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					     The Forest School – GCSE coursework (2012 / 2014)                                    Year 10 From September 2012

Subject        Assignments                      % of GCSE   Length of piece of work              Notes                                                              Deadline                         Completed

Music          Solo Performance                 15%         2-5 minutes                          The solo performance should demonstrate both your technical        Solo and ensemble
Coursework                                                                                       and interpretative ability. Candidates are advised to choose       performances can be
                                                                                                 pieces that are of a suitable grade to access the full range of    recorded throughout the
Started in                                                                                       marks. Backing tracks are permitted BUT the solo line              course. However official
Year 10                                                                                          performed cannot be doubled. The teacher/examiner will also        recordings will be made for-
                                                                                                 need either a copy of the music/tab or an audio recording of the   Solo Performances during the
Completed in                                                                                     original to submit with the recording of the performance.          Summer Term in 2012
Year 11
               Ensemble Performance             15%         2-5 minutes                          The ensemble performance should demonstrate your ability as a      Ensemble Performances: To
                                                                                                 performer within a group and your interpretative                   be recorded at the beginning
                                                                                                 ability/understanding of the genre. Candidates are advised that    of the Spring Term 2013
                                                                                                 the use of backing tracks is NOT allowed for this performance.
                                                                                                 It is the responsibility of the candidate to organise members of   Candidates will be given the
                                                                                                 the group. Please note that non GCSE Music pupils may be           opportunity to submit short
                                                                                                 part of the group performance for this unit. Candidates must       compositional tasks
                                                                                                 make sure that their part is not ‘doubled’ by another performer.   throughout the course

               Composition 1                    15%         Approx 2 ½ minutes                   Candidates will need to submit two compositions. These will be     Final deadline for Composition
                                                                                                 linked to two different Areas of Study. For each composition       1 – End of October half term
                                                                                                 pupils will need to provide                                        2013
                                                                                                 A recording
                                                                                                 A score/print out/commentary

               Composition 2                    15%         Approx 2 ½ minutes                   It is recommended that candidates keep a log of any                Final deadline for Composition
                                                                                                 refinements to their compositions in their A4 composition          2 – February half term 2014

French         Year 10 1 assignment             30%         Speaking assignments: a              Pupils prepare answers to a series of questions (speaking) or an   July 2013
German         In speaking & writing                        conversation lasting between 4 & 6   essay of around 200 words (writing) on a topic such as holidays
Spanish                                                     minutes                              or education

               Year 11 2 assignments in         30%         Writing assignments: an essay of                                                                        December 2013
               speaking & writing                           around 200 words in the target

Drama          2 x written portfolios &         60%         Unit 1 – 2000 word portfolio         The portfolio is based upon the practical work completed in        1st portfolio end of Summer
               workshops                                    Unit 2 – 1000 word portfolio and     exam workshops and a visit to the theatre.                         term Y10
               One review from a theatre trip               2000 word theatre review.                                                                               2nd portfolio end of Autumn
               Performance Exam in front of                                                                                                                         term Y11
               external examiner                40%         Performance in group of 3 or more                                                                       Final performance Easter Y11

History        1 piece of Controlled            25%         Approx 2000 words in total.          The Controlled Assessment will be based on a theme in history       The current Year 10 & 11 (as
               Assessment (Coursework is                                                         connected to the Russian Revolution. Pupils will study the          of Sept 2012) will start this
               no longer part of the GCSE)                                                       history of Russia from 1900-1939 and will be asked to complete      controlled assessment in the
                                                                                                 their essay based on the knowledge they have acquired and           Autumn Term 2012. It is
                                                                                                 also based on a set of pre-written sources they have been           expected this will be
                                                                                                 given. The work will be undertaken in class and will be assessed    completed by the October
                                                                                                 internally by the school before being assessed externally by the    half-term break 2012.
                                                                                                                                                                    Y10 2012 Coursework Planner
                                                                                          OCR Exam Board.

