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									Big Writing Talk Homework

This term we have been looking at how to write a recount suitable for a newspaper article.
We have been focussing on the story of Little Red Riding Hood; using talk and drama to
develop ideas about the detail of the story and what might have happened afterwards. We
have learned one newspaper article about the woodcutter off by heart and looked at how
all newspaper articles can be planned ready for writing. You might like to ask your child to
tell you the article “Local hero wins medal” – be prepared to be impressed! Using the
framework for planning and writing that we have studied, the children should now be able
to write a newspaper article on any subject.

During the week beginning 14 May the children will be asked to write a newspaper article
about the discovery of something special, for example a rare species of flower or animal, an
unidentified object or a specific treasure. Please would you spend some time talking with
your child about the discovery of their choice and the events surrounding its finding. Your
child should be sure about what the object is, who found it and where, and what is going to
happen as a result of this discovery. Please try to find a suitable time to do this, when your
child is receptive and not too tired. Try to avoid too many distractions, for example make
sure the television is turned off while you are talking.

On the back of this letter you will find some helpful tables to help your child plan their
article and think through the appropriate vocabulary and features that they will need to be
successful in the task. Please note they will not be allowed to bring anything written into
the session, but will be given time to plan the article in class. If they have already done this
at home with you, this will give them an advantage; however it is the talk that is the most
important element of the homework.

Thank you for your support.
Key ingredients for writing effective news articles

Beginning                       Plan your article (box it up) remembering your
                                Think of a punchy headline.
                                Begin with news hook to grab reader’s interest
                                   including: Who? What? When? Why? Where?
                                Read your introduction aloud to see if it sounds good.
Middle                          Add more engaging detail on key story.
                                Include central character detail including a quote.
                                Read your article through so far to see if it sounds
End                             Round your story off possibly with a warning of what
                                   could happen next.
                                Read the whole article through to see if it sounds
News article writing checklist with examples

Plan it – order the      Plan your article (box it up) remembering your audience.
information              Select the most interesting, amusing or astonishing events
logically               to hook your reader.
                         Begin with a news hook to grab the reader’s interest
                        including: Who? What? When? Why? Where?
                         Round off your story possibly with a hint of what could
                        happen next.

Link it – make           Check that you have linked your ideas successfully with
your article fit        connectives or signposts.
together well            Read your article through to see if the sections flow.

Expression – make        Use interesting varied language to keep your reader
your article sound      wanting to read on.
interesting              Check that the detail helps the reader picture what
                         Vary sentence lengths using short ones to make key points

Check it                 Read your writing through, checking it for accuracy.
                        Improve it wherever it does not sound quite right.
                         Does it tell the reader what happened in an interesting and
                        engaging way?

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