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Europe invites the world
InternatIonal ConferenCe on Gears
October 7– 9, 2013
Technical University of Munich (TUM), Garching (near Munich), Germany

assoCIated orGanIsatIons

An event organized by VDI Wissensforum
submIt your paper now!

PurPose                                                                               Call for submission of Contributions

The fifth international conference on gears and transmissions in Germany              Are you an expert on one of the areas of our topics? Then we call on
will become a broad platform for equipment manufacturers and producers                you to make an active contribution to the success of the congress with a
and researchers of gear and transmission systems to present new solutions             presentation.
and their latest research results.
Climate change is one of the big issues in public discussion, in politics and
industry. The conference will show, what the transmission and drive train             1. industrial applications
industry can contribute to increase energy efficiency. Gears are vital in the         1.1 Transmissions for energy systems, e.g. power plants, wind generators,
efficiency of different applications. They transmit and vary torque between                water turbines etc.
prime movers and applications.                                                        1.2 Transmissions for mobility systems, e.g. gear boxes in the marine,
There is still room for improvement, which will be demonstrated by the                     aircraft, railway and automotive sectors
presenters. New concepts for drive trains of energy supply systems provide            1.3 Transmissions for production machinery, e.g. transportation in
answers to the increasing demand for energy worldwide. These concepts                      manufacturing lines
must be introduced to global markets more quickly. Therefore, new designs
are necessary and will be presented at the conference.                                2. Design, analysis and simulation of gears and transmissions
                                                                                      2.1 New designs for all types of gears (cylindrical, bevel and worm gears,
The state-of-the-art of industrial applications will be demonstrated at an                beveloids) with improved efficiency and reduced noise and vibration
exhibition beside the conference.                                                     2.2 New gears, asymmetric involute gears, low-loss gears, cycloid gears
                                                                                          and gear modifications for better efficiency and lower noise emission
                                                                                      2.3 New materials, heat treatment, lubrication and coatings for higher
                                                                                      2.4 Improved simulation programs for lightweight design and better life
                                                                                          time prediction

                                                                                      3. manufacturing
                                                                                      3.1 New manufacturing technologies to improve product quality and
                        With best regards                                                 manufacturing time
                        The Conference President                                      3.2 Improved tools for future demands on production systems
                        Prof. (ret.) Dr.-Ing. Bernd-robert Höhn                       3.3 New technologies for ecologically sustainable production and those
                                                                                          which preserve natural resources
                                                                                      3.4 simulation of manufacturing processes
                                                                                      3.5 Production/manufacturing related component properties (DFG-sPP
                                                                                          1551), Influence of fatigue strength and noise behavior

An event organized by VDI Wissensforum | | Phone +49 211 6214-201 | Fax +49 211 6214-97154
4. materials                                                              submission of abstraCts
4.1 New materials, new steel alloys, sintered materials and
    reinforced plastic gears                                              If you want to present a contribution your submission must include:
4.2 Heat treatment, new carburizing and nitriding methods                 • Title of the paper and/or poster
4.3 lubrication and coatings for higher durability                        • An abstract summarizing your paper in less than 400 words but
                                                                              including sufficient detail to permit a reasonable evaluation
5. testing                                                                • Only if the author wants (or needs) a peer review of the abstract, please
5.1 New methods for lifetime, efficiency and noise behavior                   prepare an abstract with minimum 1000 words, about 3 pages with 1 or
5.2 Correlation of system and component tests                                 2 figures, including detailed information about the scientific content of
5.3 Time scaling strategies for fatigue tests of transmissions                the paper, so that the reviewer can evaluate the proposal.
     (e.g. Windmill transmissions)                                        • Information about you: name, title(s), company address, department,
5.4 New sensors and test procedures                                           affiliation, e-mail, telephone and fax number
                                                                          • How you would like to present your paper upon acceptance (full or
                                                                              poster presentation)
                                                                          • In which topic area(s) your presentation should be listed
sCheDule                                                                  • A statement specifying what is new in your presentation
                                                                          • A bibliography of your previous publications about this subject
Deadline for submission of abstracts              November 1st, 2012
Notification of acceptance                        End of February 2013    Please note that abstracts and final papers will be only accepted if they are
Final programme available in                      June 2013               uploaded to the conference’s website:
Deadline for final manuscript                     July 5th, 2013          All submissions must be either Microsoft Word (DOC or DOCX) or Portable
                                                                          Document Format (PDF) files.
                                                                          Your abstract must be received by November 1st, 2012. Your proposal will
tyPes of Contribution                                                     be reviewed by the Programme Committee.
                                                                          Please note that the number of Co-authors named in the printed
Your contribution can take the form of :                                  programme is limited up to two.
1. a full presentation:
     If your paper is accepted you will be allowed to speak 25 minutes
     and you will have another 5 minutes to respond to questions and      submission of the final manusCriPt
     comments from the audience.
2. a poster presentation:                                                 If your paper is accepted you will be invited to submit the final manuscript
     The posters will be on view for discussion in the exhibition area.   which must be received by July 5th, 2013.
                                                                          If you receive notification of acceptance, you will also receive instructions
                                                                          concerning manuscripts and a question form to be returned to the
                                                                          VDI Wissensforum. The accepted papers (full papers and posters) will
                                                                          be printed in the conference proceedings provided to the conference
                                                                          participants and published as a “VDI-Bericht”.
board members


