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									Guitar Techniques                                                          2011-2012
                                     Kurt McKee, Teacher
                                    Phone: 253-435-6342
Guitar Tech will feature a lot of individualized instruction. It will be a rare day when a student
does one activity for the entire class period. This will require some self-motivation, but it will
also almost guarantee that one will rarely be bored. The class will break down into the
following components:

Individualized Music Assignments – With the guitar that you provide and bring to class daily,
you will be working on the progressive curriculum assignments that Mr. McKee will provide.
Mr. McKee will set up a mini-lesson schedule for the weeks to follow, and these mini-lessons
will be an opportunity for evaluation of progress. Additionally, we will have recitals on
Fridays throughout the semester where students will be expected to give a one or two minute
performance of things they have been working on.

Music Theory/Composition/Improvisation Projects - You will be given a basic through
intermediate music theory background, and asked to apply it on worksheets. We will also do
music composition projects in order to apply and practice this music theory knowledge. You
will do these in a hand-written form using standard music notation. These will lead to
improvisation projects that will give you another opportunity to use what you know about
music theory.


Instrumental Assignment Achievement--The student will earn points through the weekly
mini-lesson and the recital. Each mini-lesson and recital will individually contribute to that
point total, and these will make up 50% of your overall Guitar Techniques grade.

Music Theory/Composition Projects Evaluation--The Music Theory/Composition Projects
will be completed in class or out of class, depending on the individual student's motivation.
Written work must be turned in at the appointed time, or it will not be accepted at all. Music
Theory/Composition Projects will make up 25% of you overall Guitar Techniques grade.

Daily Independent Work Points--Points are awarded daily if the student is a).in class, and on
time; b). has all materials necessary for their work (including instrument, worksheets), and;
c). exhibits acceptable classroom independent rehearsal skills. Points are awarded on an "all or
nothing" basis; if any one of the three criteria is not met, the student will have earned NO
Daily Independent Work Points for that particular day. These points will make up 25% of
your overall Guitar Techniques grade.


If a student is 10 minutes late to class, they are considered absent, and will not receive Daily
Independent Work Points for that day. Excessive absences in a semester make it difficult for
an instructor to assess Independent Work skills and habits. Students who have excessive
absences are in danger of failing the class. A student is considered tardy in Guitar Techniques
if they enter the classroom after the bell without a written excuse. Students will have five
minutes at the beginning of the period in which to gather all necessary materials and set up
for the day's activities. If the student is not appropriately prepared by the five-minute mark,
they are also considered tardy. If the student is tardy, they will not receive Daily Independent
Work Points for that day.


After each of the areas of instrumental assignments , music theory/composition projects,
and daily independent work points are measured, they are given a percentage weight toward
the final grade. Instrumental assignments are weighted as 50% of the final grade. Music
theory/composition projects and daily independent work points are each weighted as 25% of
the final grade.

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