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International Shopping cum Debit Card Central Bank of India


									                       International Shopping cum Debit Card:

                             High Withdrawal & Transaction Limit
                             Convenient Shopping with Loyalty & Rewards.
                             Security on Transactions


International Debit Shopping Card is an effort from Central Bank of India to offer our
customers the best value possible through a debit card. Modern times necessitate that you
need to have access to your money anytime and any where and our International Debit
Shopping Card addresses this need. This Debit Card redefines convenience, apart from
being an ATM Card used for withdrawing cash, it also enables you to shop and make
cashless purchases with attractive offers. You can use the card to make payments at
shops, department stores, restaurants, petrol pumps and many more outlets in India and


International Debit Card is a host of benefits that will enhance your lifestyle and provides
convenience in your banking transactions.
     Worldwide Reach:
        This International Debit Shopping Card is accepted at over 1.9 million ATMs and
        millions of merchant establishments in India and abroad.
     High withdrawal limit & transaction limit:
        You can enjoy shopping transaction limit of Rs. 100000 per day and ATM cash
        withdrawal limit of Rs 40000 per day.
     Online Transactions:
        International Debit Shopping Card can be used online for shopping, booking
        railway or air tickets, paying bills or enjoying movie with your family. This card
        is enabled for online usage with MasterCard secure code providing you an
       additional security of password known only to you for completing online
      Loyalty & Rewards on shopping:
       Card holder can earn & accumulate Anmol Points for all shopping transaction at
       Point of Sale (POS), online & over the phone purchases using your Debit Card.
       With every Rs.100 spent, earn 1 Anmol Point. Register your card
       at and redeem attractive merchandise and
      SMS Protection:
       Cardholder will receive SMS alert on mobile phone every time a purchase is
       made with card. This updates you on all new purchase with your card. If you get
       an alert for purchase that is not yours, report it to our 24 hour customer service
       centre or any branch location. Your card will be blocked and a replacement card
       will be sent to you by the mail.
      Helpline:
       Customer care centre for your convenience, we have set up a Customer Care
       Centre with 1800 200 1911/ 1800 221 622 (toll free from MTNL/BSNL &
       mobile). In case of any clarifications or queries, you can call on this toll free
      3 D Secure Service:
       For the security point of purpose, please register your card at

All savings bank account holders are eligible for this card. Existing customers also can
upgrade themselves by applying for this card at their nearest branches.

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