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									      After Sales Technical Bulletin – Application of STB Sticker

 Prepared By          Checked By                Approved By                          Circulated By

Mr. Nitin Patil     Mr. Anuj Kumar           Mr. Mukul Baweja                    Ms Bhavna Dabhi

                                     Bulletin Number :- AS / 05 / 08 / DAKC / 0011
                                                                              Application of STB Sticker

Step 1 : - The STB Number, Smart Card Number, Date of Installations & CAF Number
           should be clearly & correctly written on the Sticker.

Step 2 : - Sticker with clear & correctly details should be sticked on the left side of the STB.

Note : - A ) The Sticker should not be pasted at any other location .
         B ) STB Ventilation should not be blocked by Sticker
         C ) During Demonstration of BIG TV Services Customer should be briefed about the
             details written on Sticker along with Call Center number

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