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					                            Preparation for Praxis I

1. Free Practice Online for PRAXIS I

      Go to the HCC homepage:
      Click on Current Students,
      Under Services, click on Library
      Click on Databases A-Z
      Click on the letter ‘T’ under Databases A-Z
      Click on Testing and Education Reference Center
      Log in
      Under Career tools – click Teaching(PRAXIS)
      Under Online Practice tests, Click PRAXIS I
      Choose any of the practice exams.

2. Preparation Materials in the HCC Library

      Sample Praxis I tests are available in Reading, Writing, and Math. They are on
       reserve under the names Kroll/Lyons. You can simulate a real test -- time
       yourself, take the test and score your test. This is an official practice test from the
       Educational Testing Service.

      Praxis I review books are on reserve and in the stacks. You may use them in the
       library or check them out to practice whatever you need to work on.

3. Books for purchase in the HCC Bookstore

These are textbooks for the Praxis I Review courses described below. You do not need to
be in the course to buy them and study on your own.

4. Praxis Review Courses

HCC offers 2 review classes in Campus Web format:
      EDUC 101 Praxis Review Course Reading/Writing Tests ( 1 credit) 8 weeks
      EDUC 102 Praxis Review Course Math Test ( 1 credit) 8 weeks
Campus web format means most of the course is done online, but there is a face-to-face
meeting for one hour each week. These courses are offered fall, spring and summer

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