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eBook-Present Press Release by 3xqiKoZt


									PRESS RELEASE                                                                 February 24, 2010

      EVENT:                 The Mistress Didi*s How To Properly Present yourself To A Mistress
      EVENT TYPE:            eBook to raise funds for charity with a FreeView to try before you buy
      FEE:                   Free to try; $7 charitable donation to receive full version

      NOTE:                  Capitalized words are intentional.

The Mistress Didi*, Classic Fetish™ Therapist, is on a mission to improve
the state of The Fetish Scene so that We can all have Better Fetish. The
Mistress Didi* was very fortunate to have lived The Lifestyle when the public
Scene represented talent, skill, respect, sophistication, and class – qualities
which seem to be sorely lacking on the whole these days. Too many people
are “miseducated” by the money-grubbing media to believe that The Scene is
negative and operates on the most banal levels, whereas The Mistress Didi*s
truth, and that of other Lifestylers, is The Scene is powerfully loving and

Very much the charitable giver on many levels, The Mistress Didi* has
created How To Properly Present yourself To A Mistress to continue to offer
valuable resources to The Fetish Community while raising funds for Her

How To Properly Present yourself To A Mistress is an effort to improve
opportunities for submissives to meet Dominants and make a good
impression. It is also an excellent resource for Dominants to assist
prospective submissives and those We meet on the roads in Our Fetish

The Mistress Didi* loves creating win-win situations so she is offering a “FreeView” where you can sample
some of the wonderful techniques She offers in the Full Version of How To Properly Present yourself To A
Mistress, which is only $7 – a fee low enough to allow The Mistress Didi* to:

1.   Offer more people Her valuable knowledge in difficult financial times;
2.   Offer those who are truly submissive and/or just beginning to explore their submissive expressions an
     invaluable resource;
3.   Offer Dominants a quick and easy resource to contribute to the restoration of the Beauty of The Fetish
4.   Give The Fetish Community a powerful resource to improve conditions resulting from the negativity that
     plagues Us from the mainstream media and other exploiters; and
5.   Raise more funds for Her charities.

For more information and complimentary resources from The Mistress Didi*, visit Her website at

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