Conference President: Prof. (ret.) Dr.-ing. bernd-robert                              Prof. Dr.-ing. georg Jacobs, Full Professor, Institute for Machine
höhn, Full Professor, Gear research Centre (FZG), Technical                           Elements and Machine Design, Faculty for Engineering, rWTH
University of Munich, Garching, Germany                                               Aachen University
Vice President: Dr.-ing. bernhard bouché, Technical Director,                         Dr.-ing. markus Klaiber, Production plant manager, sEW-
Getriebebau NOrD GmbH & Co. KG, Bargteheide, Germany                                  EUrODrIVE GmbH & Co KG, Graben-Neudorf
                                                                                      Prof. Dr.-ing. erhard leidich, Director, Institute of Design
ConferenCe boarD                                                                      Engineering and Drive Technology, Department of Mechanical
                                                                                      Engineering, Technical University of Chemnitz
rainer blickle, Managing Partner, sEW-EUrODrIVE GmbH & Co.                            Dr.-ing. burkhard Pinnekamp, Head of Division Central Gear
KG, Bruchsal, Germany                                                                 Technology, renk AG, Augsburg
Didier lexa, CTO GETrAG Corporate Group, GETrAG International                         Prof. Dr.-ing. gerhard Poll, Director, Institute for Machine Design
GmbH, Untergruppenbach, Germany                                                       and Tribology, leibniz University Hannover
Dr.-ing michael Paul, CEO FVA, Forschungsvereinigung                                  Prof. Dr.-ing. bernd sauer, Full Professor, Head of Institute of
Antriebstechnik e.V., Frankfurt am Main, Germany                                      Machine elements, Gears and transmissions, Mechanical and Process
Dr.-ing. Peter ottenbruch, Member of the Board of Management                          Engineering, Technical University of Kaiserslautern
Corporate Operations and Technology, ZF Friedrichshafen AG,                           Dipl.-ing. michael schöffmann, Head of Transmission
Friedrichshafen, Germany                                                              Development, Audi AG, Ingolstadt
                                                                                      Prof. Dr.-ing. berthold schlecht, Full Professor, Institute of
Programme Committee                                                                   Machine Elements, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technical
                                                                                      University of Dresden
NATIONAl MEMBErs                                                                      Prof. Dr. alfred J. h. schoo, Full Professor, Mechanical Engineering,
                                                                                      Westfälische Hochschule Gelsenkirchen Bocholt recklinghausen,
Prof. Dr.-ing. Dr. h. c. albert albers, Full Professor and Head of                    University of Applied sciences, Bocholt
IPEK – Institute of Product Engineering, Department of Mechanical                     Prof. Dr.-ing Karsten stahl, University Professor, Chair for Machine
Engineering, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)                                  Elements, Gear research Centre (FZG), Technical University of Munich,
Dr.-ing. Jörg börner, Engineer, Central research & Development,                       Garching
ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Friedrichshafen                                                Prof. Dr.-ing. Peter tenberge, Full Professor, Industrial and
Prof. Dr.-ing. Christian brecher, Full Professor, Chair of Machine                    Automotive Power Trains, Mechanical Engineering, ruhr-University
Tools, laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering,                       Bochum
Faculty for Mechanical Engineering, rWTH Aachen University                            Dr.-ing. Joachim thomas, Head of Industrial Engineering, Division
Dr.-ing. hartmut faust, Chief Engineer Technical Excellence,                          road, Bus Drive systems, Voith Turbo GmbH & Co. KG, Garching
Product Development, GETrAG Getriebe- und Zahnradfabrik Hermann                       Dr.-ing. reiner Vonderschmidt, Managing Director, Georgii Kobold
Hagenmeyer GmbH & Cie. KG, Untergruppenbach                                           GmbH & Co. KG, Horb
Dipl.-ing. bernhard hagemann, Deputy Managing Director,                               Dr.-ing. ralf georg Wittor, Managing Director, Eickhoff
research Association for Drive Technology (FVA), Frankfurt/Main                       Antriebstechnik GmbH, Bochum
Dr.-ing. ralf hess, Head of Technical Calculation, Drive Technology,
Mechanical Drives, siemens AG, Bocholt

