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					Power Projector 2               HP-A10

Product Manual
        Read all instructions and warnings prior to using this product.
        Improper use of this product may result in product damage,
        physical bodily harm, injury, or even death. This document
        contains important usage and safety information.
Product Features
1. Compatible with iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, iPod
2. Use as an external power bank to charge
mobile phone, MP3, MP4, MP5, DVD
3. Built in speakers and included remote
4. LED power indicators
5. Chain wheel to fine tune the focal distance.
Product Description
1. Mini VGA Input                       1

2. Mini USB Input                               6

3. LED Power Indicator
4. Remote Control Receiver
5. Audio Output
6. Audio/ Video input
7. Lens
8. Definition regulator/Focus Dial
                                    2       4       3
9. Touch Pad                                        10

      Power button                11
      Volume down                                                8

      Volume up
      AV/VGA switchover
10. Build-in speaker
11. Apple dock                         13

12. Stand
13. Reset button                            12           7

(please poke the hole with a needle to reset the device if any
crash occurs)





f1. 3-in-one AV Cable


f2. Mini VGA Cable            f4

f3. AC Adapter
f4. Remote Control                                              f1        f2

The LED indicator shows red when the device is being charged
and turn green after fully charged.
1. Connect A/C adapter;
2. Charging starts;
3. Charging may take 5 hours
                                                   Diagram 1
Projector Operation tips
1. Connect power cable as diagram 1
2. Turn on power button
3. Play external AV program
                                       Diagram 2
4. Tap the power button twice
to turn off Projector.

Projector Applications
This projector can play external programs using AV or VGA port.
AV Program Playing
1. AV cable end (f1) connects with AV port (6);
2. AV cable end (f1) connects with AV source;
Using iPod as an example, the Projector can connect to the iPod
with a special iPod connector (not included).
3. Connect with power source (f4) or use built-in battery;
4. Turn on power button to start projecting;
5. Adjust volume by volume up/down;
6. Adjust definition and image quality using the focus dial.
VGA Program Playing
1. Connect with A/C adapter or use built-in battery
2. Connect Projector with VGA signal source via VGA cable
3. Switch Projector to VGA mode
4. Follow the same steps for AV program playing
Remote Control User Guide
Key Button instructions
PWR  : To power on, click this button once. Click again, screen
will read “power off or not”, re-click to turn off Projector.
       Press the button to switch into mute mode.
       Press the button to show the power status

