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									                                October Newsletter

Dear Parents and Pupils,

Everyone has made such a good start to their Prep 6 year. The girls have been
working hard, are focused and enthusiastic. I can see big improvements in
handwriting as everyone tries hard to join their letters neatly. This month, there
will be a handwriting competition to put into practice these important skills.

Topic work on the Vikings is now well underway. The girls have made some
realistic longship models and they have really enjoyed presenting their television
scripts of Viking interviews. We hope to begin creating Viking shield designs in
art soon and to write advertising for Viking houses which we will be making from
card. There will be a Viking themed day coming up towards the end of October,
which I will notify you about when I have confirmed the dates.

Everyone likes to celebrate a birthday. This year we are requesting that if you
plan to send in a birthday cake or cup cakes that you send them on the Friday of
the week that your daughter’s birthday occurs. We appreciate your help in this

I am delighted to let you know about the following appointments:

Prep 6 Councillors:
     Bree Moffett
     Kathryn Polson

All the girls who put themselves forward for the council elections spoke
confidently and had very good ideas for the school. Kathryn and Bree were
elected by their peers following a closely contended class vote.

SNAG Representatives for Prep 6:
    Talia Anderson
    Holly Irwin

P6 Parent Representatives:
      Mrs. Brow
      Mrs. Polson
My thanks go to Mrs Brow and Mrs Polson for volunteering for this job share.
I would also like to thank Mrs Palmer for all her hard work in the previous year.

Finally some dates for your diary:
Week beginning 3rd October: InCAS Testing
Week beginning 24th October: Parent- Teacher Interviews.
28th October: Harvest Sale.

Yours sincerely,
Lyn Coulter [Mrs]

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