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  1.        LeuCall - voice services

  2.        LeuRent - TK equipment

  3.        LeuNet - data services

  4.        LeuWeb - web services

  5.        LeuUMS - unified messaging services

  6.        LeuBill - billing and accounting services

  7.        LeuDAKS - alarm and conference services

  8.        LeuCable - cabling services

  9.        LeuService - services

  10.       LeuConsult - planning and consultation services

Status: July 2012                                             1

  LeuCom Telekommunikationsgesellschaft mbH - Your partner for telecommunica-
  tion and IT services at the site

  Communication is everything! And we at LeuCom are the communication experts at the chemical
  site Leuna. We are a fully-owned subsidiary of InfraLeuna and we feature the entire range of inno-
  vative telecommunications and IT-services topping off the range of infrastructure services. From
  outsourcing of single services to complete outsourcing of telecommunication & IT-departments -
  we will give you all the advice and practical support you require.

  If it is about phones, internet, data processing equipment or terminals, you get all services from
  one source. We are a phone company, internet service provider and IT service company all rolled
  into one. We develop customised communication equipment for you based upon personal consul-
  tation and service and support you in your TK/IT projects.

  Reinhard Jung
  CEO of LeuCom Telekommunikationsgesellschaft mbH
  Tel.: +49 (0)3461-43 3510
  Fax: +49 (0)3461-43 7777

Status: July 2012                                                                                      2

  1. LeuCall – Voice services

  Phone reliably and conveniently at low cost. LeuCall stands for our extensive range of phone
  services. As your operting partner for telecommuncation and telephone company we offer you the
  following services:

  high-available telephone connection unit of a central telecommunications system on site. Each
  customer is part of a complete system and may use extended telephone functions which go signi-
  ficantly beyond the public telephone network (telephone ports for modern system phones and
  cordless or mobile phones such as e. g. Up0, UpDECT, UpTETRA, analogue, ISDN) and telecom-
  munications system connection (S0, PRI);

  highest possible speech quality and enhanced features, such as call lists, display of the names,
  telephone conferencing, team fuctions, toggling, and much more;

  a broad range of low-cost system phones for fixed-line telephony and mobility (Cordless with
  DECT and WLAN, TETRA), facsimile machines, mobile phones, telecommunications systems and
  supplies(see also LeuRent);

  Free calls within the LeuCom network;

  Low fixed charges and attractive rates for domestic and foreign calls;

  high flexibility during the change regards the quantities and types (can monthly be adepted);

  Billing down to the second and free on-line scale of charges;

  Special conditions for mobile radio users with services and call charges;

  Innovative added-value services such as intelligent voice boxes for speech, fax and SMS (refer to

  Separation of official and private calls with dial prefix using anonymous indications for private calls
  on the itemized bill;

  Call center functions such as computer telephone integration (CTI) or variable announcement

  Intelligent messaging, alarming and conference services (refer to LeuDAKS);

  Clear and informative billing, i. e. all services bundled in only one monthly invoice;

  Transparent and free itemised bills and evaluation;

  Maintenance service and trouble shooting for telecommunications systems and connections with
  response times agreed on;

  Providing a clearly structured local phonebook and follow-up editions (Web-based and as print-

  2. LeuRent – TK equipment and service

  LeuRent features state-of-the-art telecommunications terminals with extensive service and flexible
  rent. That means always the latest equipment at the lowest costs!

Status: July 2012                                                                                           3

  LeuRent service package includes:

  Low-cost phones (corded and cordless);

  Phone accessories: add-on modules, headsets, answering machines, attachment modules and
  adapters, etc.

  Reliable fax and multifunctional equipment;

  Low-cost mobile phones including accessories;

  High-performance telecommunication equipment including terminals;

  Expert installation and set-up;

  Qualified service: fast emergency maintenance and provision of temporary replacement equip-
  ment in case of damage (see LeuService);

  Disposing of old equipment;

  Instruction in operating new equipment;

  Advice deciding on or purchasing equipment.

  3. LeuNet – Internet and data services

  LeuNet‘s service package makes sure nothing gets in the way of getting into the World Wide Web
  fast and direct.

