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                      LIBS 100: Information Literacy and Research
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                              Literature Review Exercise

Literature Review exercise: You will be searching for books and articles related to your
career. You will need to visit a library and go online to access material.

You will be required to turn in a briefly annotated bibliography, which must include
2 books (entries in reference books are permissible)
2 scholarly (from refereed or juried publications) articles
2 articles from other periodicals (newspapers, magazines, professional journals, etc.)

You will need to use appropriate search tools, library catalogs and electronic databases,
to find these sources. Do not to go back farther than 2003 in these searches.

Finally, you will also describe one search session on a database like Academic Search
Premiere. You can use criteria such as date, search terms used, results, what you did to
get better results such as using limiters or Boolean operators.

Follow the format shown below. In each section, summarize the information found;
evaluate it; and tell how it relates to your search topic.

Assignment Format:

Use the APA Citation Styles In the Bryant and Stratton APA Guide

1. Citation of books . You will need to locate and actually review books. After each
citation, briefly summarize (one paragraph) and evaluate (one paragraph). Attach a
xeroxed cover of the book. Establish a account and add the books there
using the class tag libsspring07 and other descriptive information.
2. Citation of scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles. After each citation, briefly summarize
(one paragraph) and evaluate (one paragraph).
3. Citation of periodicals (popular or professional). After each citation, briefly summarize
(one paragraph), and evaluate (one paragraph).
4. Description of one search session. Describe the search by reviewing what you were
looking for, search terms you used, search strategies (limiters), what you found (in
general, not article-by-article), how many items you found, how well the search matched
your expectations, how current the documents were, and things you would (or did)
change to make your search more fruitful. Three to four paragraphs.

Due Date: Wednesday December 5th, 2007

Point distribution for grading (50 possible):
Citation of books, Xerox and entry (20 points)
Citation of scholarly articles (10 points)
Citation of periodicals (10 points)
Description of search session. (10 points)

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