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									Caralluma Fi b i t Th
C    ll    Fimbriata The
Truth Behind This Weight
     Loss Ingredient
What is Caralluma Fimbriata
Caralluma Fimbriata is a flowering cactus
 commonly found in rural India. Here is
 has been used as a daily part of the diet
 and is still regularly eaten, and often
 used in pickles and chutneys.
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This food has often been referred to as a
  famine food’
 ‘famine food , as it is known to fight of
 starvation and hunger during times of
 little food or bad harvest.
Caralluma Fimbriata was also historically
 eaten by hunters of long trips away from
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 home in the search for much needed
 food. This plant helped the hunter to
 fight ff h         k       i  f l
 fi ht off hunger, keep going for longer,
 and was also known to increase stamina.
This flowering cactus has proved an
 invaluable asset and food to the
 indigenous population of rural India, and
 is interwoven in its heritage.
This simple little cactus is now becoming
 more and more known in the Western
 world, as its weight loss benefits are
 becoming more and more talked about.
However, this is not just another weight
 loss ingredient and product that promises
 weight loss that will never deliver. There
 is a lot more to caralluma fimbriata than
 meets the eye. It has weight loss
 benefits and scientific assets that far
 surpass any of the competition.
How Does Caralluma Work
Caralluma Fimbriata is highly beneficial
 for weight loss and works in 3 ways.
Firstly this plant is a powerful appetite
 suppressant. If you find it hard not to
 snack during the day, then caralluma
 could be the ideal product for you to
Caralluma is very effective at stopping
 you from eating more than you should
 and will keep hunger at bay throughout
 the day, so you can concentrate on
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 eating the best food for your weight loss.
Caralluma is also great for burning fat. It
 works by blocking the activity of several
 fat forming enzymes in the body, and
 then forces the fat reserves to be
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This incredible plant also lowers y
 blood sugar levels, which again make
 you less likely to snack or binge
 throughout th day.
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This also gives you the added benefit of
 increased energy making it much more
 likely that you will exercise or even be
 more active throughout the day, of
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 course helping you to lose even more
Why Is Caralluma Fimbriata So Good
Aside from the incredible weight loss
 benefits we have to gain from taking this
 weight loss plant Caralluma has many
 other advantages over the competition.
Firstly, a pure caralluma fimbriata
 product such as Caralluma Actives is
 100% natural and has been clinically
 proven to be 100% side effect free.
 All caralluma products contain ‘Slimaluma’,
  which is a pure extract of the caralluma
  plant. This is no ordinary extract however.
 The pharmaceutical company Gencor Pacific
  who produce ‘Slimaluma’, developed this
  through a procedure to extract caralluma
  fimbriata in its purest form This patented
  process ensures that all the advantages of
  caralluma fimbriata are delivered in a pure
  and concentrated form, meaning you get the
  best weight loss results every time!
This product innovation was awarded
 ‘The Global Product Innovation Of The
 Year’ by Frost and Sullivan in 2008, and
 this patented p
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                process is not found in any
 other weight loss products, putting
 products such as Caralluma Actives a
 step ahead of other weight loss products,
 and also ensuring that you are
 guaranteed the best results possible
You can expect to lose around 4lbs a
 week taking a high quality supplement
 such as Caralluma Actives. You will lose
 weight healthily and effectively, and be
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 overjoyed to have found such an
 incredible weight loss ingredient.


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