Art and     Unit 1                                 Unit 1                                 IClasswork and Independent Learning are used to ensure that           Unit 1
Design      1.Foundation skills based              Development of skills shown through    skills are fully developed and covered. Vital that Art journals are   Foundation skills
            project                          60%   an Art journal/portfolio ;             kept safe and handed in once the units are completed                  2-d Dec Yr10
            2.Development of skills and            Development, research, materials       Students are advised that they have appropriate Art materials at      3-d April Yr10
            abilities in chosen unit               and techniques, progression, artist    home to enable them to fully develop their skills and abilities       Own choice
                                                   research and final outcome             further.                                                              Dec Yr11
            Unit 2                           40%
            Externally set exam                    Unit 2                                                                                                       Unit 2
                                                   As above over a shorter time span                                                                            External exam
                                                                                                                                                                Paper given January Yr11
                                                                                                                                                                Exam March

                                                                                                                                                                Exhibition March/April Yr11

Geography   1.The Enquiry:                   15%   c. 1500 words                          Controlled Assessment (replacing coursework)                          The Enquiry: June/July 2013
            The diversity and range of             (+ graphs / illustrations)
            service provision is variable                                                 Research Phase – Enquiry: 1 day fieldwork                             The Enquiry: Sept/Oct 2013
            (based on fieldwork).                                                                          Enquiry & Issue: 5 hours class time +
            Chichester – has the                                                                                            Independent Learning
            characteristics of a major
            shopping centre                                                               During this time, candidates should:

            2. The Issue:                    10%   Essay or newspaper article.                     investigate the question or hypothesis that forms the
            An issue concerning economic                                                            AQA task
            activity and how it may impact                                                         develop lines of enquiry
            on the Environment.                                                                    plan their work
            Three Gorges Dam –                                                                     select, use and evaluate appropriate sources and
            Triumph or Disaster?                                                                    methodologies
                                                                                                   acquire information, arguments and interpretations
                                                                                                   identify connections, patterns and trends
                                                                                                   evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the
                                                                                                    information, sources, arguments and interpretations,
                                                                                                    as appropriate to the question or hypothesis
                                                                                                   draw conclusions in response to the question or
                                                                                                   produce a bibliography

                                                                                          Candidates should create a file of work carried out during this
                                                                                          phase and they will be allowed to use this research material (in
                                                                                          paper form) in the final presentation phase. Feedback & support
                                                                                          IS allowed during this phase.

                                                                                          Write-up Phase – Enquiry: 8 hours class time
                                                                                                           Issue: 5 hours class time

                                                                                          The research material must be handed in with the candidate’s
                                                                                          work. Feedback to pupils is NOT allowed during this
                                                                                          presentation stage.

                                                                                                                                                                Y10 2012 Coursework Planner
                                                                                                      All materials are collected at the end of each lesson & kept
                                                                                                      under secure conditions and returned to candidates at the
                                                                                                      beginning of the next session. Candidates may not bring any
                                                                                                      new materials into the room once this phase has started.

English        Edexcel Language unit 1. –       20% (Lang)   Pupils are thoroughly prepared for        Controlled Assessments have taken the place of traditional
Year 10        English Today – this scheme                   each Controlled Assessment during          coursework. Students will be taught the skills required to
Edexcel        of work focuses on reading                    their lessons. Pupils will be well         respond to pre released non fiction texts and responses will
GCSE in        and writing skills based on                   informed of the tasks and given strict     be written under timed controlled conditions in school.
English        non-fiction texts.                            time frames to work to. Pupils are        Speaking and Listening assessments will be carried out by
Language       To be written under controlled                allowed to take in supporting notes        class teachers, marks recorded will go forward towards final
(2EN01) and    assessment conditions in                      that have been structured through          GCSE grades.
Edexcel        school (Autumn Term 1 2012)                   bullet points (Please note:               It is the responsibility of all pupils to complete Independent
GCSE English                                                 continuous prose is not allowed            Learning and hand it in on time as all IL will be linked to
Literature                                                   including complete drafts.)                controlled assessments and final examinations.
(2ET01)        Edexcel Literature unit 3        10% (Lit)
               Contemporary Drama – For                      Controlled Assessments are up to 2       Please note: There will be no external English GCSE Language
               Controlled Assessment                         hours long and pupils are expected       or English Literature exams for Yr 10 in the summer of 2013.
               Autumn 2/Spring 1 2012/13                     to write approximately 1,000 words.

               English Literature Unit 3        10% (Lang)
               Shakespeare – Controlled
               Assessment Spring 1 2013

               Edexcel English Language
               Unit 3                           10% (Lang)
               Writing for the spoken voice
               Controlled Assessment-
               Spring 2/ Summer 1 2013

               Edexcel English Language
               Unit 3
               Spoken Language study –          20% (Lang)
               Controlled Assessment
               Summer 2 2013

               Speaking and Listening.
               3 assessments will be carried
                       Interacting and
                       Creating and
                        sustaining roles
                       Communicating and
                        adapting language

                                                                                                                                                                         Y10 2012 Coursework Planner
English        Preparation for external                         Pupils are thoroughly prepared for        It is the responsibility of all pupils to complete Independent
Year 11        examination units to be taken                    each external examination during           Learning and hand it in on time as all IL will be linked to final
Edexcel        in January 2014                                  their lessons. Pupils will be well         examinations.
GCSE in                                                         informed of the tasks and given strict
English                                                         time frames to work to. Pupils are
Language                                                        not allowed to take in supporting
(2EN01) and                                                     notes however; they will have clean
Edexcel        English Literature Unit 2 –                      copies of the set texts during
GCSE English   Understanding Poetry –                           examination.
Literature     External examination January    20% (Lit)
(2ET01)        2014                                             External examinations are up 1 hour
                                                                and 45 minutes long.

