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					Chapter 10, Lesson 4                                                                                            Completed
Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring
       To solve quadratic equations by factoring                         National Standards        State Standards
                                                                              NAEP 2005 A4a,            P.E. A1.1.D
Vocabulary: Zero-Product Property                                             NAEP 2005 A4c,            P.E. A1.5.C
Technology: ExamView CD-ROM, PresentationEXPRESS                              ADP J.3.5,                P.E. A 1.5.D
              CD-ROM, TeacherEXPRESS CD-ROM, Interactive                      ADP J.5.3
              Textbook, SuccessTracker, www.PHSchool.com
Materials:    Overhead projector, Graphing calculator
Pacing:       50 minutes

     1. Plan: Math Background and Lesson Resources                                         Targeted Resources
        Another way of stating the Zero-Product Property is to say that zero is the             Chapter 10 Math Background
        only factor that yields a product of zero. Thus, if a product is zero, at least
                                                                                                Chapter 10 Where You Can
        one of the factors must be zero.
                                                                                                Use the Lesson Resources
                                                                                                10–4 Basic Algebra Lesson

     2. Teach: Bell Ringer Practice (5 minutes)                                            Targeted Resources
        Check Skills You'll Need                                                                10–4 Daily Skills Check
                                                                                                Algebra 1
        For intervention, direct students to:
                                                                                                PresentationExpress with
                                                                                                QuickTake Presenter
        Solving Two-Step Equations
        Lesson 3-1: Example 1
        Extra Skills and Word Problem Practice, Ch. 3
        Factoring Trinomials of the Type ax + bx + c
        Lesson 9-6: Examples 1, 2
        Extra Skills and Word Problem Practice, Ch. 9

     3. Teach: Lesson Content (30 minutes)                                                 Targeted Resources
        Objective 1: Solving Quadratic Equations                                                10–4 Additional Examples
        Use the Key Concepts, Examples 1, 2, 3 and 4 and Quick Checks
                                                                                                10–4 Daily Notetaking Guide
        Example 1: Teaching Tip
        Encourage students to rewrite the quadratic equation in Example 1 in                    Algebra 1
        standard form to help them see how Examples 1 and 2 are related.                        PresentationExpress with
                                                                                                QuickTake Presenter
                                                                                                Graphing Calculator
                                                                                                Procedure 10: Graphing
                                                                                                Quadratic Relations
                                                                                                TI–83/84 Plus Activity:
                                                                                                Graphs, Solutions, and
                                                                                                Factors (10-4)

     4. Teach: Differentiated Instruction                                                  Targeted Resources
        Special Needs                                                                           10–4 Adapted Daily
        Some students may have difficulty visualizing how the diagram in                        Notetaking Guide L1
        Example 4 is used to form a box. Have them take a rectangular piece of
                                                                                                10–4 Guided Problem
   paper, cut out 3 in. squares from each corner, and fold the edges to form       Solving
   an open-top box.                                                                10–4 Reteaching L2
   learning style: tactile
                                                                                   10–4 Enrichment L4
   Below Level                                                                     ExamView Question Bank
   Review factoring polynomial expressions with students. In particular,           Spanish ExamView Question
   remind them how the signs of b and c affect the factors of the expression.      Bank
   learning style: verbal

   Advanced Learners
   Ask: What is the importance of the term or in the statement of the zero
   product property?
   learning style: verbal

   English Language Learners (ELL)
   To ensure students understand the problem in Exercise 44, have them
   explain the meaning of the phrase “124 one-foot-square paving stones”
   and describe how they will solve the problem.
   learning style: verbal

5. Teach: Closure (5 minutes)                                                   Targeted Resources
   Ask students to explain the process of solving a quadratic equation by

6. Practice: Assignment Guide                                                   Targeted Resources
   Objective 1                                                                     10–4 Practice L3
   Core: 1-43
                                                                                   10–4 Adapted Practice L1
   Challenge 44-47                                                                 10–4 Spanish Practice
   Test Prep 48-53                                                                 10–4 Student Edition
   Mixed Review 54-61                                                              Answers on Transparency
                                                                                   10B: Reading
   Homework Quick Checks                                                           Comprehension (10–4)
   To check students’ understanding of key skills and concepts, go over            10B: Spanish Reading
   Exercises 10, 30, 32, 33, 34.                                                   Comprehension (10–4)
   Exercises 9–20
   Encourage students to check their answers by either graphing or

   Error Prevention!
   Exercises 15–20
   Remind students to begin by writing the quadratic equations in standard

7. Assess: Lesson Quiz (10 minutes)                                             Targeted Resources
   Use this lesson quiz to assess students' mastery and understanding of           10–4 Lesson Quiz
   the math skills and concepts taught in this lesson.
                                                                                   10–4 Online Lesson Quiz
   Alternative Assessment                                                          Algebra 1
   Have students write their own open-top box problem using Example 4 as           PresentationExpress with
   a guide. Tell them to draw a pattern and label it using a variable. Have        QuickTake Presenter
   them write the expressions and solve to find the dimensions of the box.         CD–ROM
   Then encourage students to create the box from a sheet of paper.                ExamView Question Bank
Spanish ExamView Question

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