MENU   2 sub-menus and other secondary              MENU

       menus as below:                                     UP

       DISPLAY:                                     VOL-   OK     VOL+

       Contrast          Brightness                 UD     DOWN    RL

       Brightness        Saturation                 AV/

       Tint             Color Temperature

       Recall (Restore default settings)
OSD location (Adjust the display position of menu)
 Transparency (Adjust the display transparency of menu)
OSD time display (Define time for menu auto-quit without any
Operation sample (Adjust transparency and OSD Location):
1. Press MENU showing “display settings”
2. Select “System setting” by clicking DOWN
3. Press OK to confirm the options of” system settings”
4. Select “OSD Location” by clicking DOWN ;
5. Press OK to enter into” OSD locations” Adjusting modes
6. Press   VOL-
                  to adjust OSD display position;
7. Press   DOWN
                  to adjust Transparency directly;
8. Press MENU to exit setting after confirmation, or automatic exit
after 15 seconds.
TIP: Under “DISPLAY /ADVANCE/AUDIO” menus, you can select “Reset” to
Restore the default setting easily.
      : Select the submenu above after entering main menu or
 UP     Select the submenu down after entering main or sub-menu.
VOL-    Decrease volume. Select left to confirm sub-menu options
VOL+    Increase volume. Select right to confirm sub-menu options.
OK      Confirm the selection or enter the next submenu.
 UD     Up/Down overturn of image.
 RL     Right/Left overturn of image.
        Switch over between AV and VGA signal source
Gamma   Choose mode between “cinema/brightness” by
        clicking “Gamma”
Product Safety & Precautions
• Only use with confirmed power sources that follow device specifications. Do not use
third party chargers. Even though they may comply with the device, third party chargers
could damage or destabilize the product.
• Do not use product beside or near a heat source such as a vent, convection heater,
burner, etc. Do not leave in hot car or in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.
• Do not expose product to any excess moisture and liquids- avoid using device near
faucets, showers, bathtubs, sinks, etc.
• Do not use in exposed and unprotected outdoor environments.
• Avoid dropping or applying excessive shock and force to device.
• Avoid carrying with loose small metallic objects- metal scraps may enter and short the
device, or damage the exterior.
• Do not use device in a confined space where airflow is restricted - insufficient airflow will
put device at risk of overheating.
• Avoid touching metal prongs when plugging and unplugging device from power
• Do not use harsh chemicals to clean device. Use a damp cloth to wipe off any dirt.
Only clean the device when it is unplugged from the power source.
• Do not use damaged cables or wires on device.
• Ensure MR Charge Port is clear of any foreign objects and debris before usage.
• Do not force incompatible connectors into any port.
• DO NOT attempt to disassemble the device. Any attempt to voids all warranties.
• Internal batteries are designed specifically for device only. Do not attempt to
salvage batteries for other purposes.
• Should an event occur where the device is broken, shattered, or in any way
physically compromised, DO NOT USE THE DEVICE.
• Avoid using third party cables. Those included have gone through rigorous testing
to ensure compatibility.
Battery Safety Instructions:
• This device contains a Lithium Polymer (Li-Pol) Battery. Improper use, storage, and/or
disposal may cause leaks, expanding, or an explosion that could lead to fire or injury.
• Do not charge battery with unspecified power sources. Only use specified method of
charge and OEM chargers compatible with device specifications.
• Do not expose or dispose of battery into fire.
• Do not dispose battery into standard garbage disposal sites. Dispose of battery at Battery
Recycling Sites after fully discharging battery. Not doing so may violate local disposal laws.
• Store battery in cool and dry environment. Safe operating temperatures are between
32-113 degrees Fahrenheit.
• If unusual battery expansion is detected, discard immediately.
• In case of fire use lithium approved "Class D Type" Fire Extinguishers on device. In the
case of a leak and contact with skin, wash area with water and soap. If electrolyte makes
contact with eyes, flush with generous amounts of water for 15 minutes and seek medical
attention immediately. DO NOT attempt to reuse damaged battery.
Specifications                                      Contact Us
• Brightness: 10 Lumens                            For any questions or inquiries with
• Input: 5V/2A (max)                               your product, or for more warranty
• Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels (VGA)               and disclaimer information, please
• Capacity: 2800mAh                                do not hesitate to reach us at:
• Charging time: 5 hours
• Contrast: 200:1
                                                   Website: www.milipower.com
• Projection screen size: 5-70 inches
• Projection system: LCOS RGB
• Dimensions: 120x 60.8 x 12.8mm                   Customer Support:
• Video input: 3 in 1 jack, VGA jack               support@milipower.com
• Audio Output: built in 1W speaker, output jack
MiLi 1 Year Limited Warranty
Terms of Agreement
All MiLi Products carry a one-year Limited Warranty that insures that all MiLi products will not
malfunction under Normal Use Conditions. ‘Normal Use’ means typical customer-use under
normal conditions according to the instruction manual for the product.
This also includes clearance items & refurbished units.
Is it Covered?
All warranty claims require that the individual making the claim has Proof of Purchase through
either MiLiPower.com or one of our Authorized Dealers (Receipt or Order Confirmation Slip
MiLi will not validate any warranty claims that have occurred as a result of user error. This
consists of any defect or malfunction caused as a result of misuse, failure to follow operating
instructions, abuse, or use with improper or faulty equipment.
The warranty does not cover any accidental damages such as (but not limited to) drops, spills,
or splashes.
It also does not cover any product that has been opened, modified, or tampered with.
Replacement Program
If a unit is deemed to be either defective or a malfunctioning unit within the initial 30 Day
Purchase Period MiLi will ship a new replacement unit and incur all further shipping charges.
If a unit is deemed to be either defective or a malfunctioning unit after the initial 30 Day
Purchase Period MiLi may ship a refurbished unit of similar cosmetic wear and the customer
incurs all further shipping charges.

*By purchasing a MiLi product it is understood that you have read and agree to the terms of
the MiLi Power Warranty Service
         For more warranty information, visit our website at: www.milipower.com

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