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                                                        Immediate Media Release

                                                       PR SpokesModel Gwen
                                               Autograph Signing Debut in New York City

MARCH 23, 2005 - NEW YORK CITY, NY. PR-Franchize, Inc. is pleased to represent and organize a new client presentation of: PR
SpokesModel Gwen - Autograph Signing in New York! This is a benefit presentation powered by our strategic partnerships with:
Creative Inks, Sirius Satellite Radio, Penthouse Entertainment and Jay Wright (as MC Host).

Come out and meet with PR SpokesModel Gwen for photo autograph signing debut to celebrate her latest projects in TV, Film,
Commercial, Magazine Industries and launch of her website (TBA at Green Room). Gwen is one of entertainment’s industry most popular
requested spokesmodels throughout the fashion entertainment industry.

Gwen is well-respected, attractive and considered one of the next generation of celebrities making power moves in the field of the
entertainment industry. Gwen’s success has earned her publication features with: King Magazine, Blackmens Magazine, SwimSuit Extra (SSX
Magazine), Hype Hair Magazine, The Game Magazine, Source Magazine, and Playboy’s 50th Anniversary Edition Magazine. In addition to this
Gwen has gained television credentials with: Spike TV - FunkMaster Flex Car Show, BET - Top 25 Countdown with Ja Rule, and New Year’s
Eve Top 100 Countdown. Gwen has accomplished promotional-marketing campaigns with Salem Cigarettes and Budlight Tour. Our VIP
relationships with some of LA & NY’s prominent companies such as Cossette Productions, Inc. (Producers of Grammy’s) and BluChips
International (Film Casting Co.) have started a new level of engagements to her professional career.

Gwen continues to keep a busy schedule with offers from some of the top freelance photographers tied to various media-outlets in the main
stream. This dedication and professionalism measures the height of latest accomplishment… the launch of her new website! As a certified PR
SpokesModel with PR representation Gwen will personally be signing autographs pictures, posters, magazines and make the official
announcement in New York’s Green Room (286 Spring St. - Westside Village, NYC) on Wednesday, March 24th @ 7pm. Picture Enclosed *

PR-Franchize, Inc. - Public Relations Firm is currently organizing special appearances of all our spokesmodel clientele for photo ops and
autograph signings w/ their respective fans, supporters, strategic partnerships and media-press outlets.

(*) For more information including: media inquiries, investors, sponsorships, business engagements, or media-press kits of clientele contact
our main office or go online to the PR website []. For the official website to Gwen: Come Out or Stand-By (TBA Soon)!


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