Inspection by m7O491Wc


									                 Preliminary inspection – Raingutter Regatta

Cub Scout: ______________________

_____ 1.     Hull: No longer than 7" or shorter than 6 1/2"

_____ 2.     Mast: 6 1/2" from deck to top

_____ 3.     Keel: Supplied in kit

_____ 4.     Rudder: Supplied in kit

_____ 5.     Sail: No larger than material supplied

_____ 6.     Sail boat made from official the BSA Regatta kit

_____ 7.  Other: Please, make the following changes before the race:

Each sailboat must pass inspection before it may compete. After the boats
are inspected the boys will only be permitted to handle them during the race.
If, at registration, a sailboat does not pass inspection, the boys (and parents)
will be able to make any adjustment needed during the check-in time period.
After final approval, the boats sailboats will not be re-inspected unless the
sailboat is damaged in handling or in a race.

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