               English Language Unit 2 –
                                               40% (Lang)
               The Writers Voice – external
               examination in January 2014

               English Literature Unit 1 –
                                               60% (Lit)
               Prose Study – External
               examination in Summer 2014

               Resit opportunities for :
               English Literature Unit 2 –
               Understanding Poetry –
               English Language Unit 2 –
               The Writers Voice – External
               examinations in Summer 2014

Maths          No Coursework                   N/A              N/A                                      N/A                                                                   N/A
X1, , Y1, Y2   Data Handling Task Yr11         25%              3 Weeks                                  Completed in early February as controlled assessment                  Easter Holidays in Yr 11
AQA Further
Maths          No Coursework Year 11           N/A              N/A                                      N/A                                                                   N/A

Unit 1         Written Exam                    80 Marks20%      1 ½ hours                                                                                                      June 2013
                                               of GCSE

Engineering                                    30% GCSE
Unit 2                                         Project folder

               Section A                       5 marks                                                   Design brief, specification customer feedback research                End of September 2013         Final
               Section B                       8 marks                                                   Sketches of ideas, notes, CAD Drawings, justification of design       End of October 2013
                                                                                                                                                                                                             April 2011
               Section C                       12 marks                                                  3D model (virtual) engineering drawings                               End of November 2013

               Section D                       6 marks                                                   Testing against brief

                                                                                                                                                                               Y10 2012 Coursework Planner
               Section E               5 marks                                                 Reasons for choice                                                End of December 2013

               Section F               5 marks                                                 Production plan
                                                                                                                                                                 End of January 2014
               Section G               5 marks                                                 Test materials

               Section H               5 marks                                                 Make design

               Section I               18 marks                                                Test design                                                       End may 2014

               Section J               5 marks                                                 Manufacturing methods, costs, real world engineering

               Section K               6 marks                                                 Presentation to customer                                          All end April 2014

               Section L               9 marks                                                 Review/Improve coursework

Product        Unit 1                  30%             40 hours                                A551 Unit 1 – Developing and Applying Design Skills               End of October 2013

               Unit 2                  20%             6 hours                                 A552 Unit 2 - Designing and Making -6 hour (2x3hr) practical      January 2014

Hospitality    Controlled Assessment                                                           Year 10 is devoted mainly to the fundamentals of cooking with
and Catering                                                                                   catering theory and management, including an understanding of
               Task 1                                                                          the service industry in practice. The focus is on the customer.

                                       20% of          15 hour project                         Research      8 hours
                                       overall marks   To produce 4 restaurant dishes from
                                                       a choice of specified basic             Planning   2 hours in controlled conditions
                                                       ingredients e.g. dairy products.                                                                          To be completed by July
                                                                                               Making        3 hours in controlled conditions                    2013

                                                                                               Evaluation 2 hours in controlled conditions

Materials      Controlled Assessment   60% of          40 hour project started in Year 10 to   Year 10 is dedicated to teaching the skills needed to complete    March 2014
                                       GCSE            continue through Year 11.               the Controlled Assessment to a high standard.

                                                                                                                                                                 Y10 2012 Coursework Planner
Science:         In Year 10 pupils will be
                 following the New
                 Specification for Science

Core Science     Three module tests:                  3 x 25% per      The three module tests are marked externally and will contain         10X4 to complete the BTEC
                 B1, C1 and P1                        module test      long answer questions.                                                over Year 10 and then the
                                                                                                                                             Core GCSE during Year 11.

                 One practical assessment             25% Practical    The practical assessment (ISA’s) is internally assessed and           10X2, X3, Y3, and Y4 will
                 (ISAs) to be carried out             Ass.             consists of elements of planning an investigation as well as          complete the three unit 1
                 during the course of Year 10.                         carrying one out, evaluating results and looking at others results.   module tests and ISA core to
                                                                       .                                                                     gain their Core GCSE during
                                                                                                                                             year 10.

