Christian Icebreakers: Turkey in a Tree

     Turkey in a Tree

    Use this high energy
   game for Thanksgiving

   This is a high energy game
   adapted for the Holiday. All
   that is needed is an open
   space where kids and youth
   can run around.

  Have kids get in groups of
  three. Two of the kids hold
  hands so that there is an open
  space in the middle between
  them, as a hollow tree. The
  remaining participant stands in
  the center between the arms
  and is the “Turkey in a tree”.

   Game Play
   There are three options that
   participants must respond to in
   this game:
   1. If HUNTER is called, all the
   trees remain where they are
   and the turkeys must flee and
   duck into another tree. A tree
   may only contain one turkey.
   The last turkey to find a tree to
   hide in is eliminated from the
   game along with the tree.

   2. If LIGHTNING is called, all
   turkeys remain in their
   positions and the trees must
   change position and partners.
   The last two people to
   position themselves holding
   hands around a turkey are
   eliminated. form is

   3. if EARTHQUAKE is called,
   everyone, both turkeys and
   trees, must change positions
   and find new partners.
   Turkeys can become trees and
   vice-versa as long as there are
   new groups of three. As with
   the other options, the last
   group to

   Continue the game until
   there is only one group
   of three remaining and
   give them a prize.

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Description: Use this high energy game for Thanksgiving fun!