Add your central idea AUTOSHAPE and align in center verically by HC121106215045


									1.   Add your central idea AUTOSHAPE and align in center verically & horizontally using DRAW -
     ALIGN or DISTRIBUTE - ALIGN CENTER (both vertical & horizontal.)

2.   Add the text you want with TEXTBOX or WORDART and center in the shape.

3.   Add supporting AUTOSHAPES around the outside by creating
     one and using COPY & PASTE.

4.   Add text to each supporting autoshape as you did with your
     central idea autoshape.

5.   Add connecting lines from the middle of each supporting
     autoshape to the middle of the main idea autoshape.

6.   Use DRAW - ORDER - SEND TO BACK to make the lines
     look like they are connecting each autoshape instead of looking like they are being drawn on top
     of them.

7.   Add a large idea expanding idea AUTOSHAPE to one corner so that it seems to cover up a lot of
     your slide including the first supporting autoshape.

8.   Use COPY & PASTE to make another expanding idea autoshape for each supporting idea

9.   Add idea expanding text to each of the large autoshapes with TEXTBOX or WORDART.

10. Select both the large autoshape and the text with SHIFT-Left
    mouse click. Now group them using DRAW - GROUP.
    Repeat this procedure for each of the other large autoshapes.

    Click ORDER & TIMING then put a check mark in the box of
    the group you want to pop up first. Next click EFFECTS -
    Entry ZOOM - In - IN FROM SCREEN CENTER. Now go to
    the last field click After animation - HIDE ON NEXT MOUSE

12. Repeat the above procedure for each of the large grouped autoshapes and click OK.

13. You have created a POP-UP! Now SHOW it and see what it looks like.

                                                    Mike Barondeau - Instructor Spafford 109
                                                    F\users\barondm\PowerPoint Pop-ups.doc

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