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                                Job Description

At Kingsley the job description of all teachers is cumulative in respect of the
level at which they work. At minimum all teachers are required to sign the job
description of a class teacher and that of a subject / aspect co-ordinator (all
teachers co-ordinate a subject or an aspect of school development).

An additional job description is required to reflect the work of a teacher who has
progressed beyond the threshold to the Upper Pay Scale.

Further progression to Assistant or Deputy Head level would require further job
description extensions with Assistant heads signing a total of 4 job descriptions.
Job Description


Kingsley School Teacher
Full details of the statutory conditions for employment for teachers can be found in the School
Teachers' Pay and Conditions document.

All job descriptions are considered in tandem with the national standards as published periodically by
the Teacher Training Agency.

All job descriptions are agreed annually and signed by the staff member and the headteacher. All
teachers will be required to sign class teacher and subject/aspect coordinator job descriptions.
Teachers are required to agree job descriptions appropriate to the level of their work, ie post-
threshold teachers will sign job description for class teacher, subject coordinator and post-threshold

Summary of professional duties for classroom teacher

      Planning and preparing lessons
      Teaching according to the needs of the children
      Assessing, recording and reporting on the development and progress of the children
      Promoting the progress and well-being of children
      Communicating and consulting with parents
      Communicating and co-operating with external agencies where required
      Participating in meetings that relate to any of the above, curriculum organisation,
       administration or pastoral arrangements
      Providing and contributing to oral and written assessments and reports relating to
      Reviewing from time to time methods of teaching and programmes of work
      Participating in arrangements for further training
      Co-operating with other members of staff on teaching materials, teaching programmes,
       methods of teaching, courses and pastoral arrangements
      Maintaining good order and discipline of pupils and safeguarding their health and
       safety in times authorised to be at school and when engaged in authorised activities
      Supervising and, as far as is practicable, teaching any pupils whose teacher is absent
      Attending assemblies, registering the attendance of pupils and supervising them
      Participating in performance management procedures
      Administration and organisational tasks related to all of the above excepting routine
       tasks that do not call for the exercise of a teacher's professional skills and judgment
      To support and work towards achievement of agreed whole-school targets as defined
       in the School Improvement Plan
      Taking responsibility for own continuing professional development

Date job description agreed:

Teacher: …………………………………..                             Headteacher ………………
Supplementary job description 1


Kingsley School Subject/Aspect Coordinator
Coordinator responsibilities of all teachers, as defined in Pay and Conditions:

   1 Taking part in the review, development and management activities relating to
     curriculum organisation and pastoral matters.

   2 Contributing to the development of other teachers and non-teaching staff, including

   3 Cooperating with other members of staff on teaching materials, teaching programmes,
     methods of teaching, courses and pastoral arrangements.

   4 Reviewing from time to time of the methods of teaching and programmes of work.

   Promoting good practice and teaching and learning which complies with FS or NC
   Promoting high standards
   Giving confidence to other members of staff by providing advice, resources or
   Organising centrally stored resources
   Reporting to School Leadership Group (annually) and Governors, using the formats
       and procedures agreed within the school
   Researching, ordering, assessing effectiveness of resources and familiarising staff
   Reviewing existing resources and discarding where necessary
   Monitoring subject delivery and pupil progress through observation, work scrutiny,
       questioning and assessment analysis including benchmarking
   Development planning (and contributing to School Improvement Plan)
   Reviewing policy annually and leading in drafting amendments
   Monitoring policy and practice including planning, taking account of all abilities,
       backgrounds and gender
   Maintaining up-to-date knowledge by attending courses, reading, etc, and feedback to
       whole staff
   Liaising with partner schools and attending cluster meetings where required
   Developing file as record of high quality, consistency of practice, and differentiation in
       the subject, across the school
   Analysing performance data annually and producing performance report to inform
       school improvement planning;
   Being a role model of good practice in terms of display and promoting subject
   Reviewing subject spending and prioritising needs annually. (Composing subject
       development bid and managing allocated budget effectively.)

Date job description agreed:

Teacher: …………………………………..                    Headteacher:………………………………
Supplementary job description 2


Kingsley School Post Threshold Teacher

The job description as class teacher plus the maintenance of threshold standards:

      Have a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of the teaching of your subjects and take
       account of the wider curriculum developments which are relevant to your work
      Consistently and effectively plan lessons and sequences of lessons to meet pupils'
       individual learning needs
      Consistently and effectively use a range of appropriate strategies for teaching and
       classroom management, including use of ICT
      Consistently and effectively use information about prior attainment to set well-grounded
       expectations for pupils, and monitor progress to give clear and constructive feedback
      As a result of your teaching, your pupils achieve well in relation to their prior
       attainment, making progress as good as or better than similar pupils nationally
      Take responsibility for your own professional development and use the outcomes to
       improve your teaching and pupils’ learning
      Make an active contribution to the policies and aspirations of the school
      Professional characteristics - demonstrate how you are an effective professional who
       challenges and supports all pupils to do their best:
      Inspiring trust and confidence
      Building team commitment
      Engaging and motivating pupils
      Analytical thinking
      Positive action to improve the quality of pupils' learning

For progress on the Upper Pay Scale, two successful consecutive performance management
reviews must be completed. Performance management leaders will use the school systems to
facilitate this. Teachers must show substantial and sustained progression in relation to
the threshold standards and demonstrate a whole school impact of their contributions.
The performance review will need to assess whether the teacher has continued to meet
threshold standards and grown professionally by developing their teaching expertise

