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					                                                                                                                                        REHAU Ltd

                                                  Rausolid sheets, worktops, washbasins and mouldings
Rausolid solid surface material is a through-coloured, acrylic mineral product which is water and stain-resistant and
hygienic - being impenetrable to liquids, dirt, dust and bacteria - and easy to clean. Available in 24 designs, Rausolid is
easily renewed if scratched or damaged.

Introduction REHAU was founded               Density is 1770 kg/m3.                     then be
over 50 years ago in Northern                Appearance Rausolid has a                  polished. Major
Bavaria and now operates in over             mottled, stonelike appearance.             repairs can be
50 countries. It is one of the world's                                                  fixed with a
leaders in polymer technology and            PERFORMANCE                                replacement
one of Europe’s leading processors                                                      piece of the
of polymers with over 14,000                 Mechanics                                  Rausolid
employees and 129 sales offices              Notched tensile impact resistance          sheet in the
globally. 41 factories worldwide             (to ISO 179):                  2.7 kJ/m2   same design
produce more than 40,000 products            Tensile strength (to ISO 527):             and the
for the industrial, construction and                                        37.3 Mpa    matching
automotive sectors.                          Modulus of elasticity (to ISO 527):        two-part liquid
REHAU products have been                                           approx. 7900 Mpa     acrylic glue.
specified all over the world for major       Flexural strength (to ISO 178):            Cleaning
airports, banks, stadiums and                               approx. 59 Mpa (N/mm2)      Surfaces may be
buildings of architectural excellence.       Barcol hardness (to EN 59):           60   cleaned using a
Applications Elements                        Ball indentation hardness                  sponge with
manufactured from Rausolid are               (to ISO 2039-1):            260 N/mm2      normal
used in interior decoration and              Impact stress (to EN 438-2):        77 N   washing-up
furnishing in a variety of applications      Abrasion (to ISO 4586-2):                  liquids and
including shops, banks, restaurants,                                  100mg/100 rev     water.
hotels, bars, beauty salons, healthcare      Fire Fire rating, 3 mm sheet
facilities, laboratories, offices,           thickness (to ÖNORM B 3800-1):             ECONOMICS
education facilities, transport facilities                    B 2, normal flammable
and sports and fitness studios.              Liquids                                    Guarantees
Rausolid sheets and worktops,                Spot resistance (to EN 438-2):             Ten year
along with a range of matching or                                   passed standard,    manufacturer's
contrasting accessories, can be used                   all changes were removable       guarantees are
not just for kitchen and bathroom            Behaviour to boiling water                 available.
sectors but for other quality interior       (to EN 438-2):       0.5%; grade 3 to 4
design, such as medical, shopfitting,        Chemical Rausolid is resistant to          SUPPLY
transport and travel sectors.                common acids and chemicals.
Authority Quality assured to                 Biological                                 The product is
BS EN ISO 9001: 2000. REHAU is               Fungal resistance (to EN ISO 846):         supplied by
an associate member of the Furniture                                          passed    REHAU UK and
Industry Research Association                Food safety (to EN V 1186): passed         its authorised
(FIRA), an internationally recognised        Bacterial resistance (to EN ISO 846):      fabricator
organisation that has driven the need                                         passed    partners.
for higher standards through testing,        Heat
research and innovation for the              Heat distortion temperature                SERVICES
furniture supply chain.                      (to ISO 75-1):                      92oC
                                             Hot cigarette ash (to EN 438-2):           Services to
DESCRIPTION                                                                  Grade 3    specifiers
                                             Light Rausolid does not fade or            comprise REHAU
Rausolid solid surface material is           discolour.                                 ACADEMY
used in the manufacture of                   Lightfastness (to ISO 4892): 4 to 5        fabrication and
worksurfaces, AQUASINO sinks,                Compatibility Rausolid is                  installation
AQUAFONTE washbasins,                        compatible with common building            training courses,
bathroom units and surfaces.                 materials.                                 CPD courses and
Composition, manufacture                     Durability As the surface can be           worktop samples.
Rausolid is a homogeneous                    polished back to new and repaired          PDF brochures
acrylic mineral sheet material that is       then its lifetime is endless.              are available via
non-porous. It comprises a natural                                                      the website.
mineral (ATH), acrylic resin and             SITEWORK                                                                             REHAU Ltd
colouring pigment base.                                                                 REFERENCES                                Hill Court
In sheet form it is provided with a          Cutting and drilling Rausolid                                                        Walford
protective foil on the visible surface       can be cut, shaped and drilled using       Further information on the following      Ross-on-Wye
and sanded on the back.                      normal tungsten carbide tipped             products is available in this edition     HR9 5QN
The standard range comprises                 power tools.                               of the RIBA Product Selector:             Tel: +44 (0)1989 762600
Rausolid sheets in widths and                                                           PVC-U window, door and curtain            Fax: +44 (0)1989 762601
lengths to match the industry                MAINTENANCE                                walling systems in Section (31.4).        Email:
standard, along with a range of                                                         Further information on REHAU's            Website:
accessories to suit. More                    Repair Scratches can be sanded             ranges of PVC-U windows is available
information is available upon                away and polished. For minor               in Section (31.4) of Keyfile Libraries.   Contact: Furniture Department
request.                                     repairs Rausolid two-part liquid           Information on REHAU's underfloor
                                             acrylic is available in the standard       cooling and data cable management         rps no: 6250
                                             range which dries to a solid and can       is available from the company.
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