An event organized by VDI Wissensforum | | Phone +49 211 6214-201 | Fax +49 211 6214-97154

Prof. Dr. eng. yasutsune ariura, Professor, Education and research         Prof. Dr.-Ing. Vojislav Miltenovic, Full Professor, Machines
Center of Manufacturing, Graduate school of Engineering, Kyushu            Development and Construction Centre, Faculty of Mechanical
University, Japan                                                          Engineering, University of Niš, republic of serbia
Prof. Dr. Xiang Changle, Professor, Dean, school of Mechanical             Dr. michel octrue, senior Gear Consultant, Mechatronics, Power
Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, Director, National Key lab   Transmissions and sensors (MEC), CETIM (Technical Center for
of Vehicle Transmission, China                                             Mechanical Engineering Industries), senlis, France
Prof. Dr. eng. Ádám Döbröczöni, Professor, Department of Machine           Prof. Dr.-ing. José i. Pedrero, Full Professor, Department of
Elements, University of Miskolc, Hungary                                   Mechanics, Faculty of Engineering, Universidad Nacional de Educacion,
Prof. Dr. george Dobre, Full Professor, Department of Machine              Madrid, spain
Elements and Tribology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and              Prof. Dr. Datong Qin, Full Professor, Vice Dean of Graduate
Mechatronics, University Politehnica of Bucharest, romania                 school, Deputy Director of Academic Committee of state Key lab on
Prof. Dr. Eng. Jože Duhovnik, Full Professor, Dean and Head of             Mechanical Transmission, Director of Power Transmission Institute,
lECAD Group laboratory, Chair for Design and Transport systems, Faculty    Faculty of Engineering, Chongqing University, China
for Mechanical Engineering, University of ljubljana, slovenia              Prof. Dr. ir. Jeu schouten, University Professor, Director
Charles fischer, Vice President, Technical Division, American Gear         International Design Institute IDI of Zhejiang University, Hangzhou,
Manufacturers Association, Alexandria, UsA                                 P.r. China
Ph. D. geng liu, Full Professor, Deputy Dean, school of Mechanical         Prof. ray snidle, Professor of Mechanical and Engineering, school of
Engineering, Institute for Engineering Design and simulations,             Engineering, Cardiff University, United Kingdom
Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi´an, China                        Prof. Dr. ing. Philippe Velex, Full Professor, laMCos, INsA - Institut
Prof. Dr. sc. Veniamin goldfarb, Director, Institute of Mechanics,         National des sciences Appliquées de lyon, Villeurbanne Cédex, France
Izhevsk state Technical University, russia                                 Prof. Jože Vižintin, Full Professor, Center for Tribology and Technical
Prof. ing. Carlo gorla, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical      Diagnostics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of ljubljana,
Engineering, school of Industrial Engineering, Politecnico di Milano,      slovenia
Italy                                                                      Prof. Dr.-ing. michael Weigand, Full Professor, Machine Design
Prof. Dr. eng. haruo houjoh, Professor, Precision and Intelligence         and rehabilitation Engineering, Institute for Engineering Design and
laboratory, Precision Machine Devices Division, Tokyo Institute of         logistics Engineering, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Technology, Yokohama, Japan
Prof. ahmet Kahraman, Professor and Director, Gleason Gear and
Power Transmission research laboratory, Director, Pratt & Whitney
Center for Excellence in Gearbox Technology, Mechanical and Aerospace
Engineering Department, College of Engineering, The Ohio state
University, Columbus, UsA
Dipl.-ing. Dirk-olaf leimann, Manager Technology Development,
Bearing and reliability, ZF Wind Power Antwerpen NV, Kontich, Belgium
Prof. Dr.-ing. athanassios mihailidis, Full Professor, Head of the
laboratory of Machine Elements and Machine Design, Mechanical
Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
board members

boarD of gear eXCellenCe                                                              assoCiateD organisations

