The Future by aSn26mG4


									The Future
    Final Project for Computer Applications
The Past 100 Years
Does it make you think?

What about the next 100 years?
The Jetson’s- Fact or Fiction?
1967 Predictions for the year 1999
How accurate were
their predictions?
Current Technology
           Specific assignment
• Using the Internet, research and create, a PowerPoint
  about a prediction for a future technology.
• The specific prediction should be based off of scientific
  evidence. There are several websites you can visit to learn
  about future technologies.
• Have fun and be creative.
Please include:
1. Appropriate backgrounds
2. Background music playing continuously
4. Pictures/photos
5. What is the basis of your predictions, why do you believe
   that this will happen. Justify your prediction
6. A bibliography (last page)
        This is a Final Project!
This should show me your best work:
• In PowerPoint with transitions, fonts,
  music, and cool effects.☺
• With research-Use the Internet and
           Helpful websites
  –Great backgrounds
  –Future for all

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