Onsite presentation application form by IA9WdI8


									                                                                                    Enquiries: 3691 8511

Should your school be interested in the onsite presentation on WELNET, please kindly fill in and fax
the reply slip to us.

Attn: Miss Kathy Chan
Fax No.: 3691 8518

                        WELNET Membership 2012-2013 Onsite Presentation
                                         Reply Slip

Our school would like to make an appointment with you to schedule an onsite presentation on
WELNET as follows:

    School Name:

    School Address:

    School Tel:                                       School Fax:

    School Email:

    Principal Name:

    Principal Email:

    Contact Person:                                   Contact No.:

    Contact Email:


    Date of Presentation:

    Time of Presentation:                             Subjects:      English/Chinese/Math/GS/IT
    (About 1 hour)

     Date:                                     Signature of person-in-charge:

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