Prof. Dr.-ing. Kyrill arnaudow, Emeritus Professor, Institute of                      British Gear Association                                     bga
Mechanics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria                             Chinese Mechanical Engineering society                       Cmes
Prof. Dr. Ing. Piermaria Davoli, Professor (ret), Department of                       Drive Technology research Association, Germany               fVa
Mechanical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, Italy                                  Institution of Mechanical Engineers, United Kingdom          imeche
Prof. Dr.-ing. Peter W. gold, Emeritus Professor, Aachen, Germany                     Japan society of Mechanical Engineers                        Jsme
Prof. Dr.-ing. manfred hirt, Past Präsident, research Association                     Scientific Society of Mechanical Engineers, Hungary          gte
for Drive Technology (FVA), Frankfurt/Main; former board of renk AG,                  Gear research Institute, UsA                                 g.r.i.
Augsburg, Germany                                                                     American Gear Manufacturers Association AGMA, UsA            agma
Prof. Dr. D. houser, Emeritus Professor, Department of Mechanical-                    ArTEMA, France                                               artema
Engineering, Ohio state University, Columbus, UsA                                     The royal Institute of Engineers in the Netherlands          KiVi niria
Prof. Dr.-ing. aizoh Kubo, Board Member, research Institute for                       The society of Instrument and Control Engineers, Japan       siCe
Applied sciences, Kyoto, Japan                                                        The Korean society of Mechanical Engineers, Korea            Ksme
Prof. Dr.-ing. habil. heinz linke, Emeritus Professor, Technical                      romanian Association of Mechanical Transmissions             roamet
University of Dresden, Germany
Prof. Dr.-ing. Wolfgang Predki, Emeritus Professor, Chair of
Mechanical Components and Power Transmissions, Department of
Mechanical Engineering, ruhr-University Bochum, Germany                               general information
Dr.-ing. toni Weiss, Gear Consultant, ret. from renk AG, Augsburg,
Germany                                                                               The conference will last three days, comprising keynote addresses and
                                                                                      presentations in a series of plenary and parallel sessions. The official
                                                                                      language of the conference will be English. No simultaneous translation
                                                                                      will be provided. The conference programme and the registration form
 general ConferenCe Questions                                                         will be available in June 2013.

 If you have any general questions about
 the conference please contact:                                                       ConferenCe fee
 ConCernInG the              ConCernInG the
 orGanIsatIon:               Content:                                                 The conference fee as well as the discount for VDI members, members
                                                                                      of the associated organisations, speakers, poster presentators, university
 stefanie busch              Caroline Koerber
 Phone: +49.211.6214 475     Phone: +49.211.6214 504                                  staff members and speakers will be supplied with the registration form.
 Fax: +49.211.6214 97475     Fax: +49.211.6214 97504
 Email:       Email:

 VDI Wissensforum GmbH, VDI-Platz 1,
 40468 Duesseldorf, Germany

An event organized by VDI Wissensforum | | Phone +49 211 6214-201 | Fax +49 211 6214-97154
eXhibition / sPonsorshiP oPPortunities                          Date anD loCation

Would you like to get face to face with the high-powered        The International Conference on Gears will take place in Garching,
delegates attending this VDI congress and present your          Technical University Munich, Garching, Germany, from Monday,
products and services to a specialist sector of your market?    October 7th, 2013 to Wednesday, October 9th, 2013.

For an optimum presentation of your company, make use of        The famous Oktoberfest starts on saturday, september 21st
the exhibition held in parallel with the conference. Here you   and ends on sunday, October 6th, 2013. Participants will have
can meet industry decisionmakers – make your target contacts    the opportunity to extend their visit to the famous city and its
neatly and without a great deal of organisational outlay.       surroundings for a couple of days. Munich offers a lot of places of
secure your stand space right at the heart of this industry     interest such as the Marienplatz in the city center, Old and New
rendezvous and/or use a sponsorship package specially           Town Hall, Frauenkirche, Viktualienmarkt and Odeonsplatz. Other
tailored to your requirements to enable you to stand out more   attractions include the English Garden, the Deutsche Museum, the
clearly and effectively from your competitors. We can supply    Königsplatz, the Pinakothek I, II and III and the site of the 1972
you with exclusive communication possibilities before, during   Olympics. Visitors should not miss a trip to the points of interest
and after the event.                                            outside of Munich such as the Castle Neuschwanstein, Castle
                                                                linderhof, lake starnberg, lake Ammersee, lake Chiemsee and
                                                                the Isar Valley.

Exhibitor and sponsor inquiries
should be addressed to


anniKa moll
VDI Wissensforum GmbH,
VDI-Platz 1                                                                                                 Kai olaf Duda
40468 Duesseldorf, Germany                                                                                  Phone +49.211.6214 560
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ConferenCe on Gears
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October 7–9, 2013
Technical University of Munich (TUM),
Garching (near Munich), Germany

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