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                                      Re: HERITAGE FAIR PROJECT

Dear Students and Parents,
A meaning of heritage includes that which we have inherited from our ancestors. Heritage articles those things
that people have built, written about, or done in their lives. It is more than history because unlike history, you do
not have to pass your heritage onto the next generation if you don't want to. We think of history as those things
that have happened in the past. Consequences of past events continue to shape our present lives.

You are beginning a big project. You should consider topics you already know something about and in which you
already have an interest. Think about finding the reasons why things are the way they are. Remember that
everything we now have has had a past, it is historical. Sometimes we forget things that we shouldn’t forget. That
is why the theme for the Historica Heritage Fairs is “Giving our past a future.” Any topic that is connected to
Canadian history and heritage is an acceptable topic.

For example, you might do a project on the Hudson Bay Company, how it got started and how it changed to what it
is today. You might wish to know more and present your knowledge on Louis Riel, Terry Fox, or any other 'famous'
Canadian. You could do a project on your mom or dad and what they do. You might do a project on the South
Saskatchewan River, the grain industry, or what your home town is like. Maybe you have a ‘great’ collection of dolls,
hockey cards, or barbed wire.

Over the years students have had songs, dances, speeches, little plays and so on. Do not limit the project to a
static display and a report if you can think of another way to present your idea. Brainstorm for topic ideas and
presentation ideas with parents, family members, or friends of your family.

The pages provided for you to write your comments and jot notes may only be a beginning. Feel free to add more
loose leaf pages of information. Parents are free to assist you with ideas, but you must do the bulk of the
research, writing, and display by yourself. Judges will give more points on how you went about your research, what
you found out, how you well you know it than to the display board.

Please look over the other displays on how people chose to present their point of view so you can pick a way of
presenting the material that best fits the project and your own artistic style.

This project is due on February _____________
We will have a school fair on _____________. At this fair we will invite parents and other adults to be the
judges. They will select the projects that go on to the Saskatoon Regional Heritage Fair on (Saskatoon regional
Date Here)

Best wishes,

(Your name here)

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