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					Product Specifications Domain.com.au
Domain.com.au accepts a variety of IAB standard ad units and offers a range of specific formats as detailed:
Search Results inSearch and Tail ad Dimensions: 520(w) X 70(h) pixels Format: JPG, PNG or Static GIF File size: 25KB Quadrant Advertorial Logo dimensions: 140(w) X 30(h) pixels Logo file size: 8KB Logo must have a transparent background Header: 20 characters (incl. spaces)* Copy: 85 characters (incl. spaces)* Minilink Logo dimensions: Logo file size: Copy:

40(w) X 20(h) pixels 5KB 20 characters (incl. spaces)*

*Copy can not use capitalisation to emphasize. Standard use, such as names, places or brands as registered are acceptable.

Minilink & quadrant ads on domain.com.au

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