                                                                                                                                             In year 11 they will study for
                                                                                                                                             the Additional GCSE
Additional       I                                                                                                                           assessed by a terminal exam.
Science          In Year 11

                 Three module tests sat in            3 x 25% per      These module exams require the answers to be written in               January and June 2012
                 either January (C2 and P2) or        module tests     sentences containing the required key phrases.
                 June: (B2, plus re-sit
                 opportunity for C2 & P2 re-sit)

                 One practical assessment             25% Practical
                 (ISAs) to be carried out             Ass.
                 during the course of the year.

                 Assessed by completion of
                 unit assignments completed
                 during the course

BTEC                                                  The number       The core units Chemistry and Our Earth, Energy and our                Assessed by portfolio
                                                      and quality of   Universe and Biology and Environment all gain pupils a                collected during the duration
                                                      units            Certificate level BTEC (1 A*-C GCSE equiv).                           of the course
                                                      decide what      Completion of The Living Body and Practical Scientific Project
                                                      level and        lead to an Extended Certificate level BTEC (2A*-C GCSE equiv)
                                                      grade of

Triple Science   Triple pupils sit all the unit one                    Module test format and ISA controlled assessment as Core and          Year 10
                 and 2 tests as those pupils                           Additional                                                            Will be assessed by a terminal
                 taking the Core and Additional                                                                                              exam in June of Year 11 in
                 route plus Unit 3 tests                                                                                                     2014.

                 One practical assessment                                                                                                    Year 11
                 (ISAs) to be carried out                                                                                                    January B2, C2, P2
                 during the final year of the                                                                                                June B3, C3, P3 and re-sit
                 course                                                                                                                      opportunity for unit 2 tests

                                                                                                                                             Y10 2012 Coursework Planner
PE                 Over two years:                   60% (4x15%)   Each practical assessment is           Full and regular participation in appropriate PE kit is essential.   Every eight weeks, up until
                                                                   covered over an eight week period.     Missed lessons may adversely affect marks.                           April Y11.
                   Practical assessment in four                    Practical activities may be repeated   Pupils with long standing injuries can provide a Doctor’s note
                   practical activities from at                    over the two year period, with the     that can be sent to the exam board for special consideration.
                   least two areas of thinking.                    best four marks going forward to the
                   i.e. games, gymnastics,                         exam board.                            Pupils may take part in activities outside curriculum time under
                   dance, Outdoor and                                                                     controlled conditions e.g. golf, swimming etc. which provides
                   adventurous, athletic,                                                                 extra marks for consideration when calculating the best four
                   swimming, or exercise                                                                  practical marks over the two year period.
                                                                                                          Participation in extra-curricular activities can increase marks.
                   At least two must be as a
                   performer/player, and at least
                   one must be in a different role
                   e.g. leader, coach, official or

ICT OCR            Unit 01: ICT skills for           % of unit     What to hand in                        Notes                                                                Deadline
National           Business
Certificate (All
year 10s)          A01 Health and Safety             10%           Unit 1a                                Include screen shots & notes                                         End Sept 2012
                                                                   Annotated screenshots showing
                                                                   understanding of Health and Safety
                                                                   in the workplace

                   A02 Research and e-mail           10%           Unit 1a & 1b                                                                                                End Oct2012
                                                                   Screen shots & notes showing
                                                                   research using the nternet and other
                                                                   resources (CD-ROM or shared
                                                                   drive), Copyright and e-mail.

                   04 Business documents             20%           Unit 1c, 1d, 1e                        Use corporate identity                                               End Nov 2012
                                                                   Printouts of 4 business documents:
                                                                   flyer, business card, memo and

                   A06 Business Database             20%           Unit 1f                                Show data entered, changed & deleted, also a sort, 2 queries         End Dec 2012
                                                                   Printouts showing use of a business    & 2 reports. Print out Mail-merge letter

                   A05 Business Spreadsheet          20%           Unit 1g                                Must use appropriate headings, labels, formats & formulae            End Jan 2013
                                                                   Printouts showing business
                                                                   spreadsheet created & formulae

                   04 Newsletter                     10%           Unit 1h                                Must include a table, graph and charts & range of graphics           End Feb 2013
                                                                   Min of 3 pages

                   03 Business Presentation          10%           Unit 1i                                Include text, graphics, transitions, animation, and speaker          End Mar 2013
                                                                   At least 5 slides                      Notes. Printout in Handout format

                                                                                                                                                                               Y10 2012 Coursework Planner
ICT OCR            Unit 21: Computer Graphics         % of unit   What to hand in                          Notes                                                           Deadline
Certificate (All   A01                                20%         4 page report showing research of 4      Must include screenshots & examples of graphics                 End April 2013
year 10s)          Research, collect and                          websites
                   describe a range of web-page

