Haven fundraiser pizza will be delivered next Sunday, Oct. 21. Please
                     Associate Pastor Dean Yoder Ph. 260-463-5524                                          bring coolers for your pizza, as we are having a fellowship meal.
                    Elders: John Miller, Garrett Martin, Robbie Royal
    Our Mission is to exemplify Christ's love to those we meet in our daily walk; and exalt the name   6. You are invited to register your child for the Mennonite Youth Choir Festival
       of Jesus through teaching His Word, Praying, Singing, Encouragement and Admonition.                 weekend to be held in Goshen, Indiana, on March 2 & 3, 2013. Listen to the
                                            Oct. 14, 2012                                                  choir singing and register online at
                                                                                                           <Http://> or through the festival
Chorister: Ryan Eash
                                                                                                           representative for your church The cost is $28 per child if
Sunday School 9:30 AM                                                                                      registered by October 31, 2012, and $35 if after that date.
“Suffering for Christ's Sake" Acts 5:17-29; 40-42
"Faith Builders" SS Class (Auditorium)"                                                                7. Notice to you if you signed up for to do a calendar page this year ......I would
Services 10 AM                                                                                             like to have them back by the first Sun. of Nov. Sarah
General Offering
                                                                                                       8. We are once again having "Hospitality Evening"...please mark your calenders
Announcements – Ryan Eash                                                                                  for Oct. 28, you can be a host or a guest, if you wonder what such an evening
Worship:                                                                                                   consist of, sign on as a guest, and come see, an evening of sharing, connecting,
                                                                                                           singing and of course, food. The sign up sheet is on the bulletin board. Hope to
Message – Garrett Martin                                                                                   see you there! Sunday Evening Committee
This week: Dean Yoder, Elmer Bylers                                                                    9. Some changes have been made to Wed. eve. & Sun. eve. programs so NEW
Next Week:      John Schmuckers, Robbie Royals                                                             papers are in your boxes today....
Oct. 28: Ernie Hochstetlers, Wayne Yoders
                                                                                                       10. Many Thanks to Everyone that helped clean the Church house, it was greatly
                                                                                                           appreciated... Mary Yoder
Pianist            Jonathan Royal
Offering & Attendance                                                                                  11. The volleyball night is moved from Oct 19th to the 26th due to Grace Haven's
 General Fund:$1,219.00 Children's:$89.00 Pastoral Offering: $445.00                                       pizza fundraiser. It will be at Townline on the 26th and is the last outdoor one
Attendance: 90                                                                                             for the year.

                                                                                                       12. “ Mel & Char, along with a few Royal’s will be in Canada for a seminar this
Birthdays & *Anniversaries                                                                                 week. Prayers for our travel safety would be appreciated! Mel will be bringing
Oct. 14: Dorothy Yoder, Ernie Hochstetler, Jonathan Royal Oct. 15: Garrett Martin Oct.                     the message today in the Kitchener area.”
17: *Elmer & Ruby Byler (49)

Tonight: 6 PM Opening: Menno Mullet, MCC Presentation: Les                                             13. “ One of the small white tables used in the fellowship hall is missing. If
                                                                                                           you’ve borrowed it, please return it asap. Thank you!”
Announcements♦♦                                                                                        14. Communion next Sunday, Oct. 21 ~ bring salads and desserts for noon meal,
       1. Next Sun. eve Oct. 21:                                                                           hot food will be furnished.   Thanks

       2. Oct. 16 - No Women's Fellowship Breakfast ~                                                  15. Benefit Smoked Pork Chop Supper for the Galilean Children's Home Oct. 18
4:00 - 8:00 PM at Topeka Fire Station. Carry-outs will be available.

Dates to Remember
● Oct. 16: Sewing "Guest Day" bring Salads and Desserts
● Oct. 18: Benefit for Galilean Children's Home at Topeka Fire Station
● Oct. 21: Communion & carry in Noon Meal for all the Church
● Oct. 26: Volleyball night at Townline
● Oct 28 ~ "Hospitality Evening"
● Nov, 25 & 26...Transformation Encounter with Luke Kuepfer
● Dec.2 ~ 6 PM "Joint Hymn Sing" at Riverview
Prayer Reminder
♥ Ministers, Elders
♥ Elderly, Widows, Brotherhood @ Townline Church
♥ Our President Obama and his advisers
♥ The upcoming Presidential Election
♥ Calvin Borntrager Family
♥ Don & Marilyn Showalter
♥ Andy & Joy Eversole
♥ Ernie, Joanna, Ethan & Landon
♥ John Schmucker family (the passing of John's sister Ruby)

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