Understanding the Role of Escrow in Purchasing a Home by BeardsleyTodd


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									Understanding the Role of Escrow in Purchasing a Home
By Todd Beardsley

Once a buyer in the market for a home decides on a particular property, a seller accepts that buyer’s
bid, and all those involved settle on a contract. The escrow serves an important function in facilitating
final transactions. An escrow is nothing more than an account in which buyers and sellers deposit funds
and important documents pertaining to the home purchase. This includes the down payment and
money provided by lenders. An escrow officer oversees the account based on instructions derived from
the home purchase agreement and requirements put forth by any involved financing institutions.
Escrow ends after parties have satisfied all the requirements and filled out all necessary escrow

A few notable aspects of the final transactions are not affiliated with the escrow process, including such
matters as extra materials like fixtures involved in the purchase. Additionally, the financing process
occurs outside of escrow and is the sole provenance of the buyer in coordination with loan

Todd Beardsley holds years of experience guiding clients through real estate buying and selling,
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