Power Inductors And Transformers Incoming Quality Control and Assurance of Outsourced Magnetics by Dc57nE6m


									                         Power Inductors & Transformers Workshop

Course Title:
Power Inductors & Transformers – In-coming Quality Control (IQC) and Assurance of
Outsourced Magnetics:

Instructor: Samir Kagalwala, Power Magnetics Consultancy (PMC), San Diego, California
92129, USA

Duration: 4 hrs.

Consistently receiving magnetic devices defect free and without performance issues is of
paramount importance given that most off-the-shelf and custom designed magnetics are
outsourced and off-shored. To that end, the IQC group bears valuable and highly responsible
functions in companies.
This seminar is designed to introduce power magnetic and their quality parameters in simple
terms without detail mathematical formulas and technical jargon to provide functional
understanding of the parameters, and to help set and/or improve IQC & Assurance processes for
consistently receiving magnetic devices to specified quality level.

Target Attendees:
Engineers, supervisors and Technicians with magnetics background will refreshingly gain
systematic understanding of the quality parameters, factors those affect quality level, review of
incoming test control (IQC) and quality assurance procedures and, continuous quality
improvement methodology.

Quality engineers, supervisors and technicians starting career in magnetics or having a little
background would receive a firsthand knowledge of the quality parameters, testing procedures &
equipment and quality assurance methodologies.

Purchasing personnel will attain needed on-the-job working knowledge of various magnetic
devices and their quality parameters to work with suppliers.

 Sales crew will gain working knowledge of magnetics and their quality parameters to
successfully introduce quality magnetics to potential customers.

Manufacturing personnel would attain essential background in what customers look for
consistently in quality mangetics.

To Managers and Executives this valuable seminar would bring the multi-disciplinary functions
of magnetics’ quality refreshingly into focus.

Attendees Would Learn:
   - Definition of quality
   -   Importance of Quality and what makes IQC and Assurance even more important in
       Magnetics outsourcing
   -   Benefits of quality and ‘cost of quality’
   -   What ‘total quality management’ encompasses & what and how to partner with suppliers
   -   Inductors and Transformers’ quality parameters and factors affecting the quality
   -   Inspection methods
   -   Setting IQC and Assurance parameters and procedures
   -   Continuous quality improvement working with suppliers
   -   Basic statistical tools used (in brief)
   -   Quality governing bodies certifying manufacturers and suppliers (in brief)

Course Outline:
   - Define quality
   - Quality benefits and ‘cost of quality’ if not maintained
   - Define Inductors & Transformers used in Power Electronics
   - Inductors and Transformers basics in context to IQC
   - Importance of QA in Magnetic devices
   - Understanding Total Quality Management; Factors that would make up ‘total quality
      management’ in outsourced magnetic devices
   - Test parameters and factors affecting quality
   - Various IQC testing approaches & methods and, selection criterion
   - IQC and Assurance set up
   - Test data required of suppliers
   - Data collection and reporting
   - Continuous quality improvement process and methodology
   - Brief description of statistical tools used
   - Meeting quality prescribed by governing bodies
   - Q&A

Duration of Seminar: 4 hrs

About the Instructor:

Samir Kagalwala has a unique combined experience in
manufacturing and design of Wire Wound Components in                                       Power
Electronics. In over 30 years in the industry, he has set up
magnetic manufacturing facilities globally, resolved short term                            and
long term manufacturing issues meeting internal and external
customer needs, bridged Design and Manufacturing for
improved products. He has consistently satisfied customers                                 with
cost reduction and quality coils. He developed design rules and
guidelines for manufacturing and helped increase manufacturing professionals’ understanding of
the design criteria. He worked for Philips Electronics, Motorola and Zenith Electronics in
various capacities. He holds MBA from DePaul University, Chicago, B.S. in Electrical
Engineering and B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. At present, he is a chief consultant at San
Diego based Power Magnetics Consultancy (PMC).

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