  High-speed internet access with scalable bandwidths;

  Flexible interfacing: ADSL, SDSL, xDSL, LWL and wireless;

  High-available, high-performance data services as transmission paths;

  Low rates (based upon volume, time or a flat rate);

  Short contract terms and free rate change;

  Tailor-made performance packages that can be combined such as the number of mail accounts or
  mailbox size;

  Intelligent mailbox: can be retrofitted with unified messaging services and on-line access
  (web based);

  Reliable established firewall equipment with round-the-clock monitoring and alarm management;

  Free on-line scale of charges and transparent bills;

  Fast provision of individually accessible data lines (Cu, LWL);

  Provision of fixed IP addresses from the address pool owned by LeuCom;

  Low-cost VPN services: setting up and managing reliable virtual private networks;

Status: July 2012                                                                                  4

  Web service: low-cost virtual web servers for your homepage;

  Providing and installing all necessary hardware and software products;

  Advice on all questions on internet and data transmission.

  4. LeuWeb – Web services

  Everything you need for your homepage:

  Virtual web server (web space) for professionally hosting your homepage;

  Meaningful access data in graphs and tables on homepage utilisation;

  High-available virtual technology with brand servers, access protection, backup management, UPS
  and air conditioning;

  Round-the-clock monitoring by LeuCom‘s network management center (NMC);

  Broadband server interfacing to internet for setting up your homepage fast with the customer;

  Secured access to your web space through authentication and latest encryption technology;

  Applying for, setting up and managing your domains.

  5. LeuUMS – Unified messaging services

  LeuUMS – the intelligent universal mailbox:

  Thereby, you can centrally receive, process, send, forward or file all your communications, whea-
  ther that are e-mails, calls, faxes or sms in only one box.

  Easy handling of UMS-functions through integration into your email programme (MS-Outlook,
  Lotus Notes) or by separate web client, remote access by telephone or fax (e. g. on business trips);

  Automatic messaging if you get mail by SMS or email to your mobile phone or with a visual and
  acoustic message to your terminal;

  Individualised rules for forwarding messages such as home or agency.

  6. LeuBill – Billing and accounting services

  The LeuBill service package stands for our billing and accounting services that we do for you or on
  your behalf.

  Summarizing of all services used in only one monthly invoice;

  Separate listing of basic, rental, call and utilisation rates including ordered services;

  Precise structuring and description of cost elements per customer, cost center, project,
  department, division and subscriber;

  Clearly structured separation of business and private calls;

Status: July 2012                                                                                        5

  Bills, bill data and itemised bills made available on paper or PDF file;

  Daily on-line cost control with web-based on-line service (on-line accounting service);

  Providing customised bill layouts for specific users and/or suppliers with outsourcing projects;

  7. LeuDAKS – Alarm and conference services

  Use the opportunities that are offered by LeuDAKS for an innovative conference, notification and
  alerting technology. Using our DAKS you will be able to circulate important informations very fast
  and safely by telephone to a broad network of recipients:

  Simple starting of circular calls with pre-recorded voicemail;

  Fast alarming for large groups of subscribers such as mobilising on-call staff;

  Diverse alarming scenarios available;

  High subscriber availability with automatic call repetition, interrupting calls or alarm signals, selec-
  tion of any external telephone numbers;

  Convenient to convene phone conference with PC or phone (manually or automatically);

  Simple to set up an information phone for providing customers and staff with fast information;

  Simple operation means minimum training.

  8. LeuCable – Cabling services

  The Leuna chemical site has a high-performance next-generation cable communication network
  based upon copper and LWL. As the operator, we also offer expert cabling services.

  Onsite visits, planning and documentation of cable systems;

  Set-up of structured service-independent cable systems;

  Cat 5/6 port cabling (primary, secondary and tertiary cabling);

  Certified measurements (up to Cat 6, LWL);

  Providing high-performance and reliable equipment (data cabinets and hardware components);

  Cable monitoring services;

  Cable network management.

  9. LeuService – Services

  You get extensive qualified service along with our reliable terminals and high-performance
  equipment in all our product areas.

  Installation and set-up services;

Status: July 2012                                                                                            6

  Fast trouble-shooting service - remote (if possible) or on site;

  Customised configuration and programming services;

  First-level/second-level support with guaranteed response times;

  Service acceptance at service-hotline free of charges;

  Short reaction and access periods by being in close proximity and knowing the vicinity;

  Test service for electrical operating resources;

  By request cost-effective service support for telecommunication equipment which is property of
  the customer.

  10. LeuConsult – Planning and consultation services

  We are your partner for all areas of telecommunications and internet for customised consulting
  services and tailor-made solutions to your problems at your request:

  Product selection;

  Product presentation and comparisons (provision LeuCom-Equipment for testing);


  Needs analysis;

  Telecommunication/internet project planning;

  Outlining ways to boost efficiency;

  Staff training;

  Safety analysis/safety projects for telecommunication systems.

Status: July 2012                                                                                  7

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