Reading Power: An Introductory Lesson by aSn26mG4


									                       Reading Power: An Introductory Lesson
                                       (Jess Hunter)
*Objective: to introduce students to the 5 reading power strategies.

*Question: Teacher Voice “ What parts of your body do you use when you read?

       Answers will vary – Important part = BRAIN

*Introduce Reading Power Poster (or poster of Howard)

               Teacher Voice “ Howard is a good reader because when Howard is
               reading his brain is busy.”

               “There are 5 things going on in the brain when you’re reading…..

1) Connecting – “That reminds me of ……”

               a) another character
               b) an event in my life
               c) another person

2) Asking Questions – “I wonder why….”
                           (while reading)

3) Visualizing/Making Pictures in Your Head – “I can really picture this….”

4) Inferring – “Well maybe….”
                     Try and figure out things the author leaves out by the clues he
                     leaves behind.

5) Transforming – “Now I’m thinking…..”
             Some changes happen inside your head.

               Thinking looks different to every person because each of us
                 has different ideas and experiences stored in our heads.

Optional: Use the “Howard’s Head Powerpoint Show”

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