Electricity Project Rubric by VRX8nK


									                          Physics Project - 4th Quarter

Purpose:     to   study the use of electricity in your home
             to   determine how electricity in dispensed in your home
             to   diagram the electric circuit in your room
             to   produce a report in PowerPoint

Materials:   electrical devices used in your home
             circuit breaker or fuse box in your home
             light switches and outlets in your room

Procedure: determine the electricity consumption of 10 devices
           find the voltage, resistance, current and power being used by
           the device (no AC adapters)
           hair dryer clock radio         microwave        toaster
           washer       power tools       computer         stove
           television vacuum cleaner lamp

             map the circuit breaker or fuse box in your home
             number each circuit, total amperes in the circuit, destination

             draw a circuit diagram of the outlets/switches in your room
             one line for incoming power and separate lines for each outlet

Grading:     individual project (no teams allowed)

             30%     devices - in form of a chart with brand name and details
             30%     fuse/breaker box - number the circuit, amps, destination
             30%     room circuit - use standard electric circuit symbols
             10%     colorful, creative cover for your project

Due Date:    A day May 22, 2012 (Tuesday) B day May 2, 2012 (Monday)

Final Grade: Title Page & Presentation            _______
             UL Labels                            _______
             Breaker box                          _______
             Room circuit                         _______
             Total                                _______
             Electricity Project Rubric
Looking                   Way!                   Part Way                No Way
Nice title page   Colorful, attractive      Ordinary page with     Boring!
                  and creative title that   title in black and
                  sets off your project,    white
                  animation, sounds
UL labels for     Minimum of 10             Some devices with      UL label chart
electrical        devices neatly            some of the            missing
devices           displayed in a chart      current and            completely, only
                  with current, voltage,    voltage values         used AC adapters
                  resistance and power
                  values (calculations)
Locate            Indicate the exact        Give the general       Have no clue
fuse/circuit      location of the           location for the       where the
breaker box       fuse/circuit breaker      fuse/circuit           fuse/circuit
                  box                       breaker box            breaker box is
Diagram of        Clearly label diagram     Diagram                No resemblance
fuse/circuit      of each circuit with      somewhat               between your
breaker box       current maximums          resembles your         diagram and the
                  listed and rooms or       box with some of       real world, lost in
                  devices served            the circuits labeled   translation…
                                            and current
Diagram of        Clearly draw diagram      Diagram                Your room is a
your room         of your room with         resembles your         disaster and no
                  straight lines and        room draw free-        one has the
                  doors and windows         hand with some         courage to go
                  labeled                   doors and windows      inside
Circuit           Proper schematic          Some schematic         Electricians
diagram of        symbols show the          symbols show the       nightmare,
your room         location of outlets,      location of some       nothing is where it
                  switches and lights in    items in your room     seems or should
                  your room                                        be
Electrical        Each outlet lists the     Some of the            You have no clue
devices in your   devices that get their    outlets have some      as to what is
room              electricity from that     of the devices         plugged into what
                  location                  listed                 or where

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