                   A02                                20%         Detailed sketches & commentary for       Identify house style & target audience                          End May2013
                   Plan the production of a range                 3 different types of graphics
                   of graphic images for a client’s

                   A03 Navigation bar or menu         10%         Screen shot & descriptions of            Include text, graphics & colour                                 End June 2013
                                                                  navigation bar or menu,
                   A04                                10%
                   Navigation buttons                             Screen shot & descriptions of            Include text, graphics & colour                                 End July 2013
                                                                  navigation buttons created.
                   A05                                10%
                   Advertising banner                             Screen shot & descriptions of banner     Include text, graphics & colour                                 End Sept 2013

                   A06                                30%         Presentation of at least 8 slides or a   Presentation of work to a client                                End Oct 2013
                   Presentation of graphics work                  web-site using the graphics
                   to a client

Year 10 OCR        Unit 2: Webpage Creation           % of unit   What to hand in                          Notes                                                           Deadline
Certificate        A01                                20%         Proposal for a web-site of at least 5    Detailed proposal of multi-media website. Include site plan,    End Oct 2012
(Option Block      Design for a multimedia                        linked web-pages                         purpose & target audience
ICT)               website

                   A02                                20%         Screenshots showing web-pages,           Web-pages, navigation, range of images & interactive elements   End Jan 2013
                   Create web pages                               navigation links, directories, files     Evidence of back-up
                                                                  and back-up

                   A03                                10 %        Evidence of 5 linked pages, a            Must use consistent and clear structure                         End Jan 2013
                   Functioning hyperlinks                         hotspot link and an e-mail link.

                   A04                                10%         Evidence of 1 or more roll-over                                                                          End Feb 2013
                   Interactive elements                           objects and an interactive element

                   A05                                10%         Screenshot showing blank User form       For higher marks must include a Submit button                   End Mar 2013
                   User form                                      and a completed form

                   A06                                20%         Test plan, screenshots before & after    At least 6 tests                                                End Apr 2013
                   Test and evaluate own                          testing with annotations                 Test plan. Actions to resolve problems
                                                      10%         Report on evaluation of own              Must consider purpose & audience, readability. Include an       End May 2013
                   A07                                            website                                  evaluation of your strengths & weaknesses during this unit.

                                                                                                                                                                           Y10 2012 Coursework Planner
Year 10 OCR     Unit 07 Database              % of unit   What to hand in                         Notes                                                              Deadline
Certificate     A01 Database design           20%         Detailed designs of at least 2 tables   Must be a relational database. Design the tables, key fields,      End Sept 2012
(Option Block                                                                                     fields, validation, input mask, relationships
                A02                           20%         Screen shots & annotations /            2 or more related tables Minimum of 20 records in each table.      End Oct 2012
                Construct the database                    explanation                             Access forms used for data entry.

                A03                           10%         Printout query designs and results of   • sort on more than one field                                      End Nov 2012
                Interrogate the database:                 running the queries, with annotations   • query using multiple criteria
                sorts & queries                           / notes explaining each one.            • query using complex criteria (eg: NOT, BETWEEN, AND, etc)

                A04                           10%         Printouts of reports                    Create reports for each query using wizard or customised           End Dec 2012

                A05                           20%         Screenshot & description of user        Customised interface to access forms, queries and reports          End Jan 2013
                User interface                            interface

                A06                           20%         Test plan and printouts of database     Test plan to check database meets original design brief and test   End Feb 2013
                Testing                                   before and after testing                adding, changing and deleting records, validation, forms, sorts,
                                                                                                  queries and reports.

Year 10 OCR     Unit 04 Multimedia Products   % of unit   What to hand in                         Notes                                                              Deadline
Certificate -   AO1                           20%         Explanation of good and bad                                                                                End Nov 2012
Now part of     Review existing Multimedia                features of 3 multimedia products
Core ICT        products

                AO2                           20%         Hand drawn of word processed                                                                               End Dec 2012
                Design a multimedia product               design

                AO3                           10%         List of all sources used in your                                                                           End Jan 2013
                Store and source multimedia               product and screenshot showing
                elements                                  were stored

                AO4                           10%         Multimedia product                                                                                         End Feb 2013
                Create a multimedia product

                AO5                           20%         Feedback from users with a list of                                                                         End Mar 2013
                User feedback                             recommended improvements

                                                                                                                                                                     Y10 2012 Coursework Planner

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