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									                        UNICEF Toolkit on Diversion and Alternatives to Detention 2009

                               Sample evaluation methodology plan for an annual review
Indicator #        What info is needed?        Source of           How to collect        Resources         Who will        When?        Risk factors /          Steps to overcome
                                               info?               info                  needed            collect                      obstacles               obstacles
1. 20%             Essential: Number of        Monthly police      Compile monthly       Transport to      Police          Days 1-3     If forms have not       Ongoing monitoring should
reduction in       children (boys and girls)   and remand          data from police      Central Police    representativ   of           been filled in          have mitigated this risk,
number of          under 18 in pre-trial       centre records      and remand centre     HQ & 2            e from          evaluation   correctly, there        but spot check of children’s
children in pre-   detention for 12-month      – held on file at   records               remand            Steering                     may be double-          names may be necessary.
trial detention    period in Sample            Central Police                            homes;            Committee                    counting of the
within a 12-       Region. Desirable:          HQ & 2                                    Same Excel        will provide                 same children each
month period       ages and alleged            remand homes                              spreadsheet       raw data to                  month rather than
in Sample          offences for each case.     individually                              format used for   external                     new arrests /
Region after 1                                                                           baseline data     evaluator for                referrals.
year [baseline                                                                           collection        compilation
= 121 boys & 5
2. 60% of          Essential: Total            Monthly             Compile monthly       External          2 Project       Days 1-2     Project                 Contact 2 Project
children           number of children          records for         data from diversion   evaluator         Coordinators    of           Coordinators may        Coordinators 1month in
benefiting from    (boys and girls) who        each of the 2       projects              transport to 2    will provide    evaluation   not have info ready     advance setting out full list
diversion          have completed              diversion                                 diversion         raw data to                  in time for external    of data required for the
programmes in      diversion programmes        projects in                               projects to       external                     evaluator               evaluation & when,
Sample             in Sample Region in         Sample                                    review /          evaluator for                                        explaining importance of
Region show        past 12 months.             Region                                    compiled data     compilation                                          evaluation & how data will
‘significant       Desirable: ages and                                                   on-site                                                                be used
improvement’       alleged offences for
in terms of        each case.
behaviour on       Essential:                  Completed           Compile ‘entry’ and                     2 Project       Days 3-5     Gaps in forms –         Request 2 Project
completion of      Documentation of            project ‘entry’     ‘exit’ forms from                       Coordinators    of           e.g. not all            Coordinators in advance to
programme.         behaviour of each child     and ‘exit‘          diversion projects                      will provide    evaluation   behaviour               check for gaps, to follow
                   who has completed the       ‘behaviour          [‘significant                           raw data to                  categories              up and complete gaps
                   diversion programme         assessment          improvement’ is                         external                     completed for both      where possible, and/or to
                   on entry and exit of the    forms’              measured as a                           evaluator for                ‘entry’ and ‘exit’ or   justify gaps which cannot
                   diversion programme         completed by        jump of 3 points in                     compilation                  not a full set of       be filled; external evaluator

                                 child, project     at least 3 behaviour                                            child / parent /       to take into consideration
                                 worker and         areas by at least 2                                             project worker         completed data only for
                                 parent for each    sources (child,                                                 forms for each child   official statistics, and note
                                 child who has      parent or project                                               or some case           results for incomplete data
                                 completed          worker)]                                                        forms missing          separately
                                 programme in
                                 the past 12
                                 months from
                                 the 2 diversion
                                 projects in
       Desirable: Qualitative    Selection of       Focus group            Consent forms   External    Days 3-5     Children who have      Prepare and disseminate a
       feedback from children,   children & their   discussions and/or     for children    evaluator   of           completed              simple but attractive leaflet
       parents and social        parents who        individual             and parents;                evaluation   programme (and         / letter explaining the
       workers on how the        have               interviews             Venue;                                   their parents) may     importance of the
       diversion programme       completed                                 Refreshments;                            not want to be         evaluation and potential
       has impacted on           diversion                                 Transport for                            involved; possible     benefits for other children /
       behaviour                 programmes;                               participants                             self-selection of      opportunity for
                                 project workers                           Flipcharts &                             participants may       beneficiaries and parents
                                 from 2                                    pens                                     result in biased       to have their say
                                 diversion                                 Materials to                             positive feedback
                                 projects                                  note case


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