Press Release Template - DOC 1 by 3xqiKoZt


									Press Release Title (100 Characters or Less)
Press release summary (250 words or less)

CITY, STATE -- Opening paragraphs -- Hook the reader and give the "who, what, why, when,
where, and how."

"Quote from someone that is attributed with a full name and title," said xxx of xxx.

More information about the announcement -- perhaps another quote

Abut the company:
Use this area to provide credentials about the company as they relate to the topic of the release.
Choose examples to site that prove that you are qualified to announce this news. (One

Media Contact:
Person's Name
Company name
Phone number

iFrame URL:
Which page will you display below your press release (if your distribution service offers an iFrame
-- see an example) -- chose a page on your site that directly relates to the action you want people
to take. For example if you're announcing a webinar, place the sign up page in the iFrame.

Which keywords will you link to in the press release? Have you verified that these keywords are
in the body of the release?

Keyword #1
Where will this link to?

Keyword #2
Where will this link to?

Keyword #3
Where will this link to?

Keyword #4
Where will this link to?


   Are there any YouTube videos or Slideshare slideshows that you will embed in the press
    release? List the URL here:

   Which images can you include with the press release? Good options are headshots,
    pictures of people involved in announcement, product shots, logos, etc

   Are there any PDF, Word, or Excel documents that you'd like to attach -- such as a menu,
    directions, a flyer, etc.


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