SAFETY ALERT
          This is NOT an investigation report. It is a WARNING of a significant incident.
        The information below is a preliminary assessment and not a formal investigation.

                                                      Incident       Injury      Property   Process
              ISSUED BY:
                                                                                 Damage      Loss
                    DATE: February 16, 2008
                     TIME: 4:25 pm
 INCIDENT DESCRIPTION: A two man team working from the cage work deck platform in the
                       Shaft having just completed their immediate tasks was preparing
                       to join the other two members of their crew in order to finish the
                       shift end procedures. The employee acting as Cager asked his
                       partner if he was all clear and secured in order to move the
                       conveyance, but neglected to check the second leg of his lanyard
                       which was still secured to a steel member in the shaft. After
                       notifying the Hoistman to move the conveyance up to the Next
                       Station, he was jerked over the top rail when his lanyard came
                       taut landing on the #1 & #5 dividers where he clung to the steel.
                       His partner immediately radioed the Hoistman to stop. Both 6’
                       lanyards were extended to the full extent, the beam strap had 4’ of
                       play, and the top rail of the work deck was deformed
                       approximately 1’, so the total length was close to 24’ with the
                       employee in the middle. His partner initiated emergency
                       procedures and after evaluating him for injuries transported him
                       to the collar where an ambulance was waiting.
DETAILS OF INJURY TYPE: Damaged right knee and bruises to the middle of back and chest
                        where harness was attached.
                             Fatality   Lost-Time     Permanent               Other Potential
 POTENTIAL FOR INJURY:                                 Disability
                                        Potential                      High Potential for Fatality
   PROBABLE IMMEDIATE Failure to use Personal Protective Equipment Properly
       PROBABLE BASIC Mental Capability. Shift change was approaching at 5 pm and
             CAUSES: employee was looking ahead to next task.

 IMMEDIATE CORRECTIVE Procedure reviewed and upgraded with all crews to reflect partner
        ACTION TAKEN: checking cager. Investigation was initiated by Company.
     REQUIRED ACTIONS Review incident with all employees. Discussions are to take place
     FROM OTHER SITES: on all tasks involving 100% Tie-Off requirements.

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