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									                                                                                        9-100/4/4, Chenna Reddy Colony,
                                                                                        Peerzadiguda, Uppal, Hyderabad,
                                                                                            500039, Ph No: 9885010123
Kartik Anand
                                                                               Email: kartikvanand@gmail.com
                                                CURRICULUM VITAE

To work as a productive team member as an asset to the company to make spectacular impression in the field of
electronics with the organization.

PRACTICAL EXPOSURE: 6 year hand on experience on Production, Failure Analysis & Procurement of electronics
applications and products
    Presently working as “Senior Engineer (components)” in MEDHA Servo Drives Private Limited Hyderabad.
      Commenced from Oct 13,’05 to till date.
    Worked as “Product Engineer” in NASAN Medical Equipments Private Limited Pune. Commenced from
      Aug 01, ’04 to Oct 12,’05.
    Worked as an “Engineer Trainee” at LG Electronics India Private Limited Greater Noida. Commenced from
      July 07,’03 to Aug 8,’03.

   B.Tech specialization in Electronics & Instrumentation from Anand Engineering College, Uttar Pradesh Technical
    University Lucknow in July 2004 with 63%.
   12 SSC from Maharaja Agrsen Inter College, Agra in 1996 with 54%.
   10 standard from Maharaja Agrsen Inter College, Agra in 1994 with 54%

    1. From Dec,’07 to Till date:
       Company:                     MEDHA Servo Drives Private Limited
       Work as:          Senior Engineer, Components
       Team Strength: 9
        1. Vendor Development
        2. Non conformance analysis
        3. Lead a team for standard parts in LOM & BOM
        4. Components part numbers identification as per application requirement
        5. Preparation of technical specifications comparative statement
        6. Vendor evaluations, finalization of suitable vendor & global sourcing of components
        7. Preparation of hookup, installation and hardware estimation
        8. Discussions & finalization of drawings / documents with vendors and client
        9. Assistance to planning team for production plan
        10. Other Responsibilities:
            1. The planning to maintain the resources to receive the approve make material with ensures of part nos.
               5% of receive quantity has to cross verify as per data sheet by my approval. Complete responsibility to
               maintain the Production cycle of from the beginning ie From “IGI” (Inward goods inspection) to “PCB
               assembly” to “Subassembly Testing” to “Mechanical Assembly” to “Final inspection”to achieve
            2. If any deviation requires directly meeting with Design and Production Director to be discussing, the
               problems in implementation, to reject and accept the material, modify the Production process, make the
               standard document with periodically check the effectiveness of CA & make it RULE if effective.
        Our continuous research on the components giving a assistance to our design and development            team
to improve the quality, reliability & at the same time helpful in cost cutting in production.

   2. From Feb,’07 to Dec,’07
      Company:                 MEDHA Servo Drives Private Limited
      Work as:         Production Engineer
      Team Strength: 14
      Responsibility:          Production, Failure Analysis, Process & Quality Control
               Client:         Indian Railways, DLW, DMW
               M/S:            Medha Servo Drives (P) Ltd
               Position:       Final Testing, Failure Analysis
               Project Summery: MEP660 closely monitors various voltages, currents, temperatures, pressures etc.
               of various equipments through non-contact type DC current sensors, Hall effect type voltage sensors
               etc. and control them in such a way that they always operate with in the set specified limits . These
               enhance the life of the traction equipments and improve the reliability and availability of loco motive.
               System parameters can be configured to different types of locomotive under same class of locomotive
               like WDG3A, WDG3D and WDM3D having different types of sub components.

               Client:         Indian Railways, DLW
               M/S:            Medha Servo Drives (P) Ltd
               Position:       Final Testing, Failure Analysis
               Project Summery: MEG601 Micro controller controlled DC stepper Motor is used to control the fuel
               rack of diesel engine based on throttle handle position. Secondary function is to control load on the
               engine electrically through an interface with E-type excitation system. Setting of various operator
               parameters and diagnostics

              Title:         WHEEL SLIP CONTROLLER SYSTEM
               Client:        Indian Railways, DLW, DMW
               M/S:           Medha Servo Drives (P) Ltd
               Position:      Final Testing, Failure Analysis
               Project Summery: Wheel slip detection and control system MWS624 is designed in conformance with
               RDSO specification for WAG-5&WAG-7 locomotives. The system senses speed on all the six wheels
               simultaneously and detects the slipping wheel instantaneously.