Threshold standards achieved: (date)……………………… review 1 review 2
UPS2 achieved:(date)…………………………………………review 1 review 2
UPS3 achieved:(date)…………………………………….….. review 1 review 2

Date job description agreed:

Teacher: …………………………………..                     Headteacher:………………………………
Supplementary job description 3


Kingsley School Assistant Headteacher

AHT is also a team leader + subject to job description of team leader (supplementary job
description 6)
Strategic direction and development of a key stage - in cooperation with, and under the
direction of, the headteacher and deputy headteacher:
    Support the vision, ethos and policies of the school and promote high levels of
       achievement in the key stage/team;
    Support the creation and implementation of the School Improvement Plan and take
       responsibility for appropriately delegated aspects of it;
    Support all staff in achieving the priorities and targets that the school sets and monitor
       the progress of those within the team;
    Support the evaluation of the effectiveness of the school's policies and developments
       and analyse their impact on the team;
    Ensure that parents are well informed about the curriculum, targets, children's progress
       and attainment within the team. This includes monitoring Statutory Review Reports
       and Annual Reports.

Teaching and learning:
    Take responsibility for the development and monitoring of the curriculum provision
     throughout the key stage, liaising appropriately with subject coordinators, class
     teachers and previous and subsequent team leaders;
    Support the headteacher and deputy headteacher in the monitoring of the quality of
     teaching and children's achievements across the team, including the analysis of
     performance data;
    Support the headteacher and deputy headteacher in developing links with parents of
     children in the team and managing transition.

Leading and managing staff:
    Support the headteacher in developing positive working relationships with and between
      all pupils and staff in the team;
    Lead groups of staff in developmental activities and evaluate outcomes;
    Support the Performance Management process as required and use the process to
      develop personal and professional effectiveness;
    Provide support to newly qualified teachers, supply teachers, teachers and support
      assistants in the team who may be new to the school or team.
    Ensure that the headteacher, SLG and governors are well informed about policies,
      plans and priorities for the team, its success in meeting objectives and targets, and any
      future development needs.

Effective deployment of staff and resources:
    Support the headteacher in the deployment of staff in the department and support
       those staff in their duties;
      Work with the headteacher and deputy headteacher in establishing priorities for
       expenditure for curriculum areas and in monitoring the effectiveness of spending,
       usage and organisation of resources.

   Take on specific tasks related to the day to day administration and organisation of the
   Take on any additional responsibilities which might from time to time be determined.

Performance Management:
Undertake all aspects of the performance management procedures identified in the
Performance Management policy in order to ensure the development and growth of the
school in line with the School Improvement Plan and the Kingsley Lighthouses.

School group:       5
ISR:                5-9
Current point:

For progression within the range (by a maximum of 2 points per annum), a successful
performance management review must be completed.

Date job description agreed:

Teacher ………………………………                   Headteacher ………………….................
Supplementary job description 4


Kingsley School Deputy Headteacher

The deputy headteacher shall carry out the following duties in addition to carrying out the
professional duties of a teacher, other than the headteacher:
      With Head, SLG and governors to plot and articulate the vision and strategic
       development of the school
      Play a major role under the overall direction of the headteacher in:-
        formulating the aims and objectives of the school;
        establishing the policies through which they shall be achieved;
        manage staff and resources to that end;
        monitor progress toward their achievement.

      To take the lead in assigned areas of the SIP.
      To assist headteacher and governors in the overall monitoring of teaching and learning
       within the school.
      To undertake, to the extent required by the headteacher, LA or governors, the
       professional duties of the headteacher in the event of his/her absence from school.
      To oversee staffing cover each day and plan cover for known absences, by
       redeployment of staff and use of supply cover as necessary, keeping within the budget
       allocated for this purpose. This duty also includes the induction of new supply staff.
      Take a major lead in managing the continuous professional development of the staff.
       To undertake the role of Professional Tutor for staff at the school and organise and
       manage courses for staff in conjunction with University College Northampton.
      To assist the headteacher in reviewing and implementing the appraisal process on a
       bi-annual basis and in managing the programme of appraisal each year in school.
      Along with the headteacher and an additional member of the School Leadership
       Group, to be a designated teacher for child protection.
      To perform any other duties as required ensuring the efficient and effective running of
       the school.

Date job description agreed ……………………………………….

Deputy Headteacher …………………………………                        Headteacher …………………………….
Supplementary job description 6


Kingsley School Team Leader (not AHT)

   To lead a departmental team within the school, working with the members of that team,
    therapists and other professionals involved with the children, to plan, deliver, assess and
    evaluate the curriculum.
   To be responsible for one area of the curriculum.

   To lead the weekly team meetings, to plan and co-ordinate the work of the team.
   To ensure consistency of curriculum planning, content, delivery and recording across the
    department in line with school policy. To review and evaluate learning and suggest
   To ensure that the learning environment supports the above.
   To act as an effective two way channel of communication both between the teams and the
   To facilitate communication and co-operation with professional persons or agencies from
    outside the school.
   To manage the department budget and co-ordinate the use of resources - human, material
    and financial.
   To organise and monitor department timetables.
   To be concerned for the professional and personal development of the team members and
    to give support as appropriate. To monitor individual priorities, based on the School
    Improvement Plan.
   To monitor and supervise the writing of Statutory Reviews and other reports as required.
   To co-ordinate and monitor the integration experiences of children with their team as
   To carry out the TL responsibilities outlined in the School's Induction Policy.

Date job description agreed:

Teacher: …………………………………..Headteacher:………………………………

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