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									            Light and Mirrors
Learning Objective:
 Investigate the relationship between the angle of
 incidence and the angle of reflection.

 Starter Activity
     Write down as many uses for
     mirrors as you can.
     Think about mirrors that are used
     at home, in school, at the shops, or
     on the road.
Mirror Image?
•   Ray box
•   Plane mirror
•   Pencil
•   Ruler

I think the angle of reflection will be........
(smaller than/greater than/the same as)
.... the angle of incidence.
                 Light and Mirrors
A flat mirror is called a (plane/plain) mirror.
When a ray of light hits the mirror it is (deflected/reflected)
from it.
You see a reflection in the mirror called an (image/picture).
The image in the mirror is (bigger than/smaller than/the
same size as) the object.
The image appears to be (nearer/further way from/the
same distance from) the mirror as the object.
The ray that hits the mirror is called the
(incident/reflected) ray.
The angle of incidence is (bigger than/equal to/smaller
than) the angle of reflection.

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