  3. From Oct,’05 to Feb,’07:
     Company:                    MEDHA Servo Drives Private Limited Hyderabad
     Work As:                    Engineer
     Team Strength: 20
     Product:             Speed Indicating Recording and Energy Monitoring System (MRT
     Client:                     Indian Railway
     1. Designed and developed the modules of the SPMDIO-01 (MEDHA DIGITAL INPUT OUTPUT MODULE for
        MRT 922 (R)).
                Project Summery:
                1. The three digital (Coasting, DB and Spare) inputs are surge protected and optically isolated by
                   using opt coupler at each digital input and fed to control card through inverting buffer.
                2. The driving signals for all the outputs are received from control card through non-inverting latch and
                   drive the 5 relays through driver IC. The output relay functions are as follows;
                   A) One relay contact is used for health / live sign of the recorder unit called watchdog.
                   B) One relay contact is activated at low speed limit i.e. <2kmph
                   C) One relay contact is activated at 105% of set over speed limit.
                   D) Another relay contact is activated at 110% of set over speed limit.
                   E) There is a spare relay contact, which can be programmed at any speed within the range.
     2. Designed and developed the modules of the SPMPS-03 (SWITCHING MODE POWER SUPPLY MODULE
        for MRT 922 (R&I)):
                Project Summery:
                1. It is a Top Switch based DC-to-DC converter Power Supply.
                2. Input to the PSM is the Battery Supply Voltage110VDC in Electric (60-150V Range)
                3. Output is 9V and 12VDC for working of equipment. PSM has a second isolated output of 9VDC for
                   Speed sensor supply.
                4. It has an isolation of 2KV between Input and Output.
                5. The Power Supply has the following built-in protections:
                   A) Input Reverse Polarity
                   B) Input Over Voltage and Under Voltage Output Short Circuit
                   C) The recovery is automatic after any of the above protection acts.
  4. From Aug 01, ’04 to 13,’05
     Company:                    NASAN Medical Equipments Private Limited, PUNE,
     Worked As:                  Product Engineer
     Product:             ESN Monitor
     Client:                     IMA, All Corporate Hospitals
     Responsibility: Production, Servicing & Customer Support
        Product Summery:
             7” LCD display with inbuilt micro controller with three different physical inputs. Used to continuous
             monitoring the health of person whiles any kind of surgery. At a time three parameter can be monitor
             simultaneously i.e Electrocardiograph, Percentage of oxygen in Blood & Blood pressure.

    College:        Anand Engineering College, Agra
    Worked As:             Team member
    Product:        Dynamic Current Mode Logic
    Responsibility: Designed and developed the modules of the DyCML.
    Team Strength: 3
       Tools:                     Multi Sim Software
        Project Summery:
              This project deals with new logic family, referred to as dynamic current mode logic. This logic family
              utilizes the current mode scheme to reduce dynamic power and enhancement performance. In the mean
              time, DyCML circuits utilize the dynamic operation to cancel static power dissipation associated with
              current mode logic circuits Therefore DyCML achieves high performance at low voltage and low power
              dissipation. Various basic logic circuits as well as carry look-ahead adder circuit are designed using
              The project has completely successful under the guidance of Mr. J. B. BHATTACHARYA who was the
              professor of IIT Chennai
   Manufacturing level Component knowledge to analyze the failure mode / cause of any kind of electronics sub
   Soft and effective communication skills to handle the client
   Effective preparation and presentation skill of Report/Documentation for new launching of product & even existing
   Good knowledge of quality parameters & production process of electronics Industry.
   Good knowledge to development of new products and vendor.

Programming Languages:                  C (Expert level), C++
Operating Systems:                      Windows 95/98/2000/NT, MS-DOS
Databases:                              SAP, MS Access

 KAIZEN Trained from IEEMA.
 Presented a model Fool Proof Intelligent Lock in S.R.M.S. College Bareilly
 Represented the college in various events
 Participated in Debate and Extempore competitions held in college
 Head of organizing committee of “CERRIBRUM”, annual function of our college, in 2003

 Date of Birth:          20 October 1978
 Martial Status:         Married
 Mother’s Name:          Mrs. Asha Gupta
 Father’s Name:          Late Mr. V.K. Gupta
 Wife Name:      Smita Gupta
 Kid:            Yes, One Daughter
 Language Known: English & Hindi
 Hobbies:                Singing and Riding

I am an extremely result oriented person and have the ability to work in alien environment and as an effective team
member. Sincerity and hard work are inherent in my working and have passion for learning. My cool minded nature
gives me an edge over others.
                 Current CTC                                   540000 PA
                 Ready To Relocate Any Where                   Yes

Date                                                                                              Kartik Anand

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